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Please vote on your favorite GPS for GeoCaching

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We all love our 60cs. Anyone following the latest caching equipment shouldn't have any doubt.

I dunno, I'm having second thoughts and my unit hasn't even arrived yet. I'm thinking I should have just got a Magellan Meridian Color On & Off Road Package (direct route software included). It would have only of been ~$30 more and the detailed maps would be included. =\

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I have to say that the Garmin V has been great for on the road. I have used both my Garmin V and my Meridian Gold for caching. The Meridian does much better caching in the woods. I would say, my own personal experience only, that the Gold worked 50% better than the V in heavy tree coverage.


On the other hand the V came with mapping software, a dash mount, link cable, batteries, etc.


The gold came with an instructional cd-rom and the link cable.


For the money the V is your best buy. You can cache with it and still get where you are going. You can also do heavy mapping across several counties.


One other thing: the V only has 19 MB of memory. My Gold carries 32 MB coupled with the option of using an SD card.


If you've got the money, buy both.



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I love my 60CS, but it seems everyone is tired of hereing about it. But here go's I love the color display that out does the magellan's hand down. I love the accuracy of the unit overall consistantly between 10 to 20 feet and as little as 7 feet. I love the autorouting feature it the greatest!!! But realisticly it all boils down to a matter of preferance the Magellan's are just as good and accurate as the Garmins and vice versa. Sooo.... to all the Magellan owners I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!! after all after the GPS controversy were all brothers!!!! :laughing:

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:D One more for the 60CS. Hello cachers. I am new to caching. I travel all around the world though and have used a GPS for several years. I just upgraded from a Garmin III+ to the 60CS. Stuck with Garmin since I already had the map software. As a private pilot I love the 60CS' barometric altimeter. It works as a great backup for air navigation. Have to turn the barometer off in a pressurized cabin though. Pressure stays constant there. Love all the other features that have been discussed... color, routing, e-compass, etc. It's the best handheld I've used.
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I started with the SporTrak Pro and was very happy until I started reading about the Garmin 60CS. I just had to have it. I am still trying to get used to it. The auto routing is fantastic, but when it comes to the off road mine seems to have problems making up its mind where it wants me to go. Hopefully this is only a matter of learning how it works. It really has a lot of potential. :D

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I have a Magellan Map 330 and a Garmin eTrex Vista. Sometimes I wonder if the difference in Tree Cover accuracy is that the eTrex tells you when you have a signal problem, whereas other units are less sensitive and let you think you have signal when you don't. With the eTrex Vista, you have the electronic Compass and the Barometric Altimeter as a back up, when Satelite reception is deficient.

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Geko 201. I have used Mag 315 before (liked the user interface, didn't like that the unit floats but it is not waterproof) and shortly used eTrex Legend (I was already used to the smaller, lighter Geko). Plus Geko comes with many languages, including Croatian, which is my favorite language for electronic devices ;)

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I had a Garmin III, two Legends and a Vista...I kept one Legend as a backup for anyone who wants to go caching with me, but I have been using a 60CS for a few weeks and I adore it. My only complaint is that the nav arrow seems to point in random directions. I go with the distance numbers to get me to my caches. Any suggestions?

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I started Geocaching about a month ago. My wife got me an eTrex Vista for my anniversary present. I am therefore somewhat biased towards it. It has all the bells and whistles I could ask for. The barometric altimeter is cool to look at, but has not played a roll in any of our adventures yet. The compass has been a definite plus. It would be nice to compare my Vista to a higher end model to see if it gets better satellite reception under light tree cover. I would not want one with a radio feature. The only thing I want to hear when Geocaching or hiking is the wildlife nearby or the kids yelling with excitement because they found the cache. Hope that is of some help. Good luck. :lol:

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