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    Pq - Not Running

    I've also noticed an issue with PQs. It seems they're always a day behind now. For instance, on Thursday I activated one for Friday and one for Saturday, meanwhile I didn't get the one for Friday till 8:03pm (quite late to start geocaching!) and I didn't get the one on Saturday till almost noon. A week or so ago I would always get my PQs (that aren't set to run) within 5mins if I activated for the day on question. Just activate, 5mins later I'd get the email and deactivate the query until next time I needed it. Dunno what's going on, probably just an overloaded server, eh?
  2. Just an FYI: Latest build ( doesn't appear to be restoring current 'centre point' when you reload a filter you saved with the option checked. Not sure why. Anyone else having this problem? EDIT: My bad, I guess it is reloading the 'centre point' its just not updating the Locations drop down with the saved 'centre point.' I guess thats for good reason, DISREGARD.
  3. Ah, forget it. I'm dumb, you're right. I guess after my subscription failed and then went through I had to 're-accept' the terms of use agreement. Now that i accepted it again, all my PQs are back!
  4. Alrighty, sent. No joke Jeremy... my two pocket queries disappeared and any new ones I create never appear. It's as if my account is 1) associated to the wrong place in a database somewhere, 2) not really being recognized as premium.. or heck, I don't know. I'm pretty convinced that it has something to do with the fact that my Paypal subscription failed and then three days later was successful.
  5. Jeremy? Elias? Someone from Groundspeak? Something is amiss.....
  6. Jeremy, A few days ago when my subscription was attempting to be renewed for some odd reason it got denied. Therefore, Paypal tried back in three days and it went through this morning. Upon logging in to run a pocket query I notice no longer have any and when I try to make one they are not saved! What's going on here? Looks like I can't go geocaching today!@$ Please help when you get the chance!
  7. #7 on Travel Channel's "List of Treasures"
  8. I'm watching the travel channel right now and its about geocaching!@$ Back to the show.......
  9. In my opinion it seems as though these really hard caches lead to ALOT of information sharing. Initially you'll have quite a few DNFs, but after the first 2-3 people find it almost EVERYONE finds it. That's no coincidence!
  10. How's mine look. I think I got one about a month ago, but I'm not really sure. Your meter is at zero percent and I expect it to remain that way. So is the meter of the poster above you, but in that case the outlook isn't as bright. How about mine? Surely I must of gotten a bar or two for my spirited plead for understand of the hunt/journey being of more value than cache contents!
  11. Man, if anyone from this thread who actually bought some of these tokens is ever caught taking part in cache degradation I move to have you banned for good! Just kidding, of course.. but dang, $95 minimum order ($.19x500)? Too rich for my blood for an outdoors hobby!
  12. I loved that example... such a plausable situation! I've only been to two geocaching events locally, but that was plenty to know that ALOT of little kids (<8yrs) go geocaching. Life is just a "tad bit simpler" when you're that young! I've even put some of the stuff I've collected in my caching bag in a cache so that one of the younger kids with us could take that "really cool toy" he had his eye on. Seeing his reaction made my day (as his grandpa wasn't going to let him take the toy unless he had something of equal value to put in the cache)!
  13. grimstuff, fair enough... thats a good reason to ask, but yes, its an issue among all caches (placed by premium member or not).
  14. You two might find this interesting reading. Trading El Diablo I agree with you, I just don't want someone's log entry to be deleted because someone doesn't feel someone traded even or up. I just placed my first cache recently and I'd guesstimate I spent about $10 or so on the entire cache. I didn't spend alot of money on 'swag,' in fact I even put two items I found in other caches in my very own. One was a new pair of gloves and the other was a TB. I wasn't too concerned with 'swag' as the cache could only hold one normal size TB (ie. stuff animal) and because I was more concerned with people exploring the area I intended to highlight by placing the cache. Again, I agree with the trade even or trade up agreement. It's perfectly logical, I just don't encourage or accept the notion of sending "not acceptable" emails or deleting someone's log entry. To me that is just not in the spirit of geocaching.
  15. Any game that takes the cooperation of other people whom you do not know is going to take a lot of patience, respect, and forgiveness over minor greiviances. As I asked earlier, couldnt part of this problem be solved by making well-thought out caches for premium members only? Or is this still a problem even then? I'm not sure if you've got some sort of agenda or not (as you seem to be trying to prove something and if so I applaud you for your slyness), but of course this is an issue even among premium members as one person's notion of "equal" is definitely NOT always the same as another person's notion of "equal."
  16. To me it seems like you're missing the point of geocaching, but thats just my opinion. I don't choose what cache to go out and look for based on the trading policy! I try every cache that is within ~30mi radius equally. I'm more interested in where the cache takes me, not what I plan on getting from it or leaving in it! Saxondog, I've stayed on track with my comments. They've all been systematic and the ones that appeared slightly off-track were done so intentionally to prove my point. I guess some people are just more interested in the creative aspect of geocaching (that being in making the cache), whereas others are more interested in the adventure. Then there are those who are interested in both. At this point I guess we can just agree that you're more concerned with the creative aspect of geocaching and consider whats in your cache more important then the adventure the cacher had to undergo in order to find your cache. To some thats perfectly acceptable, I just tend to disagree with that school of thought. We could probably also agree that I'm more concerned with the adventure and could care less what someone left in my cache so long as the person had a great time finding it. To you that may seem boring (I guess?). Oh well, we disagree and it seems that most people go 50/50 on this issue as well. I'll try to make this my last post in this thread.
  17. I agree. I didn't mean to carry it on this long, I was just trying to help him/her understand that deleting someone's log is just as bad if not worse than the original cacher leaving the 'wrong item.' Anyhow, anyone watching the repeat of the SNL Presidential Debates Bash? Too funny!
  18. Haha... you're a piece of work. My post was meant to illustrate just how incrediblely dumb you're idea of deleting someone's log was. It seems to have made you rather upset... maybe now you know just how upset someone else would be if you were to delete their log simply because you didn't like what they 'traded.' Grow up. Just to make it quite clear, I've never plunder any cache and never planned or it, the post was just meant to make a point (which it obviously did). My fellow cachers around here are saints for the sheer fact that they are selfless and would probably never ever complain half as much as the people are in this thread and for that I am greatful. To be honest I don't even know why I'm posting in this thread time after time, I guess its because I really can't believe how obessed some people really are. To me its disturbing. Oh well, some people have nothing better to worry about I guess.
  19. What it all comes down to is this is a hobby for the majority of people and they're simply oblivious to what they place like one poster said. Yell at enough hobbyists and they'll simply stop playing. Simple as that, but I'm sure you wouldn't mind. You'd rather have LESS caching opportunies just so long as someone doesn't leave a Mctoy. That's really quite pathetic; very poor attitude. Oh well, I'm glad there aren't any "Elite Members" in my general caching area. All the people I've met around here who geocache are some of the best people I've met in any hobby... very gracious, just a real treat to be around.
  20. That's the spirit! How appalling, if I ever got an email complaining that I didn't "trade up, trade equal, etc..." and saw my log deleted; I'd probably swap your traditional out with a microcache or something "equally" as lame so that hopefully you'd learn a bit of tolerance (something that is obviously severely lacking here and in alot of places in America).
  21. Remind me not to try and find one of your caches. I wouldn't want to leave the wrong item or sign the logbook in an inappropriate fashion. This thread must have been named with you in mind, sadly.
  22. Here we go again... I thought this topic had already been started and was called "Elite Memebers".
  23. Mind linking us to the article? I'd love to see the pictures!
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