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  1. Little late to this thread, but please do not disable your caches, especially any in rest areas, truck stops, or otherwise accessible by large trucks. Also caches in parking lots within a short walk of the loading dock behind your local store. Remember there are truckers, transporters, delivery people, and other essential personnel that are still out and about and working to bring you supplies, and we need a distraction every once in a while. Geocaching is perfect for that. I use hand sanitizer before and after handling each cache in hopes of not catching or transmitting anything. But most I've found lately haven't been found in a week or longer. Thank you.
  2. Does anyone else have access to your account? Maybe it's time to change your password.
  3. This was officially announced yesterday, emailed to the API partners 3 days ago, and privately announced to the volunteer community (reviewers) the day before that. I'm pretty sure this is real.
  4. Assuming a square property, 285 acres is 3,523 feet on a side. Given a 100 foot buffer, that's about 30 acres. I'm sure there is plenty of timber to be had in the other 255 acres.
  5. YOSM was published in 2002 when Locationless caches were allowed. When the other Locationless caches were archived in 2005, YOSM was missed because it is misclassified as a Virtual cache. The powers that be made their decision 12 years ago that this should be archived. You could say they're just cleaning up loose ends now.
  6. So the *only* reason you cache is to log the YOSM cache over and over? *That* is really sad...
  7. Added to my Bookmark List. If anyone figures out who the cacher is, please let me know so I can update the memorial.
  8. Before you spend much time on your checker, I highly recommend sending a pre-emptive messsage to Appeals and ask if this idea will pass. Personally I'm betting it won't. Just because you found a loophole in the current guidelines, doesn't mean they won't close it. It's pretty obvious (to me) that they don't want word challenges at all.
  9. I talked to a lackey about this a while ago. Basically, it's a resource thing. The farther-out zoom levels take a while to render, so they're updated infrequently. I don't know the exact thresholds, but it's something like the farthest out is only updated once a month. The next level in is updated every other week. The next, weekly. The next, twice a week. Then daily, hourly and the furthest few levels in are updated on the spot.
  10. Validate your email again. According to your profile page, "The "Send Email" feature is disabled because this user is currently inactive." Failing that, contact Geocaching HQ.
  11. Obviously the forums are not ready to be served via HTTPS. Stick with http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/ and your browser will be happy.
  12. I just updated an old Greasemonkey script I wrote 3.5 years ago after a similar brouhaha. Not only can you change the log icons, but you can change just about every other icon (mis)used on the site. Just install the script, then go to the Monkey menu >> User Script Commands... >> Icon Chooser. The green boxes show which icons will be used from each set. You can also cycle through the individual icon choices by shift-clicking on them directly on the geocaching.com pages. If you have any other icons you'd like me to include, please let me know. I'll need both the original URL (on geocaching.com) and the new icons (either URL or email them to me).
  13. Maybe that just means they are working on something BIG.. like a replacement for virtual caches.
  14. You were the first finder after a Minnesota winter. I'm sure there are lots of wet caches there. So what?
  15. There's few things as cute as a newbie who thinks he knows more than the people who have been playing for 15 years.
  16. You probably deleted the Field Notes file, so the GPS no longer knows what is found. Best solution is to delete all the GPX files and get new ones, either by PQ or individual. Your old files are getting pretty stale anyways.
  17. Pan the map to the area of interest and press the FIND button.
  18. Other than OCD, why does it matter? They'll expire eventually.
  19. There is a cache at the entrance sign.
  20. What container are you using? You already said it's not a pill bottle, but is it a bison tube or a film can? Both of those "look like drugs" to a lot of people. If you're that concerned about what finders think about your container, then do a Google Image search for "cute containers" and find something better.
  21. I see nothing wrong with that log. It's a fair comment about the cache container. I wouldn't worry about it. Edit to add as a cache owner I much prefer a log that actually says something, to all the other "tftc" and "Found it!" logs on that cache.
  22. If that were me, I'd ignore the PGC checker, run my own checker in GSAK, or look at my stats page if applicable, and log the cache. The guidelines only say that the CCO must provide a checker. It doesn't say that the finders must use it.
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