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  1. Ditto! I even use it for programs that have spell checkers. It works better than most built-in ones I've seen. I'm a poor speller even when I'm trying to be spell. Dictionaries are useless for me since I don't spell well enough to find the correct word. When I'm composing a message things become worse. IESpell is a life saver for me. If only it had a grammar checker.
  2. Go back and look at the last known cache it visited. Narrow down the time it was there and read all the logs from visitors. If you think think you've figured out who had it last, email them. Also email the cache owner and ask them to see if it is still there. Email anyone that you think might of seen it last. Unfortunately a lot of people don't know how to log TBs. Ask someone to print a TB sheet for it if it doesn't have one. I had one of mine reappear after being missing several months. If all else fails, cross your fingers it shows up again.
  3. Coke is having a promotion this summer that will turn selected Coke cans into GPS receivers and cell phones. People who find the cans will use them to call an activation number, and coke will then use GPS technology to track the lucky targets down and give them a prize.
  4. As the replies indicate, most caches get found in a short time unless they are multis or have a high difficulty / terrain. What would be interesting or at least amusing to me would be a graph of FTF to difficulty.
  5. I also want to commend anyone that still smokes and takes the effort to field strip & pack out the butts! I remember many years ago when I first saw someone do that. Perhaps the butt tossers don't realize the danger of "2nd hand butts". I'd almost rather see someone throw a drink cup out the window than a cigarette butt. In addition to being a greater pollution threat, there is always the chance that it could start a roadside fire. Along the line of using film cans, when I use to buy film (before my digital camera), Agfa use to use a really nice aluminum can with a screw on lid. If you could find one of those, they would be great. Water & air tight.
  6. Anyone else having problems connecting to garmin.com this afternoon?
  7. CITO should be something we all do without additional "find" incentive. I vote no to two finds. I might be in favor of a cache that required some CITO as part of the requirement, however. Additional requirements could get out of hand. eg How about a "Sunset" or Sunrise" cache. Or maybe a favorite animal cache. Each requiring a picture in addition to the find. Would someone "markwell" caching rules on additional requirements like this?
  8. What model phone do you have and who is your service provider? Some providers such as Verizon provide online albums that you can very easily upload to. My LG VX6000 lets me send pictures and text up to 10 places with one send. (Billed as 1 send.) I usually upload to my online album and my email at the same time. I can also use pictures I've taken with or sent to my phone as CID pictures for calls. eg When my kids call or I call them, their picture pops up.
  9. With my collection of assorted LED flashlights ranging from 1 to 12 bulbs each, I don't need a GPS or geocaching to be a dork. Someone once asked me how many flashlights that I had. After 20, mostly LED, I gave up counting. My motto "If it shines and has an LED, buy it." Latest addition to my collection is a 3D cell, 12 LED light. Part weapon, part light - Darkness beware.
  10. This is too funny!!! I nearly rolled out of my seat! We have such a diverse since of humor. I love it.
  11. I have a data cable for my Verizon phone that will allow my to go online with my windows laptop. Only cost is air time which is free on nights & weekends. Faster than dial up. Not as fast as wireless DSL at home.
  12. I too can't remember a "911 lockup" but don't think I've needed to call this year, yet. I usually call about once a month or so to report an accident on the road. I believe Jan 1, 2004 was the magic date that the system had to be active. I don't see how that would change phone performance, however, unless a 911 center can send some sort of lock signal.
  13. Does this mean if I cancel my cell phone service but continue to carry the phone around with me, I can call 911 in an emergency? Yes! The catch is they can't call you back if you get disconnected, however.
  14. I spoke with our Verizon rep and he said he hadn't heard of the problem before. He thought it might be a software problem, also. - Removing power (ie battery in this case) often will force a reset. The rep also said they currently have no applications for the location mode. Setting most likely an LG feature for possible future use. I suggest leaving it in E911 mode and not the always mode. BTW... Which LG phone do you have? I have the 6000 camera phone.
  15. Was the phone in locked mode before you called? (All phones locked or even unactivated can dial 911.) I don't recall my LG Verizon phone locking up the last time I called 911 but it's been a while since I called 911. It did indicate it was in emergency mode, however. Is there anyone out there that really understands how the phone's "GPS mode works"? My phone has 2 location modes: 911 & always. Why would one want to chose the always mode? If I'm in an always mode, is there any way I can access the location information?
  16. PhotoShop's "flip horizontal" was effective I used a blank CD as a mirror to get the geest of it.
  17. Not having a mirror handy would someone be so kind as to tell me what this says.
  18. Anyone trying to steal that much should be shot or at the very least have their cable wrapped around their neck. Was it gold plated? I don't remember what I paid for mine but take one of the suggestions above and keep the price under $40.
  19. I like WAAS and having detailed track data so I don't use battery saver mode. I carry an extra set of rechargeable batteries with me. I suppose it would be a nice feature in a low battery emergency, however.
  20. If not, there had better be diamonds in the cache for her.
  21. Searched 30 minutes for this one. Finally sat down for a snack of curds and whey. Sorry to break the fake tuffet that the cache was hidden in. Beware of spiders in the area. Miss Muffet
  22. Check out Feb 10, 2004 Dilbert. (If I knew how to link to it I would.)
  23. REI is one of my favorite places to shop. It has always been my experience that the staff is generally well informed and helpful. Regardless of where you shop there will always be different levels of knowledge. Being in retail sales also, I realize it is not always possible to be an expert on every little detail of every product. Every REI person I've met has always been open to input and constructive criticism. Why not try to share your knowledge with them? Yes, you can sometimes beat their prices online but name one online place that will stand behind their products like REI. eg The clip broke on the back of my GPS mount and they replaced it no questions asked after over 2 years! I purchased a stove at an "as is" sale that had a broken piece and they assisted me in sending it in for repair. The stove returned completely rebuilt at no cost to me. Figuring in the dividend, any small extra I've had to pay is well worth the piece of mind I have knowing that they stand behind the products that they sell 100%. I've purchased all my GPS units (Vista & 2 Rino 120s) and plan to be one of the the first to get a Rino 130 from them as well.
  24. At the risk of opening the can of worms again, has anyone ever taken an opinion poll on the subject?
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