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  1. You can look at the maps that Garmin offers at http://www8.garmin.com/cartography/ and look under the MapSource Map Viewer.
  2. A great program that I like is usa photomaps from www.jdmcox.com
  3. I have the same unit. the arow is controled by the movement of the GPS in most of the games.
  4. You might try playing with this to see if you can get it working and if it will help. http://artico.lma.fi.upm.es/numerico/miembros/antonio/async/
  5. Have 45 III V Legend Geko 201 60Cs IQue 3600 2 Forerunner 301 Preorderd forerunner 305 Had but gave away V Etrex Yellow Etrex Camo Etrex Legend Forerunner 201
  6. Tha Forerunner 301 used Cardiosport Fusion heart belt.
  7. In high heat my 60cs has a problem with it also.
  8. I alwees just make a folder in the garmin directory named topo and pit all the data from the cds in it so it inds up with folders named east, west, alaska, Hawaii, Tdb and UnitCode and some other files including Setup.exe then just run the setup.exe. I also do this prosedure for World map. BTW that dusent work if you are running a old vertion of Mapsorce. then going to garmins website and giting the free update wood be nesisary.
  9. Wow that is really cool. Works great. Im not in europe but i loded it on to my 60cs and it works Had to edit Caches_eur.reg a little, to point to my garmin folder but that was real easy. Just chekt it on my Etrex Legend Blue. Works grate on it also.
  10. You can put your tracks on Google earth for free by runing your track thrue Motion Base. http://motionbased.com/ You mite want to try Usaphotomaps from, www.jdmcox.com also, it is a share ware program
  11. I had that problem with my GPS III (same body type). The fix for me was take the antenna off and make sure the underlying nut was tight. When the nut loosens, the antenna mount backs into the unit and grounds out, effectively rendering the antenna useless. Hope that helps since it's an easy fix.
  12. I found an oners manual in PDF format on Garmins website http://www.garmin.com/manuals/GPS120_OwnersManual.pdf I wasent able to find inything about GMaps. I hope he got a real good deal for it!
  13. I love my ique 3600. Gpsnow has them with the auto kit and 1 gig card for $570. http://gpsnow.com/gm3600.htm#3600
  14. I really like the Garmin legend. I found it for 125.99 at Anchor Express . http://www.anchorexpress.com/010-00256-00reman.html
  15. in Garmins topo USA near Delaware Water Gap 1.12 Megs is 35 miles by 52 Miles.
  16. it is fine to transfer moltiple tipes of maps on to your gps. you will nead to pick all the maps that you you wanton the unit and transfer then at one time. after you tranfer them, on the map page push menu, then scrole down to setup map, press enter. that will bring upa list of the maps that you transferd on to the unit(you can only see one of the map pices at a time in the list)then press minu agine, that will bring up a miny that will let you choose what tipe of map that you want to the unit to display. the uit will only display one at a time. I recomend that you tell it to show none then tell it what one that you want. EDIT If you mean microsoft streets and trips it wont transfer to a garmin gps
  17. I used a garmin GPSV for several years and loved it. Thay now sell for 250 with shiping. http://www.compuplus.com/insidepageNoLinks...ogle&id=1001097
  18. If you still need some assistance, I'd be happy to lend a hand this Saturday, May 21. I live not 2 far away.
  19. I found Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico N18 20.653 W66 45.143 http://www.terraserver.microsoft.com/image...1843&Y=5074&W=2
  20. I just copy the cds into a directory then run the setup.exe from there.
  21. With My IQue 3600 I have to install Palm desktop from a third Setup CD before instaling Sity Select. If I try to install SC before it gives me that exact message.
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