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  1. Some people are just paranoid. You stand a much better chance of being in a car wreck on the way to finding a cache
  2. so, when you look for a cache do you stand in one position for 20 min or so to let your gpsr settle in before looking, or do you look right away?
  3. I find it hard to believe that you can afford a gps and a pc to get on the internet that you can't afford to become a member.
  4. There is an award for that kind of action,its called the Darwin award... Nature will take careof the stupid ones
  5. I have used metroguide and had absoutly no problems with autorouting,gone all over ohio,tenn,kentucky,georgia,indianna,and michigan and it has worked great.if set up properly no problems.the 60c does the routing not the pc
  6. You are Wrong,I have a 60C,and metroguide. It will autoroute, and if I miss a point it will recalcuate the route autmaticallyfrom where I am
  7. Metroguide does work and auto route on the 60c.I use it all the time and it works fine
  8. If you want something even better try gsak(Geocaching Swiss Army Knife)gsak
  9. Licking County actually has some wonderful parks. It's a real shame the land managers took things to the extreme. But in that they aren't alone. Here's the law regarding knives in New South Wales. Check too the link for what consitutes a 'knife' under their laws. But I dont live in new south whales and I really dont care what there laws are,they dont not affect me in any way
  10. As an end user, it is not our right to decide to blatently ignore the guidelines. The cache in question clearly violates them and should be archived. That is the bigest line of bull**** I have ever heard.Lets penalize the cache owner , besides as you said [i]guidelines[/i]are just that guide lines
  11. The 60C has 56 meg of memory and it is all for maps.Before I had a e-map with 16 meg memory and could get less than a third of the state of ohio,with the 60 c I have more than the entire state and that inclunes the auto-routing info
  12. But taking the attitude 'You work for me, park boy!!' is not likely to gain you sympathetic ear when it comes time to discuss geocaching in local recreation areas. Ignoring park rules, calling managers morons, and similar actions are not going to endear us to the people with the power to shut down our fun. I still have a pocket knife in my box of geocaching goodies, but it's not going into any containers any time soon. We need to work with these folks, not butt heads with them. Given the choice between geocaching without knives and no geocaching at all, the decision is obvious. Understand I wouldnt go as far as that(even if I did think so) I will adhere to the rules as long as they ar reasonable.Not allowing caches but allowing fishermen to litter and tear up the park,go off trail,and leave all kind of litter behind does not make sense. Rember is is somtimes better to ask forgivness than permission
  13. I really get up tight when land managers or park managers begin to think that they own the park or land,they forget that they are public lands owned by the public and that they work for us the people
  14. One thing is amazing. almost everbody says they trade up,but almost all caches end up with all junk in them. Wonder how that happens??
  15. [PS: Let's not forget that EVERYONE contributes by supporting sponsors, placing caches, logging their visits, maintaining caches they visit, etc. Premium membership is simply another manner. (Hmm, ::thinks to himself::, perhaps those are the folks who trade down! Haha! LOL!!!) QUOTE] placing a cache or logging vists,etc dosent pay the bills and cost to run and program servers,or com lines which all are costly. Its just that some of us are willing to pay to support the site and some are not .
  16. Gee,some kid might get hurt with a lure,just like with a knife or lighter,probably should be banned from caches I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
  17. I belive they shouted wherethefugawi I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
  18. From the Fugawi Indian tribe? I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
  19. TPAM needs to get a life! I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
  20. Criminal,thats GREAT! I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
  21. We have a garmin e-map with 16 meg card and a legend,love both I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
  22. What do you call a woman with no arms or legs,lying on a grill? . . . . Patty What do say to a one legged hitchiker? . . . . Hop in! I'm a man and I can change if I have to,I guess.
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