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  1. I have taken bugs out of my caches when I can help their goals. I actually had someone leave a bug specifically for me in one of my caches just so I would take it to some far away place. They left it, I grabbed it, I took it far and dropped it off. Everyone was happy Juanbob
  2. juanbob

    Road Trips

    I like to log only 1 cache per outting (geographically speaking). I did several caches in Alaska recently, but only logged one for mike as to not bore the TB people. Lots of pictures though! Doing a road trip with a bug sans pictures would be only half a road trip! Juanbob
  3. juanbob

    Road Trips

    Road Trip bugs are great fun! I picked up a bug almost a year ago that has since become my alter ego. I tried repeatedly to contact the owner to get his permission to go long distance with the bug but still have not gotten a response. 6 months of trying to contact = it's ok as far as I am concerned. With a quality road trip TB, you can look for fun places to go to get the miles up. Track your tavel history. I love it. Mike the Bunny! Juanbob
  4. Finally I managed to make the 100/100 club! And both on the same day on vacation in Sitka, Alaska! Not sure if it is prestigious or not, but I am happy to have done it. My Travel Bug alter ego Mike the Bunny is happy too...so there Juanbob
  5. Thanks for the links. Curiousity satisfied and I also know I will search more closely in the forums before I post another question. Almost everything has been covered at some point in here Juanbob
  6. Just curious, what does a standard benchmark disk look like before it is set in concrete? Is is just the disk? Or does it have some sort of rod underneath to secure it better in the concrete? I have seen a few in the concrete and I just got to wondering. Thanks. Juanbob
  7. Many times in my explorations and searches, I have found the spot of a 1936 or 1942 benchmark only to find an obviously newer bridge or culvert in its place. Just the way it goes sometimes. The mark is not there anymore and you move on to the next one. I, for one, like benchmark hunting because the mark may NOT be there. Perhaps I am a masochist? Juanbob
  8. We had a great time in Queensland! Everyone was so nice, weather was great, wonderful time. We stayed mostly in the tablelands and north, but did pop down to Magnetic Island for a bit. Gas prices while we were there (Jan 13 - Jan 27) were pretty steady at 82.9/liter in the larger towns up to 99.9/liter out in the boonies. Prices did seem to be trending up at the end of the vacation. And...it finally started raining while the last 2 days we were there. A little break in the drought finally. Juanbob
  9. With all the conversions made, all the math done, all the calculations verified - got the gas price thing figured out. Thanks for the information! Prices are a little higher than we are used to, but not too bad. Looks like we will have some 4 wheel drive fun in Queensland next week. Can't wait to get some tropical air as I sit here and watch it snow outside. Juanbob
  10. Going to Cairns next week for vacation. Just wondering how much gasoline costs in Australia so we can plan on how much driving we want to do for caching/recreation. We will be renting a 4 wheel drive - probably with poor gas milage, so it could be a vacation budget breaker. Thanks! Juanbob
  11. I use GPS just to get me in the area...then GPS is worthless for benchmarking (my opinion). I leave it in the car and go by text descriptions only and it works pretty well. Some of the waypoints are so far off it isn't even funny. Much easier to go from landmarks and such in the text descriptions. Juanbob
  12. I use 1850 MA Kodak NiMH Rechargables and love them! A good charger is a must, but well worth the price. I get 16 hours of use out of a set in my GPSMAP 196 - almost the same as with Regular / non recharge batteries. Friend of mine had some with a non-chip controlled charger and his fried though, so a good charger is key. Juanbob
  13. My wife and I are planning a trip to NZ in January for a week or two. A beautiful country which needs a visit for sure. My question: If we had 4 days to dedicate to geocaching, where would you locals recomend? We will be on the south island somewhere. Appreciate your input. Wish I could live in NZ! Juanbob
  14. PADP = PADT / Penn Dept of Transportation in my last post. Not being able to type sucks. I am an adult, I should have learned typing in high school!! Juanbob
  15. I am finding the 100/100 club more elusive as of late. Benchmarks are hard to find - they are EXTRA hard to find in the snow. Especially bridge benchmarks (PADP - here in PA) are covered in plowed snow. Do I have to wait until spring to get 100/100??? Juanbob
  16. Ok, kinda following up on another thread. Searching for a cache in the snow - is there a protocol for doing such? I found 2 this week in fresh snow - the snow made it quite tough to find the caches to start with! Once found, I tried to disguise my path...to the point of making fake looking caches stick piles near some of my tracks. Is there an acceptable way to do winter snow covered hunts? I really enjoyed my searches under the snow - tough, but enjoyable! I don't want to spoil it for others, nor do I want to make a cache so obvious that it is easy to plunder by a non-cacher. Suggestions? 'Cause I wanna cache all winter long! Juanbob
  17. I managed to get a first find in this little snow storm we had...well, the day after. Finding a well hidden cache in normal ground cover is tough, but with 6" of fresh snow?!? wow. I found it though!! I really had a great time too. Aren't the Evens Odd Cache Juanbob
  18. Having been through Rock Springs, and all of southern Wyoming, it sure seems like that endless wind would take those bugs somewhere! It is too bad the kids get discouraged though. Someone will help out I am sure. Juanbob
  19. Now I just need to find the ones you visited, and follow your footprints right to them! Juanbob
  20. I have every intention of making 100/100 as soon as I can. For a long time my cache finds and benchmark finds were the same number - weird karma thing I guess. I am at 62 caches / 70 Benchmarks now, so if the weather holds out...2 months to make the club Juanbob
  21. Just as an aside to this 'we can destroy the marks' talk: Yesterday I found a mark that was burried under about 4" of mud, then another 6" of foliage. I cleared it all out for my pictures - perhaps helping a future surveyer find the mark. Perhaps being the key word - hasn't been used in long enough for 10" of crap to get on top of it. Geocachers are not benchmark destroyers, we are benchmark admireres! Juanbob
  22. juanbob

    Suction cups

    If it makes a difference, I am using a Garmin GPSMap 196 unit with the included in the package antenna. thanks again. Juanbob
  23. juanbob

    Suction cups

    Anyone know where a guy could buy replacement suction cups for the Garmin external antenna? The one designed to go on your windshield while driving? Problem is...I use it like that for driving, but then I leave on the external antenna whilst I geocache. The 2 small suction cups are about fried after 3 months of this abuse and I need to buy some replacements. Any ideas? Checked Garmin site, no dice. Looked in Office Depot, nothing fits. I am not buying a new $100 antenna for 2 50 cent suction cups. If you can help, I would be so appreciative. Juanbob
  24. I was unable to find a 'generic' datacard for my Garmin unit when I was buying, so I just popped for the garmin one. Maybe Garmin has a lock on it, or maybe I just don't search as well as I could. As for transfers...you can transfer just fine right from computer to datacard over the serial connection. It is, however, SLOW. I have a 64MB card and it would take 3hrs or so to up mapsource data to fill it. Juanbob
  25. My wife and I have had a TB for a couple months now. We have become rather attached to him. We are not just sitting on him, but have taken him with us to 3 continents. Are we as bad as the TB prisoner takers? I emailed the owner twice to ask if it was ok with no response. So, have I become a bad guy unintentionally, or only slighty bad? The bug will be released for good by the end of the month...probably after a trip to Hong Kong. Mike the Bunny Juanbob
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