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  1. You will have no problems getting into or out of Mexico. I'll check to see if I still have POIs on my GPS. If I do I'll PM you. I know some sites on the web have the coords.
  2. 13 states will issue you a permit to drill for oil in a wilderness area. Hmmm....
  3. I search until it stops being fun. If it's a nice area I tend to search longer. Typically, I'll search and search and search...and then my wife finds it.
  4. Let's see if I've got this right.... The cache finder and his friends decided they wanted some sort of code to indicate to each other that a particular cache was lame. My guess is that the group of friends have similar tastes in caches or there would be no need for the code. So it's a small group of people who even know what DPM means and an even smaller group that actually uses it. Rather than saying to his friends "don't waste your time on this one" in the cache log they used the code. I fail to see how this is slamming the cache. Sounds like a good way to let your caching associates know your opinion on this one without blatantly insulting the hider. Most log readers (including the OP in this case) would have no idea what it means.
  5. My wife kept yelling "Take the rope! Take the rope!"
  6. Yea but do they really mean GPSr or radios, walkmans, iPods and those types of things? Besides the sign have you seen anything that gives more detailed information? A GPSr could make the difference between someone getting back from a hike or park rangers having to go out and find someone that got lost. After all "electronic devices" is pretty vague, a pacemaker could be considered an electronic device. Or for that matter even a flashlight. Yes, they DO really mean radios, walkmans, iPods, and 'those types of things'. Can't have those noises disturbing all of those 'natural' noises. I agree that it is too vague. Funny, you should mention 'pacemaker'. I also mentioned it when I first encountered the sign! "Saw this one so I left my GPS, FRS radios, digital camera, and watch in the car. Good thing I don't have a pacemaker."
  7. Actually, GPSs ARE off-limits in some Wilderness Areas (though I doubt it would be enforced). (Picture of a sign at a Wilderness Area near my home.)
  8. Got mine at a bead store. $4 for a package of 100.
  9. Gorgeous! I really like the pitted look. This is the sort of thing I WOULD trade for in a cache. Thanks for sharing. For others considering making similar items (albeit plastic instead of metal) check out this site. For $25 I got the sampler kit (silicone version). What a blast! I've made a couple of dozen small items just from the sampler kit. It makes a soft rubberlike mold into which you pour the plastic compound which hardens in less than 5 minutes. And the molds are reusable.
  10. Boy, those were fun! Could you be a little more specific regarding your idea? Would the phrases be placed in existing caches?
  11. I just added the Topo Streets and 3-D views expansion pack. It now has the Garmin GPSmap 60CS listed.
  12. Here's one I created (not yet placed) using the same type of container. Got it at a surplus store right next to the other ammo boxes.
  13. I sure hope that those worried about drilling into trees don't have maple syrup on their granola. Having said that, as Brian says, it's not about the tree as much as about the perception of damage.
  14. On a recent trip I used maps from here. Saved my butt a couple of times...
  15. Well you might try this 'brown rabbit solution'. Right click on the setup EXE and change the compatibility to Windows ME. If don't know if you can do that on the CD's EXE or if you have to copy it to your drive first. But, hey, it's worth a shot.
  16. Sounds similar to this except for the currency.
  17. For me it would depend on the location of the cache. The cache is the incentive for me to go somewhere, but the location is the reason I go. So, for me, it doesn't matter what size/type of cache is at the site if the location was worth the trip.
  18. It's the functional equivalent of calling your TV a TVr.
  19. Wow! A gentleman! It's very nice to see someone who doesn't fly of the handle when someone disagrees with them. Barnstable, nice to meet you. But, I feel, for me, the addition of "Mc" or "Mac" to the front of names indicates cheap crap designed only to get the numbers up. Hmmm.... We may have a new name for throw-away caches.. "McCaches". (Or maybe not so new; I didn't check.) That might work.... Congratulations, Barnstable, you've just coined a phrase!
  20. I saw this one here a couple years ago.... Man with good longitude seeks woman with good latitude.
  21. I've mentioned this before (sorry for the repeat). I'd like to get a roll of clear packing tape with a small version of the "Official Geocache" sticker on it every few inches. Need a geocache sticker? Just rip off a few inches and attach it to your cache. Great for minis, micros, and ammo cans. I also like the geocaching buff idea.
  22. Lil Otter and BigRedMed, I applaud your concern and foresight with regard to the future of geocaching. We would be foolish to blindly stumble along without regard to the future. Others, please be careful when calling those that disagree with you "whiners". I'm sure that at one point "whiners" suggested being able to download cache info to PDAs. That "whine" became PQs that are used everyday by hundreds (thousands?) of cachers. Does it improve their caching enjoyment? I would have to say "Yes", otherwise why bother with the downloads. I'm sure that many of the improvements that have been made to this site started off with what many might consider a whine.
  23. Actually it would be extremely easy to do. Add 10-15 OPTIONAL checkboxes on the submission page with "Categories that best describe your new cache (check all that apply)". Notice, it's OPTIONAL. If you don't want to fill it in then don't. It won't be selected on my lists. On my profile give me the ability to designate which categories I prefer. On listings/PQs provide a checkbox that reads "Show me only the caches that I like." Done deal.
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