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  1. Very disappointed with the decision. I've been enjoying the benchmark aspect of the game from the beginning.
  2. If you will not allow the API to access AL location data, would it be possible to include ALs in the "My Finds" pocket query? Or, create some sort of "My AL Finds" query that can be imported into GSAK? I use GSAK for keeping statistics of my finds. I cannot easily do this anymore. With there no longer being an easy way to import Adventure Labs into GSAK, I will be avoiding them in the future, until this is resolved. Very frustrated. Web-ling disgruntled Charter Member
  3. What happens if an existing Adventure Lab that was originally made public with 4 or fewer stages and was completed by several cachers has an additional stage added? Will those who completed the original AL be able to complete the new stage(s), or will the AL still say completed and NOT allow the additional stage(s) to be done? Does it matter if the new stage is in the middle of a sequential AL?
  4. I usually log caches from the field with a temporary log,, then edit when I get home. On my Dashboard, under Recent Activity, every entry shows the original temporary log, rather than the updated version. Screenshots for GCF194. Originally logged as a note. Changed to found, with edited text.
  5. If they remove their logs, does the username come off the Leaderboard?
  6. Is there a way to test the geofencing to make sure my distances are reasonable? Geofencing is off in test mode. Can I set my Adventure to "Private" and have a family member use their account to test the live version before making it "Public?"
  7. One side-effect I encountered due to this issue: I had a cache rejected due to proximity issues, because I didn't see the Premium cache on my map.
  8. It looks like points are only being awarded for ONE trackable activation in the December Friend League, regardless of how many are activated. I activated 4, but was only credited for the first one. And, yes, all were well after noon UTC. Didn't see anything in the blog about only getting credit for one. What gives?
  9. That's what I thought might be the case. Thanks!
  10. On both my dashboard and my public profile. my owned caches don't add up correctly. If you add up my owned caches, it should be 412, not 402. I'm guessing the discrepancy probably has to do with 10 caches I recently adopted. My stats were correct before the adoptions.
  11. Can anyone point me to the very first TB ever released? TB1 shows a release date of 30 August 2001. TB2 shows a release date of 15 July 2001. Were there any earlier than TB2? And when were they first available for purchase? TB28, my first TB find, was released 07 November 2001.
  12. Ugh. I strongly dislike the new dashboard. Way too much white space. I don't need to see all the recent logs from friends. Missing the Quick View across the top. Missing my own recent logs. Horrible. Stop fixing things that aren't broken.
  13. Web-ling

    New dashboard

    Ugh. I strongly dislike the new dashboard. Way too much white space. I don't need to see all the recent logs from friends. Missing the Quick View across the top. Missing my own recent logs. Horrible.
  14. I was a competitive orienteer before I started caching. I did a Web search for orienteering sites, and geocaching.com popped up. It's the "thrill of the hunt" that has kept me going, as well as the great people I've come to know. That, and the fact I can no longer orienteer like I used to, due to injuries.
  15. DNF logs serve two purposes: 1) to notify the cache owner and potential hunters that there might be a problem, and 2) to serve as a record of my experience. I always log a DNF if I made any attempt whatsoever to hunt the cache. If I didn't even get out of the car because a muggle was sitting next to the lamppost, I note it in my log. This notifies other cachers that muggles could be a problem, and reminds me that I already made an attempt, and why I didn't find it. A DNF log does NOT mean the cache is probably not there; it merely means I didn't find it, for whatever reason. I'm up to 627 DNFs vs. 5044 finds.
  16. When we started geocaching in 2001, I signed both of my kids up for accounts. They were 3 and 5 years old at the time, so I logged their finds - although they often sat down with me and told me what to write. Now that they're 14 and 16, they usually log their own finds.
  17. Probably the strangest example I've heard of this sort of thing was in Austin, TX in 2002. A geocacher found a ginormous dead dog in a body bag draped over the actual cache: http://coord.info/GC2E1 I was just glad my family found it before the body bag appeared.
  18. Change the cache type of unpublished caches to Unknown - then they won't clog up the reviewer's proximity detector tool (unless this has changed since I was a Reviewer). Also, make sure the coordinates are in the middle of nowhere. I've got a few I have used to work out ideas. I will probably just use them up as new caches in the near future.
  19. I've always like virtuals. I own 18 of them - 17 are still active. I also Waymark, Benchmark, and did a whole bunch of Challenges before their demise. I'd love to see the return of virtuals, but not as they were. There were too many virtuals placed where a traditional could (should) have been placed, and they gave the reviewers more headaches than they could deal with. I'd love to see the concept of Earthcaches expanded. For example, create HistoryCaches where cachers visit a unique and specific historical feature. Have a separate review panel, and very specific requirements, like EarthCaches. I'm sure there could be a handful of other similar categories that would allow for the return of virtuals in a highly modified form, without the undue burdening of the reviewers or the return of the ever-unpopular "lame virtual."
  20. Another Charter Member here! Not too many of us left in the Cincinnati area. Maybe Groundspeak could create a longevity Souvenir for us old-timers? Or an icon next to our avatars? Or free, lifetime memberships?
  21. On the stats page, my Home Location Statistics and US map are thrown off by three armchair caches. Any way we can get a feature to allow the disabling of a list of caches from these categories?
  22. You might be a geocacher if you can point to a scar on your body, name the cache where you acquired it, and tell what you traded.
  23. If I tell my best ideas, then they won't be of much use anymore - the cachers in my area will read my post, and already know how to solve.
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