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  1. III Plus,V, eMap, StreetPilot Colormap, MAP76 & Map60.
  2. Thanks for the work you've put into this great utility, Huga. I've been running it for quite a while, & it works very well. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  3. quote:Originally posted by RobertM:How do I clear all waypoints on my GPS V? On my Legend there was a setting to reset all waypoints but I don't seem to find a similar option on the V. Thanks RobertM Greetings, RobertM. Power up your V, hit "find", then "waypoints", then pick the "by name" option. When the next screen comes up, hit "enter" to insert any letter in the name line up top. Then use the rocker to move the cursor down to "ok" & hit "enter". Now hit "menu". The option will come up to delete waypoints. Hope this helps. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  4. It's all been said pretty well. Do you want superior functionality, or cheap price. You get what you pay for. I've had my V for a long time now, & not much out there can touch it for all around functionality. All depends what you're looking for. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  5. quote:Originally posted by SergZak:A whole bunch of firmware updates...too numerous retype them all here. http://www.garmin.com/whatsNew/ to find out what units have a new firmware update (eMap IS included). Thanks. Got updates for 3 of my units. Haven't seen them put out so many updates at once before. Good stuff. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  6. With a remote control. http://www.garmin.com/products/sp2610_2650/ "Gimpy" --N2GLS-- EDIT-- Never mind. Missed the post below from a couple of days ago. Can't delete.
  7. quote:Originally posted by NoRain:Decided after much thought I wanted two things from my GPS. A Helix Quad but more importantly the option of an external antenna. Also I wanted to have it waas capable. I bought... A GPS V Really Happy with it. Thanks for all the replyes & help! Scott Truly an excellent choice. Have fun with it. It'll serve you well. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  8. quote:Originally posted by mtn-man:Pocket query, Spinner or GPX2HTML, Plucker to PDA. Log online. I have not used any paper in many months. Ditto here as well. It's the only way to go. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  9. quote:Originally posted by Eswau:Is there anyway I can manually put in 2 waypoints and have the GPS tell me the distance between the two (neither point is my actual location). Seems like there ought to be a way but it hasn't clicked yet. Thanks, E Turn on the V, as as soon as it boots up, hit menu & choose "use indoors". Then go to the map page, and use the rocker to move the arrow to the point you want to measure from, and hold down the enter button to mark that as a waypoint. Then move to where you want your other point & do the same. Then, with the arrow over either point, hit "menu", & choose "meaure distance". Then when you move the arrow over to the other point, up in the left hand corner of the screen, you should get the distance under where it says "map pointer". If it tries to give you the distance from the last known point instead of the point you created, just put the arrow over one of the points you created, & just momentarily hit the "enter" key, & that should reset the number under "map pointer" up in the corner to zero. Then just move over to the other point. I may not have explained it very well, but it does work. Hope this helps. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  10. Got all 3 of mine right on schedule, as always. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  11. quote:Originally posted by wicka: How far south are you in the U S of A? long drive from Niagara falls new york? anyway I dont know the US so please no pokin fun. wicka...I'm in Rochester,NY, about 1 1/2 hrs. from Niagara Falls. If I can be of any assistance, let me know. I'd be glad to take delivery & hook up with you. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  12. quote:Originally posted by GRANDMASTER CACHE: When I drag one into spinner, it replaces the spun file from the other. I guess I don't know if my plucker channel is getting the right file. I'm pulling my hair out... GC. Just create a new folder on your desktop. Put the Spinner folders(Spinner,Templates,etc.) into that new folder. Now save your pocket queries from your e-mail inbox to your desktop. Drag the pocket queries into the folder containing Spinner. Now, instead of dragging the individual gpx pocket queries into spinner,(within the folder), just click on Spinner. Spinner will automatically open all the gpx files within the folder & put all the caches in one file named "cache". Open that file & all your caches should be there. Just right click on that file address & copy the address. Open Plucker, then double click whatever channel you've assigned for your caches. For the address for Plucker to retreive the info, use the second line(file folder, not web address). Right click on that & paste the folder address you copied. Now , in Plucker,just click on whatever name you've assigned the cache file & up top, click on "update the selected file". When you sync, all should be there. Hope this helps. "Gimpy" --N2GLS-- [This message was edited by Gimpy on June 21, 2003 at 06:44 AM.]
  13. I've got Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro & others, but for just reducing picture size to post, I use Irfanview. It's just real quick & simple. But after reading Cruzins' post I'll have to check out "The Gimp". Love the name. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  14. quote:Originally posted by kevin917z: Are there anymore suprises i have yet to find in the program? What do other people think of this "improved" software Thought I read in another thread, that with Metro V, you can no longer autoroute on the fly like you you can with 4.01. That would be a real drawback for me.(StreetPilot & Garmin V) If I want to head out to do 10 caches, I don't want to route them all on my pc & load the routes onto the unit. With that, & the things you've mentioned,I'm staying away from this version. I've got Metro 4.01 & City Select 4.01, along with Topo & Roads & Recreation. I paid $100.00 for the upgrade from CS 4.0 to CS 4.01. Not impressed. I won't be buying any more Mapsource for a long time. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  15. quote:Originally posted by GRANDMASTER CACHE:Hi, I'm not sure I understand... I don't have a Palm, I have a Sony Clie (but that's not really important, because it uses a Palm OS). Are you saying I _can_ use both Avantgo and Plucker when I hotsync? When I click the Hotsync, does it sync with both of them seperately? Sorry if I'm being confusing, but I haven't deleted the Avantgo yet, and was just waiting for clarification. If the handheld syncs with first Avantgo, and then anything I have from Plucker, that would be awesome. Thanks so much, again, for your patience! Hey, GRANDMASTER CACHE. How's things. Sorry to jump in late on this, but you've gotten some great advice. And sure, you can run both Avantgo & Plucker. I do it every day. I get my pocket queries in both gpx & prc files, so just for backup, I've got Mobipocket on my Clie' as well. Avantgo sincs on it's own & with Plucker, you just have to update the files in Plucker Desktop, & they'll sinc also. I run a 128 mb memory stick in my Clie', so I can make room for lots of goodies. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  16. quote:Originally posted by Alphawolf:Any speculation why Garmin changed autorouting from PC and receiver, to PC only? Seems that this is something good that has been subtracted. What would be the reason I wonder. I much prefer MetroGuide to City Select when trying to get around in the smaller cities, but now to lose my V's autorouting ability on this software sucks! Garmin......What were you thinking?!?!?! Hadn't noticed this yet. If that's the case, I'll reload a previous version. I keep Metroguide loaded on 1 of my units to have the autorouting available. I also prefer Metroguide to City Select in some cases. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  17. quote:Originally posted by wickedsprint:nice nice...why did ya'll sell your Vistas, I love mine... Up here in my neck of the woods, anything with a patch antenna doesn't fare real well under heavy tree cover. Vista is a great little unit, but wasn't fitting my needs. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  18. Garmin V Garmin III Plus Garmin MAP76 Garmin eMap Garmin Street Pilot Colormap Sold Garmin Vista I'm partial toward Garmins. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  19. They've got a pretty good deal going on right now. Their National Parks series at half price. If you spend a lot of time hiking etc. in National Parks, this might be something you'd be interested in. Check it out here: Maptech I have their NorthEast US set, & am very happy with the detail & quality. Just thought I'd pass it along. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  20. Yup! It's worth it's cost & more. Go for it.You won't be disappointed. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  21. quote:Originally posted by DustyJacket:I just received this E-mail: The map server that ExpertGPS uses has been moved to a new address. A free update to ExpertGPS is now available. In order to retrieve new topo maps and aerial photos from the map server, you must update to ExpertGPS 1.2.6. They never notified me. Thanks for the info. I've updated mine as well. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  22. Nice Icons. They work great. Thanks for the link PS. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  23. quote:Originally posted by team travel pig:just a thought from a reporters perspective here. I'd imagine that's usually the case. But here, the reporter isn't just writing a column type story. He's a feature writer that weekly has a full page to himself in the outdoors section of a magazine type insert in the local paper. The first article he wrote, was a descriptive account of his journey to find a cache. It was all first hand knowledge with pictures. He's written many stories about his adventures in all kinds of different sporting type activities. Hiking, mountain biking, camping etc. He's a sporting enthusiast that weekly takes on new challenges or experiences & reports from his perspective. As it's doubtful that an editor is along on his journeys, I'd guess that his pieces aren't doctored up by anyone. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
  24. Had a reporter contact us a couple of years ago, & he did a very nice full page spread on geocaching. Contacted us about a month ago, & wanted to do a piece from a different perspective. So he did some research, & went out & placed a cache. After it was out for about 1 1/2 weeks,(last week)he went & retrieved the cache camera to get the film developed. The story from the point of view of the cache owner is supposed to run in tomorrows paper. Should be interesting. Looking forward to it. Not sure if I'm looking forward to the possibility of seeing some of the pics from the camera in the newspaper. I've retrieved about 20 cameras from my caches, & most of the pics look like something from a 10 most wanted list. "Gimpy" --N2GLS--
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