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  1. I went back to my box of old accessories and did find a Belkin USB to serial adapter and an original Garmin brand etrex serial cord. A Google search turned up a Windows 7/8 driver that was reported to word for Win10 as well. Once that was downloaded, I was able to successfully exchange the data as desired, though the difference in speed was definitely a reminder how much the tech has improved!
  2. When plugged in, only one port shows as available (#9). When I move to the next port, it switches to #10, so the computer is seeing the cable and recognizing it if I move it, but the gps and software are not making a connection.
  3. So you're using that and then a regular serial cable to connect to the GPS? Mine is USB on one end and eTrex connector on the other - just one cable between handheld and laptop.
  4. It's not my primary unit, but as it also has topo maps loaded for my home area, it's still quite useful and often robust enough to meet my needs. Even if I can't resolve this problem, it will be a fine addition to a vehicle readiness kit or B.O.B.
  5. I've recently dug out my eTrex "original" Legend, that uses a serial interface. I have a USB to serial cord that I've used numerous times in the past, but today I'm unable to send/receive data. I started by attempting to use ExpertGPS (my preferred tool), but current versions no longer support serial gps units. I've also tried Garmin Express, an old version of EasyGPS that *should* work with serial connections and the current version of GPSBabel. The computer chimes when I connect, and the cord will power the unit with no batteries, but ExpertGPS tells me "the serial port could not be opened" and GPSBabel tells me "A device which does not exist was specified. GARMIN:Can't init COM9." Other than a mouse, there are no other USB devices connected or used that would be holding the port captive and I have confirmed that the handheld is set to "Garmin" data protocol.
  6. Hadn't posted here, but was experiencing the same issue with my "Found" query. I did finally receive a few minutes ago.
  7. fhs.patriot was the first to respond, so it will be going to him. Thanks to everyone for the interest. If for some reason that would fall through, I'll be back to update the thread and contact the next in line. PS - Hi to you to, Planet. I do indeed remember you.
  8. I have an Etrex Legend that no longer works reliably. It either gets lines in the display, or shuts off at short intervals, and the rubber flap that covers the serial interface is partially torn (currently decently repaired with duct tape). I would not suggest that anyone attempt to rely on this for navigational purposes, but if someone would like to tinker with it, or cannibalize it for parts, I think it would be a great candidate. I'll send it out at no charge to the first party that expresses interest. I'll even pay the postage to any US address.
  9. What mapset is installed on this unit?
  10. Title says it all. Would prefer to have the applicable data cord included, but it's not a must. Need not be in pristine condition. You can reach me at gnbrotz AT gmail DOT com
  11. I have the following package of items for sale. I will not sell items individually. etrex gps (yellow, the original version, not the current WAAS enabled version) with screen protector already applied. Garmin brand carry/belt case Garmin brand combination 12v/serial cord I'm asking $65 for the package. This includes Priority Mail shipping AND insurance to any US address. Please contact me at gnbrotz AT embarqmail DOT com.
  12. Still unable to upload a new route despite trying on multiple occasions and different machines. Is no one else experiencing this?
  13. Trust me. You'll never look back and wonder how you ever survived without it!
  14. Last night, I had two routes to upload. The first one went off without a hitch, but the second one kept giving me this error. I tried again tonight, with the same error as last night. The route is under the 500 mile/point limit.
  15. Does Google Earth even need a degree symbol? This format: N 33 34.6660 W 112 7.8880 seems to work for me No, it doesn't. The point is that if an asterisk is used in place of the degree symbol, Google Earth doesn't recognize the coords. While not required, if the degree symbol is used, the functionality still works. Bottom line: NO symbol is necessary, but substituting the asterisk for the proper symbol can create a problem.
  16. alt + 0176 will get you the degree symbol. °
  17. No. This is also customizable by you. You can choose them to always show, never show, or only show below a particular zoom level. To choose your options, go to the Map screen, press "Menu", and choose "Setup Map". From the Map Setup screen, the third icon from the left (flag) will allow you to adjust how you want "User Waypoints" to appear. Using the MOB will create a waypoint, and automatically begin navigation back to that same waypoint (in order to recover your 'man overboard'). To create regular waypoints, without actively navigating to them automatically, press and hold the "Enter" key. From that screen you can change the symbol, name, comments, etc. before saving it.
  18. Not quite. My Legend (b&w) does indeed allow you to designate waypoints to a "Favorites" list. This makes finding frequently used waypoints much quicker, without working through the entire contents of the unit. My 76CSx does not have this feature, and I miss it. One thing that I do use on my 76CSx, though it's a poor substitute, is the list of recently accessed waypoints. Press "Find" twice to get this list to pop up. When heading out of town, I'll occasionally "find" the waypoints for my hotel or known stops before I pull out (which places them on the 'recent' list), so they can be quickly used as needed.
  19. I disagree completely. This is a perfect example of the appropriate use of a "Needs Maintenance" log. Regardless of who's 'fault' it is that the log is wet, the cache owner is responsible for the upkeep of his cache. A wet logbook is absolutely a situation that "Needs Maintenance". This log type was created to simplify the process of alerting cache owners to these situations because it was such a frequent need. Owners are notified of these logs, thus eliminating the need to e-mail them directly. Also, in the case of an abandoned cache, having these logs shown on the cache page documents the attempts to notify the owner of any existing problems.
  20. You must log the "found" and "needs maintenance" as separate log entries. It doesn't really matter which is first, but you'll need to make two log entries to properly document the situation.
  21. A common comment made by those who don't carry. Here's my take on it: If I ever feel there is a place where I'm going that I "need" my firearm, I simply won't go there. I carry my firearm regularly because of the unknown. There are no absolute guarantees that anywhere you go is completely "safe". Just ask the people at Wedgewood Baptist Church, Fort Worth Texas, July 30, 1999 (7 dead), or Living Church of God, Brookfield, Wisconsin, March 14, 1995 (7 dead), or First Congregational Church, Neosho, Missouri, August 13, 2007 (3 dead), or The Ministry of Jesus Christ Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, May 22, 2006 (5 dead).
  22. Others cannot see these coordinates. The only way they will know where you live is if you include them somewhere else in your profile. Congratulations on a bum-free thread (so far).
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