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  1. Can you add the SFV Geocachers to the list. It's in the thread as post #24 http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=160996&view=findpost&p=4323863 Thanks.
  2. When I travel I usually limit my caches to traditional caches that are 2/2 or less in D/T, and virtuals. I don't want to spend too much time looking for a cache and then come up empty. I am also usually with other family members that don't have quite the same addiction as I do.
  3. I also get an error when I submit it as a PQ. Also, my existing route PQ gets the same error when I edit it without changing a thing and select Save.
  4. San Fernando Valley Geocachers Since the SoCal Geocachers board has kind of gone downhill, a few of us decided to create more localized forums. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join.
  5. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=236639
  6. Glad you could see the problem. So, if I delete the 'bad' logs and re-enter them (earlier in the day ) for that day, would that fix it also?
  7. That's not very active anymore.
  8. When I import my 'My Finds' query into GSAK some dates do not match the dates on my profile. I've also seen the same non-match when uploading the file to mygeocachingprofile.com. I'm assuming it's an issue on geocaching.com since more than one site lists the inconsistency. On the following image I have used RED lines to show the mismatched dates and GREEN lines to show the matching dates. The dates listed on my profile page are correct. Is there a secondary date field in the database that is not in sync? Anything I can do to fix this?
  9. BWidget

    PQ problem

    I too am having problems getting my PQ's sent. I need these today as I need another set tomorrow before I go on vacation.
  10. I will be coming to GW VII from Los Angeles.
  11. My apologies, I now see my mistake. I was not talking about you, but a reviewer.
  12. What exactly was I trying to preach? I said that I thought the review process needed change, not that people should not have their 'own' pages for their coins. I also stated earlier that I had an unpublished cache that a reviewer recently archived. Examples of why we need to check against disabled caches: Awaiting a land manager permit (this can take months, such as for a Pennsylvania State Forest) Timing the release of a "Tribute" cache for when the honoree reaches 1,000 finds Timing the release of 10 caches, hidden over three weeks, to be published on the day of an event cache Owner does a "coordinate check" and goes to hide the cache two weeks later after getting an OK for the spot There are many other examples. We see these week-in and week-out. Imagine you were the hider in one of the above examples. Would you like it if someone swooped in and stole your spot with a hastily planted cache in the nature center's parking lot that messed up your elaborate multi that you were almost ready to submit? A quick check shows this person has geocoins in unlisted caches also. Practice what you preach.
  13. They check against cache listings that were never 'checked' as 'Yes, this cache is currently active'? Sounds like the procedure could use some modifications.
  14. I had an unpublished cache that I put my coins into, but just recently a reviewer archived it. Sure it's still accesable by me, just takes a few more clicks to get to.
  15. Create a post in the Regional forums.
  16. Are those 'over 100 event exclusive caches for this event' going to be permanently listed GC.com caches or are they just temporaary caches to artificially inflate ones stats?
  17. Wow that's great. I hope you'll be keeping a blog that we all can follow.
  18. They are trackable at the same site mentioned, but the site still doesn't seem to be working. That is exactly what I picked up ( I tried to post a pic but it was all "pixelly") Thanks.
  19. The first year the California geocoins came out were not trackable on Geocaching.com. These were the 2004 coins.
  20. I just returned from a Mediterranean cruise and got at least one cache in every country we visited.
  21. As always, everyone plays it their way. If I never log a find when I was there when the cache was hidden, then I would have a lot of local unfound by me caches. For cache hides where I accompanied the owner when the cache was placed, I won't ever log the cache as a find. It just doesn't seem right to me to log it as a find, since I helped place it.
  22. I didn't say the ones with the hider claimed FtF. I'm saying the true FtF cacher might not find a clean log sheet. ????????If they were there when it was hidden how did they FIND IT???????? Its first to find. Not first to sign the log.
  23. Not always true. There may be Alhpa of Beta tester signatures on the log. These are the cachers that were with the hider when it was hidden.
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