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  1. I also have the long boot times with 5.10. Any one have version 5.00 that they could send me (wyatt57350 at hotmail dot com)? I tried http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Versions+x50 but 5.00 is not one that I can download. Wyatt W. Edit: I was sent version 5.00 and would like to say thank to those who sent it to me.
  2. NiMh nominal voltage is 1.20 volts, when fully charged they should be higher than that. The different battery settings on the V only changes the way the battery level is displayed and won't effect the running time of the GPSr if it is set to the wrong battery type. Wyatt W.
  3. I heard in the past of where the contrast gets turned down, have you tried uping it? Wyatt W.
  4. Not as active in them as I used to be. I have been a little bit more interested in other hobbies, mainly remote controlled airplane/helicopter flying. However, I still make it to the geocaching website and forum on an almost daily basis to see if there is any news about my existing GPSr or new models and check on caches nearby. Unfortunately I been doing less geocaching and more flying (the best days to geocache are also the best days to fly). However I still go out if I can find some one new to show the hobby to, or if I go out of town (the planes normally don't go with me). Wyatt W.
  5. WOW! this is the first time I looked at the maps for version seven. Any one know where they get the data outside of the major towns? Because they are horrible, worse than the tiger maps, worse than city select 5.00, and WAY worse than city select 6.00 (for my town and area at least). I am so suprished to see such a step back for my area when I thought the maps were pretty good for my town with version 6.00. Wyatt W.
  6. hmm, this may be a little unconventional, but when I experience this I take the battery cover off and suck air out throught the SD slot... seems to remove the moisture from the screen for me and I have not had any other problems with the GPSr... Wyatt W.
  7. When did you have the unit repaired the first time? I think magellan puts a 90 day warranty on units after they have been repaired. Wyatt W.
  8. I tried signing up for the group a week or so ago, but it's not letting me sing in. Do I have to sign up for one of their "free" sponsors? If so, that is a major pain in the butt. Wyatt W.
  9. Hmm, is there a section about calibrating the sensor in the manual? I think I had a problem with my platnium where is was registering 32.xx inHg, and even a firmware update did not fix it. I had to enter the correct pressure to get it working. Here is the thread in which I had a problem: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...topic=60250&hl= Wyatt W.
  10. If they sent you a broken one call them up and have them send you a new unit before you send in yours. I have done it and they did it for me, then they paid to send the broken unit back to them. Wyatt W.
  11. umm, did you calibrate the units? Also the pointer disappears on my platnium if the pressure gets above a certain amount, I think it is 31 inches of mercury. Wyatt W.
  12. If you want to do this quickly on the GPSr one way of doing it this way. 1. From the map screen hit the menu button. 2. Scroll down to vert. profile and hit enter. 3. click on path check. 4. this will take you to the map screen. 5. move to the first point you want to measure from, and hit the goto button once 6. scroll to the next location, and it will show the distance from the point you selected. 7. You can keep hitting goto at several points, then when you want the total distance (for example the permiter of a lake) hit enter. If you have a topo progrm installed, it will show the verticle profile of that route. Another thing this is handy for is creating a quick route. After your done with all the points just hit enter and chose "save to Rte". On the route page you can also see the distance between each leg... Hitting clear on that page will reset all the points. Wyatt W.
  13. I am from Huron, but spend quite a bit of time in Aberdeen. Wyatt W.
  14. Think (did not read it all) this is the thread about it: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...topic=42601&hl= Wyatt W.
  15. Actually there is something like this (although I don't know the name). I think it had a electronic compass in it to know the direction you were looking, it was a pricey little bugger too. Wyatt W.
  16. For $50 dollars the meridian is a pretty good deal if your willing to accept you can't use autorouting, and have the 2mb basemap. A questions about the Rino's range, what is the range of the units with GMRS? I see Garmin got a waiver from the FCC to send it's position on those channels (think you can download the firmware for older models to do this). Wyatt W.
  17. I see lowrance is making some of their new ifinders with MP3 players, and at least one has a voice recorder. To tell the truth I am suprised lowrance is not mentioned more, they seem to have several products that compete quite well with Garmin and Magellan... http://www.lowrance.com/Outdoor/Products/iFINDERMM.asp http://www.lowrance.com/Outdoor/Products/iFINDERphD.asp Their iWAY also looks intresting... http://www.lowrance.com/Automotive/Products/iWAY100M.asp Wyatt W.
  18. Also, I just remembered that my laptop sticks me with USB 1.1--not 2.0--although I guess I could buy a USB 2.0 PCMCIA card for more bucks. Anyway @ 1.1 I wonder how long and how much longer to load a Garmin or a Magellan SD? Why is Garmin's AutoRouting considered so superior to Magellan's Map Send Direct Route? Thanks. Susan I have not used Direct Route in my Meridian, but there is a few area's that Garmins autoroute is better implemented. 1. You can choose things to avoid (highways, toll roads, and U-turns) 2. Select model of transportation (e.g. a car route is determined by the fastest way there, where a bike route would be the shortest) 3. You can select either the fastest way to a location (e.g. use interstates and other highways even if it's slightly longer than another way-this is the mode direct route uses), and shortest route. 4. The unit will automatically reroute (optional)when you get off track with out having to press the goto button twice. 5. Can add one via point to a route. 6. When creating a manual user route you can select it to follow roads (Magellan is similar with it's manual routes, except it uses the first and last waypoint in the route to determine route-Garmin uses all the waypoints) 7. Garmin does not require you to have free waypoint and comment space for the program to work correctly (this may be just be due to using units that originally were not designed to autoroute). 8. Does not mess with all the setting when you make a route (except for "lock to road" feature, grrr...). 9. Can adjust the length of time a route takes to calculate. But keep in mind that Garmins autoroute software had been out longer, and Magellan added this functionality to units that were not originally designed to autoroute. Wyatt W.
  19. I have a Meridian Platnium (and a 315), and a Garmin GPS V. I really can not say one is better than the other. There is some things Magellan does better than Garmin, and some things Garmin does better than Magellan. Wyatt W.
  20. It seems like some of the features may already be found in the meridian series. The file manager may just be what they call the card utlities in the meridian, but a little more advanced to create submenus. It also sounds like there will be the same limits to the number of waypoint/tracks/routes that can be held in the active memory (e.g. only 2000 track points, 500 waypoints...). If you also think that it will display the full GPX file data, then you will most likely be severly disapointed when you get it. The software sounds like it will just be PC based, and will only send the coordinates to the GPSr (probably because no third party software will support it when it first comes out). The preimeter calculater is probably like a little used feature on the meridian that creates a manual route on the fly (if you want more info ask me, or look in your manual...it's under the "verticle profile" section). They also make it seem like this is the first GPSr with SD memory... Only having four screens may be a limit to some people... Wyatt W.
  21. Tried maps on the PDA (Ipaq 3955), did not care much for it... It takes two hands to manipulate things, where the gps you can usually do it with one. A PDA is more fragile, and it's harder to get programs that do a good job of replacing a what a standard GPSr does. I also did not like to use it in a car since it is hard to use a touch screen while a vehicle is moving. Wyatt W.
  22. The backlight is a big drain on the batteries, this becomes a problem with later firmwares that turn on the backlight when ever an alarm goes off. If this happens during the it is difficult to tell that the backlight is on. I also second rechargable batteries. I have gotten 12 hours of use on my meridian platinum and 2100 maH batteries. Wyatt W.
  23. I have a Magellan 315 (had since June 8 2000- I celebrate their birthdays ), and a Meridian Platinum (not sure when I got this unit, but ordered my first meridian October 15, 2001 (their release date)). I have been happy with my Magellan units, and would have no problem purchasing another or recommending them. In the past, I have had a Magellan 330 and a meridian gold. Sold the 330 to get the gold, and Magellan traded me even up my gold for the platinum (I had the blue spot problems and some other stuff...). Wyatt W. edit: spelling
  24. What is the problem your having with the unit? Maybe some one here may have a fix. Wyatt W.
  25. Just download the new data (not the full program), unzip the data and paste it in the same fold as the old program. This will over write the old program, but keeps all your maps/tracks/downloads.... This is how I have been doing it and have not had any serious problems (at least I have not lost any map data). Wyatt W.
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