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  1. The Quiet Logbook? The Final Cache Log?
  2. I remember standing outside with my GPS unit watching the Lat/Long adjust (correct) when the SA was turned off (I was up in Alaska at the time)
  3. Wow. out less than a year...320 find logs and 270 favorite points!!
  4. OR use the official (or home-made) stencil and paint directly on the sides. For me, this has worked well for long term placement.
  5. I have to wonder about this situation (when it comes self-driving-cars): What happens when a car has to make the following, split second decision and cannot stop in time (due to the obvious limits of physics). Going at high speed, vehicle coming head on in a two lane road. Mountain wall on the right, cliff dropping thousand feet on the left. Robot car can A) skid against the right wall and head on into the car in front. B ) hit the school bus full of kids the car in your lane was passing, or C) drive off the cliff. Who programs decisions that the computer is going to choose? Isn't that like playing god? Aren't those the kinds of decisions humans in control of the situation should make? Or do we let a corporation make that call? And, can the computer be fooled into which is the best choice?
  6. Any Cache, at any time, any place, in any weather.
  7. I carry large trash bags and nitrile gloves in my pack...start picking up trash and you also become "part of the background". On a side note, I have found quite a bit of lost money (bills and coins) using this method.
  8. I got mine at rubberstamps.net...you can see the stamps I use through the link at the bottom of my profile page.
  9. My guess is only based on what "near" means to Groundspeak. It may not mean across the road.
  10. 300 of 4,000 have been published worldwide. Still a ways to go before the final submission deadline. I am curious as to how many will go un-published? I am guessing that there are many waiting to find a good spot/idea to present itself.
  11. Well, they should go ahead and archive them and walk away. Makes room for other cachers to place new and exciting caches. Plenty of people in the community that can see beyond their own egos.
  12. Yeah, I gotta say...let them take their toys and go home. In my honest opinion, this kind of stuff is childish. Even more of an embarrassment as they seem to be encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.
  13. Agree with this ^ Also would add 3. Participants in any given thread here represent a very small sample size of all geocachers.
  14. Don't we have several threads on this same topic for you to voice similar complaints as others? Why make a new one?
  15. A few years back when I took a tour at HQ, someone whispered in my ear that "virtuals may yet return someday". I guess this is what they were talking about. Seems fairly well thought out (IMHO).
  16. Just as a friendly reminder to all those interested in new virtuals in your area. Don't forget to go set your notifications for virtuals. Most cachers probably have not set a "new publication" notification for this type as there have been no new ones in quite some time.
  17. I am guessing there will be a certain amount of hand wringing and/or sour grapes over why someone was not chosen to place a new virtual. Can't please everyone all of the time. I like the way that GC has rolled this out. I am interested in going out and finding some of the new placed virtuals. I hope many of them are great spots!
  18. Hmmm....I think I have discovered at least 6, maybe a few more, tattoo trackables.
  19. Yeah, I chose to make some changes to my remaining virtual cache. I added a question not found on the plaque, something not likely to be picked up on a Waymarking photo. And I will likely rotate certain questions, just to keep the arm-chairing in check. Note, I remember founding the Waymarking Nevada Historic Marker category (while Waymarking was in early beta). Even met up with the NV State employee responsible for their upkeep, let them know about the website so they could track the condition of the plaques ( I added a specific variable to show if the marker was damaged or not). I know some don't think a historic plaque may be worthy of a virtual. However, I have logged many virtuals that are far less worthy and far less interesting.
  20. When I started back in 2001 it was either print the caches out, or manually write the coordinates for each one in some sort of notebook (or manually enter them one at at time into a GPS). I still have my original spiral bound notebook that tracked the logging of my first 200 finds. Much easier these days.
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