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  1. Starbrand had a good reply. I will have to use GSAK but I don't want a shortened name. I have the additional information in my PDA. The cache name is already in the notes. I want it in the waypoint name. I also use the GPS for driving and I want to see at a glance all the nearby caches. I have hundreds of caches in the GPS. I can't tell what is what from a GC number.
  2. I do a lot of caching so I have hundreds of caches in my GPS. But I have to rename every cache. I can't seem to find an option to put the Actual Cache Name In The GPS. The Send TO GPS function works well. I have a Garmin. But it gives you the GC Number. EasyGPS also sends the GC Number. GSAK almost gets it right but it strips out the spaces. I still have to rename it. When I am driving the spaces, Capital and small letters help me see the name. I only have a few milliseconds to see the cache name. I have a Garmin 60 Cx. Are there any other options? Airnut
  3. It was in a Perry County Pennsylvania Game Land not too far from home. I would not want to encounter a Copperhead. I heard they are nastier than Rattlesnakes.
  4. I ran into a rattlesnake at a cache recently. I walked about ten feet into the woods when I heard a buzzing sound. I looked to where the sound was coming from. It was a pretty good sized timber rattlesnake about fifteen feet away. It was all coiled up with its head in the air. I felt that I was safe at that distance. I stood there and looked at it then walked away. I read that they are threatened so I was probably pretty lucky to see one. I live in the same area as ThePropers.
  5. Cumberland County near Harrisburg. I'm originally from Westmoreland County.
  6. I can't compete with some of the photographs from the west. But this is the best view I have found so far. Park Reference Mark3 and missing Reference Mark 1 Perry County, PA
  7. I also found this disk. That is the correct disk. This is an adjusted mark and the coordinates were exact. But I have no explanation on the height discrepancy. I made a note of it in my log. The pile of stones in the picture is about fifty feet away from the disk. That is my picture on the page for the nearby cache.
  8. I found the remains of KW2811 Columbus Phila Airway BCN 30 just north east of Carlisle, PA. on Blue Mountain. I did not see a tower or an arrow. But the arrow might have been covered by leaves. There also was a triangulation station at the location. Sterrett. KW2812.
  9. Here is a picture of Park KW3136 in Perry County Pennsylvania. Airnut's Benchmark Page Here is a better view of Park Reference Mark 3 and a missing Reference Mark 1. The Susquehanna River is in the background. Airnut's Benchmark Page
  10. Usually I avoid marks on private property. But because of this thread I asked permission for two marks. And received permission. The people I talked to were friendly. I did not find one of the marks because it was in thick undergrowth. I will try there later. I live in the same area as mloser. I noticed he found some marks nearby on private property. One was less than a mile from where I live. So I will be asking permission more often.
  11. Looking through the gallery I see some people making some incorrect logs on Pennsylvania Highway Department disks. They are logging finds for Department of Transportation disks. These are not the same as Department of Highways disks. Penndot did not exist in 1942. In some cases the bridge has been replaced and the Department of Highways disks are gone. But Penndot put a newer disk in its place.
  12. I don't see a need to post the PID. It is automatically listed at the top of the picture. The same with your name. It is at the bottom of the picture. I have been putting in a location for a while. It is usually the county where it is located. I will list the city if it is in a city. I post the Designation even though it shows on the closeup picture. We should still take closeup pictures. We should have a record of what these disks look like in the database. But some scenery shots would be nice too.
  13. I just submitted a recovery to the NGS. It was for PID: Kw1910 Designation: V 153. I submitted it because it has not been found in sixty years. It was not found by the C and GS in 1953. I found the posted coordinates two tenths of a mile off. I sent new directions to reach but I did not post coordinates. Should I send in another report with coordinates even though they are from a consumer grade GPS?
  14. I would say it is 50/50. There are a lot of caches within thirty miles. I do a search for nearby benchmarks when a new cache pops up. Sometimes I will go on Caching trips. Other times I will go on Benchmarking trips. And sometimes I combine the two.
  15. I found the concrete base of Columbus Phila Airway Beacon 30. KW2811 It is just north of Carlisle, PA on Blue Mountain.
  16. Here is the list I came up of caches that can be found in the snow. Diabolical Duo, Gremlins: Faces In The Forest, The Happy Cache 1, Swamp Creature, Pickletown #2, and Safari Kids 3. Although Pickletown #2 could be covered up by a REALLY BIG snow. These are all caches I have been to. Sorry if this gives away some of the locations.
  17. This is a very interesting topic. I found one that was similar. KW0866. I gave it a Not Found. I am not sure about giving it a Not Found or a Destroyed for missing disks. I would not list it as found.
  18. I don't update the coordinates for triangulation stations. But I provide my own coordinates for the rest. For most of them the accuracy is improved from hundreds of feet to less than twenty feet. After reading the comments here I have decided to continue posting pictures as I have been. I am mostly the only person looking for benchmarks in my area. If someone would want to go to a benchmark I have found they don't have to download the location shot. I have only gone to benchmarks that others have found a few times. Three of them were near caches. Two of them were U.S.G.S. disks from the early 1900's.
  19. I do post a location shot for every benchmark. When I am looking through the gallery I find these pictures to be the most interesting. I probably will not visit this benchmark. But those shots are useful finding benchmarks placed the same way. I guess for now I will show a shot of the general location.
  20. I am not there yet. Right now I have 180 cache finds and 60 benchmarks found. By the time I find 100 benchmarks I will have found over 200 caches. It helps that I live in a cache rich area. Thanks to CCCooperAgency. I only see a few people looking for benchmarks. I am the only one in a few places I go to.
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