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  1. I cannot figure out how to download the waypoints from seraches that I do on waypoints (benches or caches) to my new Garmin GPSmap 60CS. I tried to use the EasyGPS software, but there is not an option for the GPSmap 60CS so the connection will not work with the .loc files. I tried to use the Waypoint manager included with the 60CS, but it says that it uses MPS files, whatever those are. I Switched to this GPS because this has a USB connection. What is the easy solution? Thanks
  2. I missed it, what is the link to the Cache?
  3. Looking for the smallest (handheld would be best) metal detector that I could carry packing to find those overgrown benches. Any thoughts?
  4. Well, given your location, there are a few easy finds like thie church (which tend to still be standing: CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF MILBANK Spire and maybe this RR Tank: FINIAL OF BLACK WATER TANK OF C.M. ST. P AND P RR, LOCATED AT ITS ROUNDHOUSE But some you just need to wade in there and start searching around. Look for descriptions that say "Witness Post" which is an object near a benchmark that marks the Bench. Or find some that say the Bench is mounted in a sidewalk or on a bridge, these are easy finds in an area that is open to everyone. Where you are at alot of Benches may be in historic buildings drilled into the cornerstones. Those are easy. Some are in flagpole bases too. Check this one out and ask the building manager about the strange benchmark that is under a mat of the door entrance! AT THE NORTH ENTRANCE TO THE MASONIC BUILDING heck, if I had all those things around I wouldn't have to travel. I am in L.A. where all the benches are under pipe caps in the middle of highways!
  5. Now that 40,000 is gone, when will we get to 50K? We should have a party with someone who has up-to-the-minute internet access so that we can post a special find as a group! Any suggestions for a special one?
  6. It depends. If it is in an area that I am traveling to and I will be on vacation with some time to look, yes. If it is an obscure or different mark, yes. If it is just something boring. no!
  7. Sadly a local 22 year old So. California man passed away this weekend while hiking to what may have possibly been this cache (GC672) up in the Santa Monica Mountains. I have logged the cache before, so I can tell you that the description is fairly accurate since it is the most remote area in this conservancy. Bascially the victim's hike consisted of a 3 hour trip which later resulted in heart failure dur to Heat Stroke, the more serious heat condition which begins as heat exhaustion. The temperatures in this area have been somewhat unusual for this time, but nothing that has not been experienced before. This location has no shade and is an exposed hike depending on the time of day. They tried to cool him down by using the correct means, dousing him with cool running water, and later by IV during the Paramedic treatment. But the dehydration was too far along and he could not be saved. The report says that the family was interested in completing the hike to the location to log him into the cache log after the funeral. My sympathies to the family and others that were with this young man. Please, all be careful. Makes me want to run the cache again just to log him in. The full article was outlined here : Deadly Hike
  8. I saw that Hippo comment about how the types of marks were listed. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get a list of the benchmarks that are actual lighthouses? They are slowly disappearing. Here in Cal. the state cannot take care of them so they are giving them to societies that can show the ability to preserve them. There is something about a lighthouse....
  9. If that paint was found there, you can probably assume that it is what you are looking for. Several city BMs have paint to make them easier to spot, in California alot of them are blue and "BM" is used. You could always call the city engineering department and ask when the street was widened or repaved to help you. Go back nad have a look when things are dry. They must have removed it from the monument though.
  10. Your reading my mind! Who can "point" us to the mark? Does it have some cool designation like "Ground Zero" or something?
  11. I guess the ay to find out would be to select the first benchmark that appears and see what is near it.
  12. Where on the site is that price available? The page I see shows $249. Rino 120 Is there some type of coupon code you have?
  13. Rog posted this because it is listed as being on a Shipwreck off the Coast of Santa Barbara, Ca. on the coast of an island in the Channel Islands. Probably not still there since it has been about 70 years, but I am going to sail out their with a friend and have him bring Scuba Gear! Wreck
  14. Even though Benchmarks can be objects like towers and spires and tablets; This does not appear to be the Benchmark that the description is alluding to for the given link that you provided. In the link the type of Benchmmark is listed as a survey disk and it is bronze. The description says it is set in a drill hole, which will means it will most likely be glued into the cement. In fact, the description appears to indicate that it is in the median which divides the lanes of the highway on the Rainbow Arch Bridge. It will most likely be stamped "Rainbow" because that is listed as the designation. It is four feet from a manhole cover, so look for it to be set flush with the ground. There are alot of neat benchmarks in the area, including a flagpole on top of a 22 story building : Flagpole , a water tank down the street recovered as recently as 1997 : Water Tank and one that is near a whirlpool in the gorge that is submerged sometimes ( please be careful ) : Whirlpool which is only a stamped bolt. A VERY COOL AREA for hunting BMs and not a single one logged, yet!
  15. Are you looking for maps with UTM grids or Lat/Long marks? Regular Topo maps come with marks on the sides for both types of marks, but I have not seen any maps that have preprinted UTM grids, so you will have to resort to drawing the grids yourself and using a grid corner ruler or use an overlay with grids already printed. Topo maps are available locally at sporting goods stores like Sport Chalet and REI, they can be ordered from the USGS or there are computer programs that can generate them.
  16. Tacguy

    New Garmin Unit

    Any news when the will street? No Quad ant. , at least from the looks of the pic, internal.
  17. Here it is ... the actual highest of all U.S. points: TT6475. It actually does not have an actual Benchmark on site, only observed, and from the description it is not located on the highest point. It wouldn't be fun to be searching for Benchmarks in this area; there isn't a single one in a ten mile radius. The closest Cache is 61 miles away. McKinley Bench YEAH BABY! Now, no claiming it just because you can "observe it" Hey, Wait a minute, I guess that would qualify as a find!
  18. It is the highest listed mark in the lower U.S. The actual elevation of the summit is up for dispute (history lesson to follow). The summit sign placed in 1930 at the completion of the "john Muir Trail" placed the elevation at 14,496.811, however the most recent USGS 7.5 minute map places it at 14,490.97. The Benchmark description says Altitude: 14505ft.
  19. " ALUMINUM TABLET, IN VOLCANIC ROCK. " Too bad you didn't have the info to log this one, I would like to see an aluminum tablet! I have not seen a description of this before; an aluminum rod, yes, a TABLET? Cool!
  20. I guess I must have missed their references in earlier posts, but these guys are giving away CASH! in Caches ( Sorry for that ). I don't believe it! Who has $1K and goodies to just put them out there? WOW! I have some time to kill in the next few weeks.... Cash Cache!
  21. Do you live in the SFV or the East end of Ventura County? Well, then post a message here so we can all meet up to do some Caching and Benchmarking Or email me directly!
  22. Some 13000 found and climbing everyday! RogBarn, are you gonna' start another survey on picking the date when we will find 15K or 20K? With all the people who will be getting GPS units for Xmas (sadly not me ) maybe we will see 15K be Feb or March. But, then again, alot of you have snow hiding these little goodies so maybe it will be just us West Coast hunters
  23. I agree...at least regarding the cache/benchmark thing. I really don't see much fun in finding caches. They don't have any real "history" to them. But, when you take in a benchmark that has been placed for some 75-100 years and is still at the exact place ( kinda', I'm in California and we have Earthquakes that move us around alot ) when it was first monumented, WOW! Especially if it is up in some remote place. Double WOW!
  24. I know alot of the East Coast has some very low elevation points and was better developed when the surveying started back in the day... but the West Coast was totally undeveloped and some of these descriptions just boggle the mind What are some of your longer benchmark descriptions that make you wonder how the mark was ever found before GPS Here's a local example (The witness post was probably sticking up in the middle of nowhere ): EW7523
  25. What is the exact historic background of the marker, I assume it refers to the Colonial settlement and the original settlers. I am little behind on my early U.S. history but would love to hear it if you have something.
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