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  1. I want to add my voice to those GSAK users who wished Groundspeak would give us access to the location of the various stages. I did not search for Adventure Labs until I realized there was a GSAK macro that would let me download the information and integrate into my database. I use another GSAK macro to determine the optimum path for a series of caches and stages for a day. Without the location information, this has become much harder. I will probably continue to do Adventure Labs, but I wish Groundspeak had not made it harder to get that information into GSAK.
  2. Ouch. Well that explains why some of the macros aren't working. Glad I'm not in the middle of trip planning.
  3. One more member of the "tiny subset" checking in. This long-time member will take a fix to the API over any new function you are working to roll out. Maybe fixing the configuration error isn't "critically" important...but it's pretty important to any GSAK user using the API.
  4. GSAK uses the API to Get Logs from the Groundspeak database. There are options to get by log number, but no date selection available. To satisfy the requirements for some "lonely cache" challenge caches, this leads to GSAK users requesting all logs for a cache when all they really need is the find log before their find date. If the API had an optional selection of "on or before this date", I am confident the GSAK program would be enhanced to use this and it would be much easier (and less of a hit on the Groundspeak servers) to determine how "lonely" the cache was when I found it. (If this isn't the appropriate way to make a feature request, please let me know.)
  5. Very inventive. I've never seen anyone sign Velcro or strings.
  6. "My signature will be on the log before I claim a find. Wet logs, missing caches, forgotten pen, damaged caches, caches out of my reach, caches rusted shut, etc, etc, get either a DNF or a note. All hail the signed logbook, the hallmark of a true Geocacher!" - geoCATing Irony?
  7. My preference is that the state match the coordinates listed for the cache. But it's hard for me to say it's "wrong" if it matches where the final cache actually is.
  8. None for me yet. Yesterday some (if not all) came more than 5 hours "late". This morning, a weekly PQ that last ran 07/23/2012 00:56:26 (PT) has not yet run. W8TTS - What time does the API show yours ran? I don't see new PQs through the API either.
  9. I'm getting a lot of blank tiles where map data should appear (because the server doesn't respond in time?) I understand why you need to move away from Google, but the ability to see complete map information suffers.
  10. It's also the case that cacherstats hasn't updated since September when G.S. changed the way they display logs on cache pages. Cacherstats and G.S. are working on a solution.
  11. When I first got my USB-serial converter, I had trouble also. (Although I think it worked with Mapsource.) I went to the mfg website, downloaded the latest driver and everything has been OK since.
  12. Buy a second membership and you can have 10 PQs a day.
  13. It's tedious, but you can click on all the other cache types in the legend and turn them off. I agree there should be a single switch to turn everything off. But if I turn off a cache type that is in my PQ, then I can't see which cache it is.
  14. August 1, 2010 by The Last Honest Logger(75 found) Looked high and low around the designated area. Even managed to find the exact spot thanks to the previous pics posted by another. It's not there anymore. August 3, 2010 by No DNFs for me (190 found) We to did not find it. August 4, 2010 by I need a new calendar (853 found) Will try and check this one in a couple of weeks. April 16 by Is Maintenance the same as Throw-down? (9285 found) This was one I needed to find to complete a challenge down here in Florida so it was a welcome releif. We did some maintance on this one to keep it alive. (I may be wrong about what maintenance means here, but I found this cache quite easily so I suspect it disappeared last year.)
  15. I'm currently taking 3 days to drive from Atlanta to Indiana so I can color in more counties in central Tennessee and Kentucky. I can't imagine going somewhere without making some effort to color in more counties. (On joint trips, my wife flies and I drive and meet her at the airport. I don't want to fly because you can't find any geocaches that way.)
  16. "A" is best. I could tolerate anything from A-E. F, G, and H seem horribly wrong.
  17. I've been to parks that were blocked off for vehicles but were not really closed. (Nothing in that log makes me think it was a nighttime find after park hours.)
  18. They may have gotten a new account and are logging finds they originally found as a group.
  19. I can't speak to the second part of the issue, but I do know that a user with 0 finds has 1 vote available. Is that an error...or just a way to let a newbie declare his first find his favorite?
  20. That may have been me specifically commenting on route PQs. When I tried it tonight, it worked. So either it was a temporary resource issue or something got fixed.
  21. Displaying a route PQ and attempting to sort on "favorite count" has resulted in http://www.geocachin...m/error/500.htm every time I've tried.
  22. I think whether others can see my statistics should be under my control. [i see now that I can do that in My Account Details. Default should have been "off", I think.] And I think the same should apply to my "favorite" voting.
  23. Only the distance is displayed for users viewing your stats, not the GC ID. I think that should be made clear on that page, probably right next to where you display the GC ID. (Otherwise you are going to get this question over and over.)
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