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  1. Awesome! Last time I looked you were in the lower 1000s! My move has slowed my caching a bit. The snow is deep up here and the cache density is nothing like NoVa!
  2. I've gone as far as putting on a white hard hat and an orange vest. People don't think twice when you are looking under signs, near light poles, etc.
  3. SilentBob zoomed past 200 last weekend at the Richmond River Rally Event! Way to go boB!
  4. Here are some Recipes that I found this morning. Here is the address....it's not working for me here at home http://www.urhome.umd.edu/newsdesk/pdf/cicada%20recipes.PDF TM
  5. Sounds like a great adventure! That's what it's all about! Just be thankful this TB wasn't in the cache TeacherMatt
  6. Hi Morgan's Marauders, Just hit the Mall, there's a ton of virtual caches from one end to the other. Metro with dump you right there, and you can spend a day caching. I did it last summer and ended up with an incredible tour of DC. You'll hit almost every major and many minor monuments on your walk. Have fun! TeacherMatt
  7. Way to go Gaiter Man! That's an awesome number!
  8. I've done a few benchmarks in VA, and have not seen this style of reference to a witness mark. I would guess it means from the pole, you will find the mark 29 feet away at a bearing of 15° N of E. In other words it is 75° on a 360° compass (E is 90° so 15° back towards N would be 90°-15°=75°) I may be way off, but that would be my guess. If you haven't done so, you might post in the BenchMark section of the forums. Those folks are very helpful. Good luck. TeacherMatt
  9. Congrats! It was great meeting you a few weeks ago!
  10. Amazing! I might need to follow your lead and move to new caching territory. It seems like a good strategy.
  11. Congrats!!! And I will second the great caches in Richmond!!
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