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Please vote on your favorite GPS for GeoCaching

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The Garmin GPSV is a classic. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for it. Served me long and well. Hated to let it go.


But the truth is I could think of a dozen things I'd want to improve/change about it.


My current favorite GPS is my 60CS. I simply can't rave about his little gem enough.

It's like a GPSV on steroids. Just can't go wrong with this one.


If you asked me how to improve it I'd be hard pressed to come up with anything.

Except maybe for more memory. But that's always the case.


Fortuantely I have Most of northern Illinois and Indiana loaded in the darn thing and haven't had to load/tinker with my maps in the four months since i've had it. (gotta love Metroguide's small sized routable mapsets).

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In trying to decide on the next unit over my sportrax pro, I suffered trying to make the compromises, and choice. then I just started learning what I could about about them both. .... unbiased


I decided to read personal reviews and not look at the subject line until after I read about it. All units get good and bad reviews. Depends upon a lot of things I guess (weather, area, usage patterns, available sats, etc.)


Now I am hoping the 60cs I just paid so much for is an improvement. I know the color will be so in helping define objects and I like the mag compass and d-helix antenna. (the antenna can break off so be careful)


Now of course I have to spend hundreds more on mapping software. I sure hope the garmin topo software has enought street detail, and I don't have to buy something else later.. Gulp.


And it is all relative. The sportrax was my favorite because I owned it, and now will be my second choice. I am going to love the 60cs, whether I like it or not (because of the price)....


I am still waiting for the gps unit build like a gps unit with a pda built in, not the other way around.



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I had a Garmin III, two Legends and a Vista...I kept one Legend as a backup for anyone who wants to go caching with me, but I have been using a 60CS for a few weeks and I adore it. My only complaint is that the nav arrow seems to point in random directions. I go with the distance numbers to get me to my caches. Any suggestions?

Use the map screen not the navigation arrow.

If you have the map screen set to North up, know which direction is north.

If you have the map screen set to track up, possibly record a track log on your approach to the cache so you have a reference for orienting the map screen to your surroundings. Move until the "triangle" is on top of the cache waypoint.

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I know I have only owned two one them being an old Garmin 45 but I am sort of not happy with the Cobra GPS500. It very easy to loose the Satts and when you are close to the destination and standing still it will not update itself even though it is clearly off. When you turn it off and on and waited for good Satt coverage it gave significantly different coordinates every time. What is most destressing I learn it is not compatable with GSAK or EasyGPS so the interface I bought is useless. The old Garmin 45 did not convert to feet but only .01 of a mile but I had some luck with it by moving around until the coordinates matched. The external antenna hold the Satts very well but it was on a ten foot wire which snags everything when bushwacking. I keep both GPS's in my box and sometimes carry both at the same time. Overall I think I could have had better for under $150.

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i have a Garmin Etrex Legend, and a Vista. i just cant justify spending $400-500 for a gps. the legend was $140 and my vista was $170, i bought them about 6 months apart.


in fact the only way i could justify the vista was my legends rubber seal ripped and i had to send it in to garmin because of connecting and unconnecting it all the time to the data cable in my car for APRS, so now the Legend is an aprs gps and my Vista is a caching gps.


Note: I just realized that i did justify to myself spending $200 for a new palm and $250 for a new digi camera just in the last few days. hmm


Palm Tungsten T2

Canon PowerShot SD110

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