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Announcing the 2008 Tadpole Geocoin


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As of today, I only have pictures of the samples coins, but I am excited and wanted to share. :laughing:

Yesterday I got the news that the coins are DONE, and should arrive from the mint in the next few days!!


I ordered 300 coins in 3 color combinations. The regular editions are BN with translucent enamels, and there are 135 each of the first two color combinations. The other 30 coins were minted in Antique Copper in a third color scheme. The coins are trackable on geocaching.com and will have a custom icon.


I will be selling most of the RE BN coins. I will be attending GW6 and plan to bring some of the BN coins to sell or trade, and I will also be reserving the Antique Copper coins for trade at GW6. After the event, if I have extras of the Antique Copper, I may offer them for sale or trade here in the forums.


Depending on how many coins I trade or sell in the forums and at GW6, I may consider a remint. I also plan to attend MWGB and CGF, and would like to bring tadpoles with me to those events as well. The Antique Copper coin will NOT be reminted. I will not mint more than a total of 200 of each version of the original BN coins (135 of each were already made). More likely, if I decide to remint, I will choose a different metal or color combination for trades at MWGB and GCF.


I will post pricing and ordering information once I get the coins in hand. I will be on vacation from April 16th to the 21st, so coins will not be shipped out until after I return, though I may open orders if I receive the coins before I leave.


These are sample coins. The actual coins will be slightly different colors.





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AwEsOmE !!!

my daughter, wind*blown, had a little visitor in her room the other evening... we named her "CitySlicker"...I grabbed a photo of her before escorting her back to the safety of our garden... she'd really love to be visited by one of her copper cousins :)



I love that pic, just can't get over suction cup toes :)

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