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  1. I haven't visited the forums in a couple of years. But the lack of obtaining useful information about Adventure Labs that I have found is very frustrating. So I came here to see what is going on. I can not find any reference that Groundspeak acknowledges the situation, let alone doing something about it. AL seem to be the poor step-child of caching, thrown out there perhaps to entice a different group of people to become cachers but without a lot of forethought and even less support now that they are active. Please GS, so many of your users are stats freaks that need and want to be able to easily access Adventure Labs and the individual lab cache stages into our favorite stats builder. All we need is the name of the stage and the coordinates. Support your users or they will go elsewhere.
  2. I found https://www.randymajors.com/p/countygmap.html. It doesn't show what county your cursor is current so you have to know what you're looking at. Other than that, it works pretty well.
  3. I am starting to plan a trip to my native Massachusetts at the end of October/beginning of November. I need to visit family but some caching will also be involved. I would like to get a cache on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Is it possible to do both on foot in one day? Catch a ferry on the cape, go to one, grab a cache, catch the ferry to the other, grab a cache and then a ferry back where I started. Is that feasible? Thanks for any advise or comments.
  4. Is there a way to tell how many caches are in a PQ by route without actually running it? It's a valuable piece of information when trying to create PQs without exceeding your daily quota.
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    Got it. I skipped right past the first page and went directly to filters. Thanks for the head slap.
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    What am I missing? In the new search, in the upper left corner is a box labeled "Searching without a location" but there is no way to create a search WITH a location. I can highlight the box and it shows the number 10 but I can't enter anything in the box. How can I create a search based on a location (i.e. coordinates, home location, etc) and a radius?
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    There's the little bugger! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
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    Over the years, I have created a bunch of different routes. Most of them are 1-offs when I'm headed some where and create a route to get caches. I have looked all over the route page and can't find a way to delete the old routes. How do I do this?
  9. I have some PQs that run overnight. When I try to download them this morning, GC sits there and spins its wheels but nothing happens. GSAK reports "File does not exist" and gives the name of a zip file with a long name. It seems very similar to a PQ problem from a month or two ago.
  10. The point is my scheduled PQ ran (all 10 of them) and they contained old data. No problem as far as I'm concerned but if there would have been some announcement I would not have ran them and waited for the problem to be solved. I would not have "wasted" my daily quota on old data. It's not "mission critical" as far as I'm concerned. I have an up-to-date database (max 1 week old)and can "refresh" 6000 caches so if I wanted to caching I could and have the latest logs with me. As a paying customer however I expect services to either work or that problems are announced and/or acknowledged outside business hours halfway around the world. I expect a global site to have global representation instead of just local. BTW, it stopped being an "internet base game" at the moment millions were paying $30/year. It then became a business Your PQ quota is not "wasted". They are now available.
  11. I just downloaded one of mine that was a problem earlier. Can't get them into GSAK until tonight but at least I have them available now.
  12. I don't visit the forums very often. This is the first time I have heard of submitting a bug report. Where/how do I do that? There are no pinned topics on this forum to tell us that this is an option.
  13. I tried to download my daily PQs this morning like I do every morning and they are not there. The PQ screen says they ran and they show up on the Ready to Download tab but if I click on one, I get the message "Sorry, the requested Pocket Query download is no longer available." and it disappears from my list of available PQs ready for download. What is going on?
  14. I tried to download my daily PQs this morning like I do every morning and they are not there. The PQ screen says they ran and they show up on the Ready to Download tab but if I click on one, I get the message "Sorry, the requested Pocket Query download is no longer available." and it disappears from my list of available PQs. What is going on?
  15. Now that things are calmed down a bit, I'm wondering if the distance and direction to the cache will ever be part of the log notifications again. Sure does help when there are over a thousand within 10 miles.
  16. I don't know if it has been mentioned here but the National Map Corps is being restarted. I know that several people here participated in it before it was suspended in 2008. I think it works a bit differently but I haven't read all the way thru it all yet. See the Home Page for The National Map Corps and this release from the USGS about it.
  17. My Saturday PQs normaally run in the 3:00 hour Pacific time (2+ hours ago) but have not run this morning. Is the PQ generator running OK?
  18. I just came over to the forums to report the same problem. I submitted a My Finds over an hour ago, it usually runs withing a minute or two, even at busy times.
  19. I have the same problem. I have 2 PQs that normally run in the early hours of Saturday that have not run yet.
  20. I couldn't make it either. It was the day before we left for Seattle so there were many things to do. Hopefully, I get down to view it this summer.
  21. If I can justify to myself taking a vacation day, I will be there. I'm just not sure I can justify it. It will take my a bit under 3 hrs to get there. DaveD - will you be there?
  22. Glad it worked for you. Which one did you use, the one I posted above or the one that LSUfan posted somewhere? (I don't know where did he put it, hopefully he'll pop in and let us know) The one I gave to LSUfan has some improved file handling capabilities. As for the description, do you mean the first recovery description? I'll see what I can do.
  23. I finally got around to going over and adding my 3 votes. I don't like to go over there, it's an awful site in my opinion but I can see how it helps GC. Anyway, we are now up to 170 votes. If you are an occasional visitor here, please take a minute to do the same. Thanks. Roger
  24. According to this story in today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch, they are very close to identifying the 2010 US Center of Population as being close to Plato, MO. The story is here: Attention falls on Mo. town that might be at the center of the nation
  25. Did anyone try this? This is my first time at sending out code that I've written for myself to a wider audience. Do you think it has potential? What changes do I need to make? Feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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