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Cache? What is a Cache? I'm married so I don't have any cache. But I digress, I would think that there are not very many who will reach 100 benchmarks given their complex locations and such. But, I would be interested if there was some way to show the top 10 Benchmarkers icon_rolleyes.gif

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Originally posted by RogBarn:

There are six people that I know of that have at least 100 benchmark finds. Four of them also have 100 cache finds. There are three more that have over 100 caches and are in the 90s for benchmarks.


I've tried to track benchmark finds but it is very hit and miss.


Just out of curiosity, who are some of the others?



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icon_razz.gifI am not there yet. Right now I have 180 cache finds and 60 benchmarks found. By the time I find 100 benchmarks I will have found over 200 caches. It helps that I live in a cache rich area. Thanks to CCCooperAgency. I only see a few people looking for benchmarks. I am the only one in a few places I go to.
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Shirley and I are idling at 328 caches and 72 bench marks. We'll probably hit the 100 mark by Christmas. I'm beginning to favor bench marks, especially those of some special interest, such as our local tri-state marker or the Portland, OR Willamette Stone.


Our next target is a 1774 NY-NJ royal patent survey mark in the local area. I'm contemplating trying to find more of the original state line boundary markers as they have a fascinating history. The 1887 commission report on the NY-NJ state line dispute is fascinating stuff, indeed! In fact, there are books on the NY-NJ Boundary War (though noone was killed in the dispute, just roughed up a bit). The 1887 survey tried to reestablish the line of 48 original markers but many of them had already disappeared. Aslo, the line was discovered to be so skewed that both states agreed to abandon the original patent discription and to simply use it as originally surveyed in 1687 (?). (Turned out there was a tremendous local deposit of magnatite which threw off their compass without their knowing. As late as 1857 there was only one meridian point in the entire state of NY so surveys were by latitude and compass, with marker points being defined by the local geographic features.)


Could prove interesting.


patrick & shirley

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It seems like I'm the only cacher in my area ( Salt Lake) who spends much time searching for benchmarks. Right now I'm at 100 caches/47 benchmarks. I'd be at around 60 benchmarks if I had found every mark I've searched for, but many are now GONE, as most of you know! As soon as the weather improves this spring I will up the benchmark total into triple figures, I'm sure. icon_cool.gif



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I have lots of respect for those that have found 100 benchmarks. I found most of my benchmarks last summer. The fall and winter around here is cache season. I am just about cached out for this season. I had let the supply build up last summer but I'm getting low again. So it looks like benchmark season is getting ready to start for me again.


I think I will set a goal to find at least 75-100 benchmarks by fall. As mentioned in another thread I plan to tackle my 10 mile radius first and move out. I love finding benchmarks on old buildings. Had a lot of fun doing that last summer. I find myself stopping at old courthouses and depots to look for benchmarks. Found one like that last month. Found one on accident near a geodash point this weekend as well.



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Living in NJ , there is an abundance of both caches and BM's. Just started BM hunting a little over 2 months ago and have many more yet that are reachable from my home. Location, location, location.... icon_biggrin.gif


"Problems are merely opportunities for interesting solutions which can be implemented by those with the courage to be different."

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This past month, I had to the good opportunity to cache a few days with WaldenRun from New England while he scored his 300th benchmark in the middle of a snowstorm. On another day, with two feet of freshsnow, we went for remotest coastal cache in Rhode Island, where WR scored his 600th find, in route he also scored 3 or 4 more winter benchmarks. If that is not enough, yesterday, he beat me to a travel bug which was is 200th find. How about 200/200/200 GC/TB/BM or even 100/100/100? Any one else out there.


I am a newbie since fall and gave up on benchmarks since we have been under snow since it seems like Thanksgiving, but will pickup the hunt and post back at 100.


Val (May be late, but always on time.)

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I joined the very prestigious and exclusive 100/100 club today. Actually, I didn't expect to hit this rare milestone so quickly. I have been putting more effort into this quest for finding benchmarks lately, and it all paid off handsomely tonight as I now count myself among the elite in the world of geo-exploration. icon_wink.gif



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I cracked the 100/100 club today, if anyone cares. icon_biggrin.gif


I actually hit 100 benchmarks first, since there are many more of them nearby. So I'm at 102/118 now, and don't plan to slow down. Great fun to be had on both sides of the fence.


Friends don't let friends attempt to persuade them to be biased toward any particular type of cache.

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Finally made it!


When I went out this morning I intented to break 100 for caches, but didn't real plan to do much benchmarking. Just in case though, I dumped a bunch of data into my gps & palm. I quickly found a nice string right along the route I was traveling that were set in bridges and culverts. I managed to recover 11 marks, and along with 4 caches I'm now at 102/102.



N 39 54.705'

W 77 33.137'

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I'm very obviously not there yet, but I think benchmarks are just as fun as caches... I might wind up with more caches in the end, but I like searching for BMs just as much. So if I ever reach 100 caches, by that time I'll probably have a good count of BMs too.


Team Kender - "The Sun is coming up!" "No, the horizon is going down."

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I am just short of this club (96/122) but my (cache) partner, Flask is easily in. Beatnik, you are not BM obsessed yet. Flask and I look at rock vistas and think they are all great places for BM's. We also stop for witness posts while driving nearly anywhere. On hunts, it is the navigator's job to watch for witnesses.

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Finally I managed to make the 100/100 club! And both on the same day on vacation in Sitka, Alaska!


Not sure if it is prestigious or not, but I am happy to have done it.


My Travel Bug alter ego Mike the Bunny is happy too...so there icon_wink.gif



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Originally posted by happycycler:

FINALLY!! Now I can say it is no big deal, since I finally have 100 GeoCaches to go with 200 + benchmarks. (Of course my wife is also an important part of my caching team -- she is less interested in benchmarks.) -- flame away!! -- icon_biggrin.gif

No need to flame. 200/100 is a great achivement. Congratulations!

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Well, I have some 425 caches and 185 bench marks. I'm beginning to give preference to bench mark hunting, especially if I can dig up some background history to whet the appetite. My oddest bench mark is a totem pole here in Portland, OR. My oldest NGS mark is 1881 but I have located, but not yet recovered, one from 1774, though that is not (for some odd reason) not an NGS mark. Very, very interesting history, however. I hope to get to it within the year and will post an account here when I do.


patrick & shirley

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Congrats I aint there yet almost half way on the caches though.








**1803-2003** "LOUSIANA PURCHASE"





Initial Points Page


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I've noticed that many geocachers don't hunt benchmarks at all, and many benchmark hunters don't geocache. Is there anyone else out there besides myself who has logged at least 100 geocache finds and 100 benchmark finds?


I'm new, and I'm not interested in caches, but in the week that I've been banging around the web site, I've seen lots of people who have logged over 100 benchmarks.


There are six people that I know of that have at least 100 benchmark finds. Four of them also have 100 cache finds. There are three more that have over 100 caches and are in the 90s for benchmarks.


From what I've seen browsing, I think if we could make the database give us a report, you'd see that there are many more than six with over 100 benchmarks.


Just out of curiosity, who are some of the others?
























Those I found just browsing the last 500 pictures posted in the gallery, and from this thread.


While it's fun to play the numbers game, you have to always remember to keep it in perspective. A count of benchmarks found is in no way a good perspective of how interested or dedicated a hunter is. Too many extranious factors, like:


How much time do you have to spend hunting? Obviously, old retired guys (like me) have more time than young working guys with kids....


Where do you live? Some parts of the country are loaded with benchmarks. Others are not. If you live in Iowa, you might have to drive 75 miles to the closest one to you. If you live in Florida, you'll find two on any of 10,000 bridges....


What are your physical capabilites? I wouldn't do very well in the desert if I had to hike 5 miles up a hill to find a benchmark in a boulder - two bad knees and too many old bones. But I do fine looking for roadside benchmarks from an air conditioned truck.


What are you looking for? Obviously it's much harder to find a marker that's buried in the middle of a field with no witness post then it is to find a water tower or a church steeple.


How dedicated are you? Do you spend 10 minutes and give up, or do you go back to the same spot and keep looking as many times as it takes to convince yourself it's no longer there or to find it?


We all set our own standards. I don't like to look for markers that somebody else already found, I like to find one that have been MIA for a long time - the longer the better. Water towers aren't much fun, but if I see one I'll log it because maybe other people like water towers. I've found 43 benchmarks my first week, so I don't think 100 will be a major milestone for me. And I don't think I'm a better hunter than someone who has found 40 in thier first year. I think my first milestone might be 500, or maybe even a thousand. Just depends on how much time I have to take off for real life....


Shouldn't take the web site guys more than 15 minutes to write some code to generate a report, how many over 100, 200, 300, etc. Be fun to look at but it's not an indication of much.


Keep the numbers game fun. Let's hunt together and not against each other.



In the land of many bridges.

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