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  1. Hmm, that may have done the trick, it works now! Thanks!
  2. Help! My Garmin 60CSX is no longer displaying the Topo maps. For example, when I select a waypoint and have it display on the screen, the 60CSX display says "basemap", and it doesn't display the Topo map at all. I have tried "hiding" and then re-showing the maps from the map setup page, but still no luck. The maps are "checked" on the setup page. I have also tried loading the maps again from Mapsource. Strange, things used to work okay until recently. Is there a master reset that I should try or any other ideas?
  3. My question is, if you sell a Garmin GPS, for example a GPSMAP60CS, can you transfer the CitySelect unlock codes, software, and all the other registration stuff to the new owner so that they can use the maps and install CitySelect on their computer? I emailed Garmin tech support to ask them too, but I am curious if anyone has any first-hand experience with this. Thanks.
  4. I've had the 60csx for about 6 weeks now. Its reception is much better than my old Legend. The Legend often couldn't get a lock in moderate tree cover, but the csx always gets and keeps a lock no matter what the cover. (I'm in the Pacific Northwest, so we have lots of big trees.) In fact, I can carry the csx in my jacket pocket, zipped up, and it still keeps a lock just fine. This alone made it worth the price. The Legend was basically useless for forest hikes. But I do have a few complaints. First, the trip odometer seems to under-report the mileage by 5 to 8 percent. I just took a 24 mile walk today, and the odometer read 21.9. I know it was a 24 mile walk, because when I downloaded the track into Mapsource, the "track properties" said 24 miles. I also clocked the GPS against a measured mile at one point, and it was about 8 percent short. It's done this several times. I emailed Garmin about this 3 weeks ago, but got no response. Also, the barometric altimeter is not very reliable. Sometimes, it just shuts down (stops displaying any elevation), and will only restart by turning the unit off and on again. Also, sometimes, it records elevations that are way off, e.g., sudden jumps of 9000 feet, or sudden drops to 1000 feet below sea level. Other users have reported this. And again, Garmin tech support hasn't responded to my email about this. I think the GPS elevation is actually more reliably accurate than the barometric elevation, especially since the csx usually has a lock on at least 7 sats, so I think I'd be happier with the 60Cx, and would have saved $50. I have noticed the same problem with my odometer. I have not yet checked the baro altimeter.
  5. So Jb, How much did you get for the 60CS towards your CSX? I am in the same situation, looking to upgrade from a 76CS to a 76CSX. My 76 is only 4 months old. What I did is buy the 60csx with Auto kit from GPSdiscount.com for $539. I really didn't need the Auto kit, since I already had those accessories. So I sold the old 60cs with the Auto kit on Ebay for about $400. The "X" series is well worth it. No regrets.
  6. For me the answer is yes. My 60csx maintains a lock under conditions were my old 60cs didn't pick up anything. I quickly sold my 60cs to help get enough cash for the 60csx. A no brainer for me.
  7. [ Hi , John............yes the csx will have one third of the power that the 60cs thus the reason i kept the 60cs........a csx owner here in town has the same complaints .............carry lots of batteries and have fun............you do have the memory card which is a plus though. Yes, the battery drain is unfortunate, but overall the 60csx has been a great unit. I especially like the ability to maintain reception under tree cover. It has been a worthwhile purchase for me. No regrets. Thanks for the replies!
  8. I think it depends upon what you mean by primary use. IMHO, the M5 is useless outdoors, since the screen is hard to read in the sunlight, and it is not "waterproof". The M5 works fine in the office environment though. The 60csx will get a position fix quicker since it has the SIRF chipset. And it is great for outdoor use. The M5 has voice guidance for auto routing, the 60csx doesn't. My two cents.
  9. That's probably your problem. The backlight eats batteries no matter how low you have it set. You may be right. I turned off the backlight and got 18 hours of use. Thanks for all of the replies!
  10. First of all, I my 60CSX works much better under tree cover, compared to the 60CS which I recently sold. However, I have tried 3 different sets of alkaline batteries (from 2 different manufacturers), and I get less than 8 hours of continuous use before the low batter message displays! I only have a very small amount of backlight on, and verified the battery setting was alkaline. Before I contact Garmin to get an RMA, I am curious how much battery life other users are getting? I also plan to do some more testing. I was outside and the temperature was about 40 deg F, but my old 60CS would get much better battery performance under these conditions. Anyone else notice poor battery performance of the 60CSX? -John
  11. This is not true. You can use National Geographic Pocket Topo on the Ique M5. It works just fine for showing your position. However, I find the M5 screen hard to read in the outdoors.
  12. wshelley46060, which external antenna did you use?
  13. Why is Garmin doing a "beta" firmware update? This is the first time that I have noticed a beta update for the 60C/CS.
  14. does it leave the notch in the bottom of the 60 open? i use the garmin auto mount and would like to be able to use it in the case. Yes it does. I also leaves open a small hole for the round belt clip knob. The fit is tight but the color screen still looks great. - John
  15. Thanks, I bought that case and like it alot!
  16. Totally awesome! I love using the topo maps and the auto routing. With the latest firmware I have experienced no problems.
  17. Okay, I installed 3.30 and the topo contour lines are great! They are easy to read and, to my surprise, Garmin seems to have improved the position of the elevation numbers on the contour lines. I can't wait to try it in the outdoors.
  18. Sounds good, but I am a little gun shy to try it. I was really disappointed with the topo lines disappearing with version 3.20. I will wait for more comments to come in regarding 3.30
  19. I have not noticed this problem. I have had mine for over a year now.
  20. Yes, you must you Garmin Mapsource products. I use the Topo 100k and the US Natl. Parks West 24K. They both work GREAT!
  21. I don't have a Geko, but I assume that what you have to do is go to a location where the elavation is known, either by a looking at a map or having it posted someplace. For example, you are at a trailhead, and the map shows the elavation is 1000 feet, you use that value for your GPS.
  22. For city driving I could care less about contour lines, generally. For hiking, you need the contour lines. Otherwise the GPS can not be used like a map. Topo maps are useless if you can't see the contours. My opinion.
  23. Thanks! Has anybody tried it yet? Please provide some feedback if you have.
  24. See this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=68979 The contour lines on the Topo maps are not improved. They are almost invisible now and very hard to read. Complain to Garmin if you agree.
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