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  1. Let the smacktalkin' begin! Hey I'm just glad no one asked to put any of your "beans" in the chilli. I did have a fun time, I know that Snoogans and 9key were stressed out by the whole event at times. I know it's bad enough doing events where I've had 100 people. Can't imagine trying to wrangle an event with the size GW has become. More photos can be seen here, including the chili queen.
  2. What's this I hear? The Texas GW4 chilli cook-off was won by, that's right, an Okie.
  3. 38 visited. 30 cached in. I'm currently quite upset that I will indeed have to re-visit Hawaii to find my first cache there. It helps to have a job that takes me around the US. Otherwise my count would be much lower. I'm currently thinking about going for the Delorme Challenge here in OK. I'm probably pretty close. KSRenegade was FTF for both the Kansas and Oklahoma Delorme Challenge which I thought was also quite a feat.
  4. This kind of cache or game works better as an event cache or a game at an event cache rather than a traditional multi-cache. I did a game at our TAG Fall Fest several years ago where each cache had a trivia question. The wrong answers led you nowhere. The correct answer led you to the next trivia question. The questions were printed on tiny envelopes that could be ripped open. Ripping open the envelope would cause you to lose points on your total. The clues were needed to ensure that cachers didn't get stuck in the middle of the game and end up having to quit. Points got you tickets for a drawing to win a GPS. Another member of our group did a road rally game at last years event. At certain times in the road rally you have to choose which way to turn. You would be instructed that in .X miles you would see - some item. If you didn't see that item you would have to turn around and go back. So people would stop and wait to see if others came back or not before making their turns. We all ended up making many turns in a downtowin area in a small city at certain parts of the run. As cars were release at intervals and timed it really got confusing when you saw another rally car. It was hard to tell if they were behind you or in front of you. At parts of the run you could risk your time by jumping out to grab caches placed around the route. Inside the caches were bonus point items.
  5. I strongly agree with the trailhead addition. Can't tell you how many times I have read trail guide books and thought to myself, "finding this trail would but much easier with a stinking waypoint". I know there are many trail guide webpages out there but many are pretty lacking. The ease of GC's database, search engine, and huge following could do wonders. You could have hiking, biking, horse, atv, and multiuse for those that offer several options. The "every small trail / playground" arguement could be solved with something like recreational or urban trail designation.
  6. That's surprising to me. You can get direct flights from almost every major city to Dallas on American and the same for Denver on United. Both cities are major airline hubs and have numerous options for flights. Denver is most definately a year round destination. Millions of tourists flock there in the winter and summer from around the world. I wouldn't exactly call Dallas a major year round destination but it's big enough to host an event. I'm with the others that agree that we should move it west for once. I think Dallas, Kansas City, Denver, St. Louis, or even Chicago would be nice. I'd offer up Tulsa but I have enough trouble organizing our statewide fall event which is around 100 people.
  7. Nope this cache started with one that was 1 1/2 years in captivity. The 8 month one in the cache was mine. I didn't share the same happy opinion of the person that held mine.
  8. The 2nd cache I ever found was a FTF. Kind of took the fun out of it after that. I'll get a wild hair and go for one every once in awhile. But unless there is some great FTF prize you are probably not missing much. Just my $0.02.
  9. Hey Snoogans there is already one not too far from Texas. The Birthday Suit Cache Although most people that log it are too wimpy to post something funny.
  10. Cachemate all the way. Worth every one of the 7 dollars I paid for it. I still spin my GPX files to change the waypoints, descriptions, and icons before uploading them to my GPS. But that's it. I bought the Zire 21 and I pretty much only use it for caching. Don't worry so much about dropping it as the higher end units. My PDA has become almost as important as my GPS when I go caching. I wonder what I did before I had it.
  11. Thanks for the comments, trips like that are the ones I remember. So many of the BM's here in Oklahoma are all on courthouses or by train tracks. It's an adventure to explore other places with real elevation. Hey if I can bring hope to other 30 something out of shape adventurers like myself it's all worth it.
  12. Over a year ago I posted my trip report about trying to make an ascent on Grouse Mountain to find the BM there. Previous years I was unable to even hike to the lakes due to being there to early when the snow was still not melted away. Last year I was turned away by violent storms. This year I finally conquered the mountain. The things I will do for a bench mark. 16+ miles round trip and 5000+ elevation gain. The only way to reach this BM is a minimum of 6-7 mile hike one way. There are no roads within 5 miles of the point. Unless you have a horse or helicopter you have to walk. If I am able to go to Beaver Creek again next year my next goal will be nearby Mt. Jackson. You can see it in the photos of Grouse. It is a 13'er The flank of it holds to small trout filled lakes that are the source of Beaver Creek. My plan will be to camp at the Lake and hike up the next morning. I don't think I could make it in one day like the Grouse Climb. Nearby Mount Holy Cross is a 14'er and likewise is a popular climb. 100's of people climb it every year. The BM has also been found. There is just something about trying to conquer the peaks no one seems to care about. I'd rather climb the K2's of the world than fight the crowds up Everest. Anyway, that is enough of my gabbing. I hope those of you that appreciate a good BM will enjoy the photos I posted. Wish me luck next summer
  13. beatnik

    Night Caches

    Thats correct. There is also a new night cache North of Tulsa by bloodhoundgrl. Juat logged it tonight. It was a fun one.
  14. Beatnik - 2003 was a long time ago... DOH!!! <smacks self on head> Just to clarify Fall Fest 2004 is coming soon too!
  15. Just a note to announce that the 3rd Annual Fall Fest is coming soon. It will be our 6th statewide geocaching event. If you have yet to attend a Fall Fest or Spring Fling you are missing out. Come check it out. This year the event is at Robber's Cave State Park in the San Bois Mountain area in SE Oklahoma. We hope to have our friends from Texas and Arkansas join us again. Friends, food, caching, prizes, games, and fun. New this year, a nightcache event.
  16. beatnik

    Fall Fest 2004

    Just a note to announce that the 3rd Annual Fall Fest is coming soon. It will be our 6th statewide geocaching event. If you have yet to attend a Fall Fest or Spring Fling your missing out. Come check it out. Friends, food, caching, prizes, games, and fun. New this year, a nightcache event.
  17. If you get this before leaving you might check out Tulsa on one of your weekends. A lot of people enjoy caching there way along Route 66 all the way to Tulsa. Plenty of good caches in this area as well. The monthly cache meeting for Tulsa is on the 7th feel free to stop by. You'll have no shortage of caches to find from Lawton all the way to Miami, OK along I-44.
  18. Simply put, no. It's Ok to work together to solve a puzzle. It's not OK log log it unless you found it.
  19. Maybe in your spare time you can go rip down a few billboards as well. Why not go to the corner gas station and remove the beer signs from there windows? Personally I agree if you have a problem with a cache you should take it up with the approvers or the owner first. As for taking the key chain. You should have traded up.
  20. Hate to break it to you but they were reporting on geocaching before you were a geocacher.
  21. Yeah, I'll continue to sleep just a little better tonight knowing that these are the guys in charge of our national defense.
  22. Well I won't be near the Loveland area so that one is out. I wish it was pleasure and not business. I spend a week at Beaver Creek in Avon every summer but I don't think that is going to happen this year. So it's going to kill me just being in CO and not being able to hit the mountains! One of these days I'm going to get back to Estes and climb Long's. The Treasurer was the first to e-mail me with an offer to pick him up. As soon as I work out the details I'll be passing him along.
  23. beatnik

    Night Caches

    No there is no search function. They are just like other traditional caches. As for the names I can't remember all of them After finding over 800 caches its hard to remember all the names. Off the top of my head: Hair Raising experience is the cache in OKC. Johnny Marbles is the one near Miami. Night of the Living Cache and the Tomb are two of the others. I can't remember the name of the other one.
  24. beatnik

    Night Caches

    Plenty, 1 near Lake Thunderbird, 1 in Stinchcomb north of Lake Overholser, 1 in OKC, 1 in Miami, and 1 south of Miami. We've been trying to find a spot for one in Tulsa but no luck yet. There is also going to be one at Fall Fest this year. Sadly the orignal OKC night cache is no more. It was the first one in OK and was in Bluff Creek north of Hefner. People decided to place a ton of caches in the park for some reason and forced the owner to archive it. People keep finding the night cache in the daytime because 3 regular caches were placed right near the final location.
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