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Please vote on your favorite GPS for GeoCaching

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It is an E-Trex Venture. I like it because when compared to the Sporttrack, it has these advantages...


Longer battery life. Better (smoother) display. Can be operated in one hand. Lighter weight. Less initial cost. Smaller size.


The sporttrack has been reported to have a better antenna. That has not been totally proven yet. It does have internal mapping. I don't use that feature, so don't know.




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Garmin GPSMap76S. With the external antenna on a short super-lightweight aluminum pole sticking out of the top of my backpack outperforms all others in reception under tree cover. The eTrex family has poor reception under tree cover that I can confirm as I used to use the basic yellow eTrex.



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RINO, hands down.


This comes from someone who has, at one time or another, owned:


GPS 12




RINO 110

RINO 120


I still have all of them except the II. The V stays in my car most of the time, the 12 is connected to my ham APRS rig (automated position reporting), the RINOs stay in our geocaching backpacks, and the III+ is a backup.





Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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Haven't used any of them in your list, but I have used two that I really like. I bought a Garmin76 because of rave reviews on these boards. After a couple caches, I was in total agreement. Excellent unit. Recently, though, I stepped up to a Rino 120. I wanted all it's bells-and-whistles and wanted a mapping GPS. I really like it a lot. Have only had it a little over a month, but it's become my #1 unit; the 76 is now #2. the Rino has excellent coverage under trees, etc. Plus of course its other features are great.

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Looks like most people missed the point here. I think it's clear NUGUNSLINGER is shopping for a budget priced GPS. The Garmin V is a lot more expensive than the most expensive receiver on the list.


I have a Magellan GPS 315. It's awesome for Geocaching and similar activities, and much better than the yellow eTrex for not much more cash. The 315's antenna is better than the yellow eTrex. The 315 shows all nearby waypoints on the map screen (the eTrex will only show the currently selected waypoint). The 315's base map of towns and cities isn't a big deal, but it rounds out the fact that it is better than the eTrex.


The eTrex cammo is just a yellow eTrex in different clothes.


Based on price, you should consider the eTrex Venture, but I actually chose the Magellan 315 over the eTrex Venture. I liked the Venture's graphics and WAAS capability, but in real life side-by-side testing, I found the Magellan 315 antenna blows it away in the woods.


The Magellan SportTrak appears to be the direct successor to the 315. Don't be deceived by it's black and yellow color - it's much more than just a basic eTrex. While I haven't used the SportTrak, it appears to be the best on the list.


In the same price range ($90 to $160), you should consider the Magellan SportTrak Map combo if it is still available at Sam's Club and Costco. It's $250 with a $100 rebate - final cost $150. I bought my brother one of these as a Christmas present, and I'm green with envy. I still like my 315, but th SportTrak Map is very nice.


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...the one I've got.


I was given an etrex Legend as a gift. I love it, but I haven't bothered looking too closely at other models since I'm sure I'd end up finding something different that I "need." For my current geocaching needs I think it'll do just fine.



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I started Geocaching in January with a Magellan GPS 315 and found it to be VERY good. Then I started Benchmark hunting. I live in the willy-wacks of Maine and decided a Topographical unit would be great. So I splurged and bought the Magellan SporTrak Topo. Not only does it do fine at locating Geocaches and Benchmarks, but I have the great Topo features for those long hikes.

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I started out with the Sportrak Map, which was awesome - went to the Sportrak Pro - even better! Now I have the Meridian Platinum with a 64 Mb card - and it rocks! It holds so much map data - very detailed and I love the ability to have multiple cards/map setups. I use Streets and Destinations, but I am looking forward to having the DirectRoute software soon - Since I need to be able to arrive at the places I geocache! The address lookup and the soon-to-come routing will make the larger expense of the unit much more palatable to my wife, too! ;)

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