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  1. Quite honestly, I don't know what to expect on Saturday. I wanted to go out today since state employees were let out early today but my wife suggested wiating until Saturday to go out. I guess I'm going to interpret that as a tacit approval of my caching that day and an offer by her to watch Mr. Pie. I certainly don't think I'm in good enough shape to lug his 35 pounds on my back up the 1000 steps. I don't want to change your plans on my account. If you see a cacher with a bamboo hiking stick getting out of a car with a GPS sticker on the back, you'll know who I am. Good luck and maybe we'll see you.
  2. There's a cache placed on an island in the Susquehanna River at Harrisburg, PA that hasn't been found since May of 2002. This is on my list of one's that need to be found immediately...
  3. Just out of curiosity, when are you going? I have number 50 coming up and want to make it memorable.
  4. Amazing considering all the accidents that they have been having on I-81 this week. I feel for you if you got tangled up in any of those. Seeing that you drive truck I assume you hit Carlisle pretty often.
  5. How about putting them into something like a pdf. file? Not sure how much that costs.
  6. I thought that this was personally added for those of us with Ninja identities. It will be a main stay for me.
  7. Great idea. I hope it comes through south central PA on its way.
  8. Well I went and only met a handful of people because everyone was out caching....guess that's what people do at an Event cache. Hope to get there earlier next event I go to.
  9. OK....bought the Kid carrier I liked the best at a great price. Ended up with the Kelty Summit. StormShadow
  10. El Mayimbe showed me this at work today. Interesting article.
  11. US Army Russian Interrogator from 93-97. Spent time in Cairo and Augsburg. StormShadow
  12. Now now...don't be giving Ninjas a bad name...
  13. Because he was a Suuupra Geeeenius.
  14. Whidbey Walk also provided a good analysis.
  15. Guess I have to be quick on these boards...I agree with M&S's interpretations for the most part. There was a question above about definitions....the second section of the act lists "definitions". Maybe this will clear some issues up. Basic rule of statute analysis is to read the definitions section.
  16. I'll take a look at the Act and see what I can come up with. I doubt freedom of speech is implicated and think that it would be a loser argument. Again, let me research it.
  17. Would probably look funny on the back of my Camry.
  18. 10 mile - 28 caches 50 mile - 523 caches 100 mile - 1837 caches Based on 17013 Carlisle, PA
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