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  1. You all have some very good points, the other thing I find very funny is the person that moves your cache always says his gps was right on, so he would move you cache so it will be in the right place. Please only let the person that made the cache move it.
  2. How about Burns Park in North Little Rock, AR.
  3. I'm still doing like I started (without a PDA) there are a lot more caches in Arkansas and new ones showing up here almost everyday so that means people are having fun. Mike
  4. Good call by you & post. Mike
  5. (Besides you always have the option NOT to log a cache if you arrive in the area and feel uncomfortable.) I've done this many times, just because a cache is there does't mean I must do it. This is a game and I like playing it Mike
  6. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not looking for any attacks on this forum post. I'm just giving my point of view as I'm getting tired of all this BS as are a lot of people. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Have a Legend for 2 years. No problem so far, use it almost every weekend for running when not caching.
  8. (I think that someone should make a virtual that would track the stages of decay of the geocaching jack-o-lantern featured on the first page of the website.) (Ideas like this is why they killed virtuals.)
  9. I've used mine as a backup to a V for two years and it look like new. I don't leave it in a hot car and I keep updateing the software.
  10. I use my V almost every weekend and I'm not having this problem.
  11. I've been working with the same "Find Nearest Places" feature (the binoculars with red crosshairs button). Everything works fine for me, the only thing I see is some places are listed twice. Like Two Burger kings in the same place. This isn't everywhere but in some areas. Good luck and keep working on it, my list opens on the left of the map area.
  12. http://www.magellangps.com/en/gpsAdventures/outdoor/geocaching.asp
  13. Try this: http://download.com.com/3000-2192-10203247.html?tag=lst-0-1
  14. We have a person in this area who goes to the same caches several times to get trade ideas but leaves nothing in return. (He also takes Travel Bugs and that's the last you see of it.) There isn't anything anyone can do but just go on playing our game and having fun.
  15. That's a good story, we need more like this.
  16. I only post notes and if I can’t find a cache I will send a personnel e-mail to the owner of that cache because I could have just over look it. On my caches I read the not found and then look at how many finds the person has, if he has more than 20 or I have more than one not found post then I will go out and repair my cache.
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