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Sad News to Pass On

Amazon Annie

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I have some very sad news to pass on to you. Tony Dawe (1701eh) was in a fatal car accident on Saturday in the Ingersoll area. Funeral arrangements are to follow. Sue (Tony's wife of 25 years) is still in Intensive Care in the London hospital and recovering. The two children are with friends in London so as to be close to Sue.


As Anne (Rideau Rangers) said to me:

"Not sure if you were aware that Tony refused to do cemetery caches out of respect for the folks in them so you are likely on the right track that he would not have wanted maudlin, but a focus on his sense of humour and real pleasure of a good hike and a good puzzle."


I will let you know any updates as I hear more.


OGA Cacher of The Month for April


Tony's GC.com Profile


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I have some very sad news to pass on to you. Tony Dawes (1701eh) was in a fatal car accident on Saturday in the Ingersoll area."


I will let you know any updates as I hear more.


I had the pleasure of caching with Tony and Sue on a number of occasions. Tony's wry sense of humour was always entertaining and his persistence was extraordinary. I remember caching after a Cito event in Brampton a year ago when Tony took one path to a cache and everyone else took another. As Tony watched the cache being found while he was on the the wrong side of the river, you could see his frustration. Off came the shoes and pants as he proceeded to cross the river to avoid having to backtrack. He was a good man and a gifted cacher. He will be missed.


My heart and thoughts go out to Sue and their children.

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Tony was an absolutely delightful person. He was one of the first people I met at an Ontario geocaching event two years ago. It was my first geocaching event, and I was feeling a touch out of place because I knew nobody. He and his friends made me feel welcome. Since then, I've chatted with him at several other events; I'm just stunned that I'll never see him again.


One memory of Tony was of an event hosted by BQ and his son. They had planned out a water balloon contest, where you toss a balloon and your partner catches it. Somewhere, I hope I still have the digital movie bit that I took of Tony catching the water balloon...and of it exploding all over the place with a spectacular arc, soaking Tony. His smile and laughter was quite evident in that snippet of a clip. I will oh-so-miss his good-natured humor and zest for life.


Annie, is there anything we can do for Sue and the kids? Prayer is good...action and prayer is better.

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I first ran into Tony at a cache in Burlington, in March 2004. I was pretty much a newbie then, and I remember he took the time to explain to me his Garmin GPSr… an Etrex Legend at that time, I believe it was.

There are other memories I have of Tony…. I remember him running up to me at Ghagafap last year, and “geotagging” me (I think he was awfully glad to unload the geotag!)

But the memory that’s really going to stick with me now is chatting with him on Saturday night, and saying our “goodbyes” to each other as he left Harvestfest. I couldn’t ever have believed that “goodbye” was to be forever.

I will miss him.

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I first ran into Tony at a cache in Burlington, in March 2004. I was pretty much a newbie then, and I remember he took the time to explain to me his Garmin GPSr… an Etrex Legend at that time, I believe it was.

There are other memories I have of Tony…. I remember him running up to me at Ghagafap last year, and “geotagging” me (I think he was awfully glad to unload the geotag!)

But the memory that’s really going to stick with me now is chatting with him on Saturday night, and saying our “goodbyes” to each other as he left Harvestfest. I couldn’t ever have believed that “goodbye” was to be forever.

I will miss him.


I am very new to geocaching and did not know Tony through this; but I did know him through Scouts Canada; and I had heard this sad news today at work through a fellow leader. Tony and I have worked together on staff at one of the camps.

He was the advisor for the 2nd Meadowvale Venturer Company. He will be missed by many.


George Christian

Area Commissioner - Mississauga

Scouts Canada

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When we heard about Tony's passing, we were completely in shock and even a couple days later its still hard to accept that we have lost a good geocaching friend.


Tony's "High on Credit" cache was our 6th ever find, and it's been an area we have returned too quite often for hiking and geocaching. We always enjoyed finding his caches as he always put a lot of effort into them.


I first had the pleasure of meeting Tony (and his son) 3+ years ago while trying to find a multicache called "Not for the faint of heart". I was here with my then 5 year old son and my 63 year old mom. This cache involved crossing a river along a fallen tree. Both Tony and his son were very helpful in helping my son and mother across the river and they also waited for us at each of the subsequent stages. After finding the final, they gave us a drive back to where we had parked. This was definitely a memorable cache and experience for us...just one of many.


I know he liked collecting some geocoins too, especially those from Canada. We also alternated each month getting the Signal coins for each other.


Our thoughts are with Tony. We are praying for Sue and the kids. We will definitely miss you Tony.




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I caught part of a short item on that in the news sunday night, and was hoping it wasn't true. My condolences to Sue and the rest of the family.


"High on Credit" was one of the first caches I ever did, and Tony's caches have been a highlight of caching ever since then. From doing parts of "Parking on the Credit" on crutches, to bicycling through the "Away Mission" caches, Tony's caches have always been worth the trip.


I first met Tony at GAGAFAP II. This was the first event I'd ever been to, and at the time I knew nobody. Tony was one of the first to say hello and make me and my family feel welcome. He made a point to at least come over and say hello at every event I've been to since then.


RIP Tony, you will be very much missed.

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Geocaching has lost a fine friend. Tony was a gentleman of the highest degree who became an instant buddy to all who had the pleasure of meeting him and shared his passions.


I had the honour of meeting 1701eh more than 4 years ago through geocaching and enjoyed his company on numerous occasions since then. Some of my most vivid geocaching memories involved Tony in some way or other whether it was out on the trails together, attending the same GC events, or simply trying to find and complete one of his excellent multi's. I will miss him.


My prayers go out to his wife Sue and their children. They were Tony's first and foremost passion.




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As others who knew him, we, too, were completely shocked. We had just spoken to Tony a few hours before this happened. We will remember him as a great cacher, but also for the memorable t-shirt that he was wearing at the Harvestfest event. It also touched us that he was the most recent cacher to find our cache, TJ's Treasure, in Stratford, at the time that we heard the news.


We're sending our prayers to Sue for a complete recovery and are thinking of their children at this horribly sad time.

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just read a e-mail from Dr Clean this morning. I Still Can't belief What I was reading.


Some of my first caches were 1701eh's Like the hilton vitrual which was my second or third. I have always looked forward to his caches as they are always located in very nice location. The POTC series was the greatest of all.


I have had the pleasure of meeting him on the trail in Mississauga more than a few times. He has always had time to stop and chat. His sense of humor and caring has been unmatched.


I have many fond memories of Tony. One that comes to mind is on my way home from the Cache-in event I had stopped in Kiosk north of Algonquin Park, to do one of Tomtec's caches there. Tony and his family where at the parking lot having a picnic (they had just found it) . Tony was very concerned about me heading off to do this cache by myself in Bear country with Brandy. He had given me his cell number and told me to e-mail him when I was safe at home. It really showed his caring side.


I know he was very excited when he was able to do his 1701th cache a few months ago then he did his 2000th . I had to e-mail hime both times with congrats.


I am still finding this news hard to take, I just can't bear to think on not running in to tony again at the next event. he will be greatly missed.


Rest in peace Tony, Condolences to Sue and the rest of the Family.

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I still can't believe it.


Tony was one of the first cachers that I met, and certainly one of the friendliest. He's leaving a large hole in the local geocaching community. I can't say much that has not already been said - he was a great friend to any geocacher in the area, and more.


You will be missed greatly, Tony.


For Sue, I'm crossing my fingers for a quick recovery. My sincere condolences to you, and your children.

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Holy cow. :anicute:


I had not heard about this tragedy at all until I got an emal this morning from C-A. Like many others, I also ran into to Tony a couple of times on the trail...always a great guy to chat with and swap stories. His passion for caching was addictive and he was truly one of the GTA's most inventive and creative cachers. I think I learned something from Tony each time we spoke. His organization of the Quark's event cache this June was really memorable. I think he was a Scouter, too.


Really sad. I hope Sue is going to be alright.



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I rember that day well... Tony had spotted us from a distance and was hiding out near Card 1 of Res2100's Rouge Valley GeoPoker 2006 series. Spike and I made the find, then he pops out of the bushes only meters away! What a guy... A few caches later we met up with Luc & Sweety (When Luc took the hard way down the hill) and we continued as a group of 5 for the rest of the day! That was a great photo....


Tony started geocaching back around the same time I did... first with his 2nd Meadowvale Scouts troup, then he created his own account. Over the years, his excellent cache series' and puzzles challenged everyone in the area, and he was always hot on the trail for a FTF!


Thanks for all the memories Tony. You will be missed!




Tony, Sue and their Son at GAGAFAP I


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It's always so sad to hear about something like this. The Geocaching community is a large family and no matter where you come from, meeting a fellow geocacher along the trails is always an occasion to stop and chat and make new friends.


I did not know Tony or his Family, but I would like to take a minute to wish a quick recovery to his wife and extend on behalf of all the members of the Quebec Geocaching Association, our deepest sympathy to his whole family for this tragic loss. :anicute:

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:anicute: As a cacher & fellow Scouter, I can't believe what a huge hole this will leave in the community. I have never met Tony, but we had chatted on-line before and I had enjoyed his posts in the Geo Pub quiz. Good thoughts are being sent to his wife & children.


This should remind us all to hug our families & enjoy life to the fullest because it is all too short.



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:ph34r: Very sad news indeed.


We first met 1701eh and his son Cruise448788 on March 11, 2006 when we were caching. We talked for quite a while and then they continued on to the cache they needed and we went on to another one. We got got go to his event QUARK's on June 3, 2006 and didn't really get to talk to him (afterall he was hosting it). We had a really good time though! Our final meeting with him was at Harvestfest 2006 on August 26, 2006. He came up to us and talked to us for quite a while. We were showing him our geocoin collection and he became super excited when he spotted a FEDERATION GEOCOIN. We knew he loved Star Trek very much, so who else could we trade geocoins with for that one. His face lit up when we handed it over to him. It's a good last memory to have of him.


We are still in shock and very saddened over this great loss.


He will be missed very much!


We are pulling for Sue (for a speedy recovery) & the rest of the family!

They are in our thoughts and prayers!!



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I had only met Tony a couple of times, so I really didn't know him all that well. Still, Tony spent part of Harvestfest trying to convince me to come to GHAGAFAP next month. I told him I had already booked my flight for the Shellfish Festival in Charlottetown, and he replied that this wasn't a problem as I could go down to the waterfront on Saturday morning for a breakfast of clams and still make it to GHAGAFAP by supper!


Always friendly, always with a twinkle in his eye. When I heard the news that the accident could have been him, I was so shocked and so sure it couldn't have been.


Our prayers are with his family at this time. He will be sorely missed by everyone.

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Frankie & I met Tony and his son Cruise 448788 on the way to a cache very early on in our caching days.

His enthusiasm for the sport/hobby was so infectious, it was almost overwhelming. We also conversed via e-mail on several occasions.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, family and close friends at this most difficult time.

Secondarily, the caching community has also also lost a very important cog who's contributions will sorely be missed.

Frankie & Johnny (Dayle & Ray)

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I did not know Tony personally. But I knew his name from reading logs in caches all over Ontario. Only last week we exchanged a few e-mails over a cache of mine. Because a number was washed out (my mistake), he was not able to find the final of a multi. It was not his mistake and he had done the bulk of the work, therefore I offered him to log it as a find. He politely refused and answered, he would finish the cache when next time in the area. A true cacher with honour!


My thoughts are with his family and I wish a speedy recovery to his wife Sue.

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i was in shock this morning when i got drclean's email about tony..i still cant believe it..

tony was a wonderful person, always smiling and in a good mood and always so friendly to

everyone..the caching community had definitely lost a great person..

my sincere condolences to sue and the family..he will be greatly missed

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It was with great sadness I learned of the passing of Tony. I first met him on the trails with his crew and was surprised that he had heard of me before. I recall him telling me that he kept track of all the cachers with high numbers of finds. Well, despite my year head start he went on to surpass my find count and it will most likely be a long time before I catch up! I think that Tony is largely responsible for the organized caching marathons that are commonplace now. When he came out with his Parking on the Credit series I was contacted by Olar, whom I didn’t know at the time, with a proposition to do all 11 stages in one day. At the time the cache density, this and lack of drive-by or otherwise easy-to-find caches, was not something to be taken lightly. He was convinced it could be accomplished so we got an early start, in the brutal cold I might add, and had found the final well into the darkness. I believe one of my caches was one of Tony’s first finds too. Tony was always at the pubnites and more recently I remember him looking at me askance for not proving I’d visited his Hilton Virtual cache - until I’d sent along a picture to prove I was there. :ph34r: I wasn’t aware that Tony didn’t like to frequent graveyard caches, but I totally understand and I’m all the more honoured that he visited my cryptic Talented Mr. Bean cache. I guess the lure of a challenging puzzle was too much to ignore.


I think it goes without saying that we all miss Tony already.


All the best for a speedy recovery for Sue.


Coupar-Angus & family

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While I never had the good fortune to cache with Tony, I bumped into him on the trail a few times as well as chatted with him at events. I remember his friendliness and willingness to help. After last seeing him at Harvestfest 2006, I was completely stunned to learn of his passing. It is a tragic loss of a great person, family man and cacher.


I was always glad to see a new cache put out by Tony, as it was sure be a good one. His puzzles were especially interesting – unique and entertaining – and whenever a new one came out, I’d start trying to solve it right away.


Tony will be sadly missed by the geocaching community.


Laurie and I wish for a speedy recovery for Sue. We extend our heartfelt condolences to Sue and her family.



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These are some of the hardest words we have ever had to put together – we have known the Dawe family as neighbours and friends for the last 11 years.


We only met Tony as 1701eh after we had been geocaching for about four months. We had heard that Tony was a geocacher from another neighbour and then put two and two together to know his caching name. One afternoon in March 2004 after a particularly cold and frustrating DNF at POTC Eldorado we arrived on Tony’s doorstep and all blew raspberries at him – when we explained why he had a great laugh and he has been pretty much laughing at our geocaching inadequacies ever since.


One our kids’ favourite caches was the day Tony and Sue called us last December and suggested we all go and do Troglosheep together. That was the Scouter coming out in Tony – he didn’t trust a Beaver leader alone with climbing ropes!


Tony absolutely loved a good puzzle cache and a good joke. On Saturday we had been caching with Sue and Tony in Woodstock and then split up to finish a series. Tony was a step ahead of us and had arranged with some muggles to give us trouble at one stage to slow us down. We arrived at supper to his usual laughter!


We have spent the last two and a half years trying to catch up to Tony, but we never really wanted to. Earlier last week he had presented us with our 2000 Finds Geocoin engraved in recognition of our milestone. He was a very kind and thoughtful friend. We too have had him ask us to call when we arrived safely home from a cache he was concerned that we were doing with the kids.


We have the utmost respect for Tony as a great husband and father who should not have been taken from Sue, Allan, and Becky so soon and as a hiker whose love of the trail benefited all of us in the geocaching community. We will miss him.


Anne, Alex, Philip, and Matthew

Rideau Rangers

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After hearing the terrible news early Sunday morning, it's been difficult to make sense of anything. Tried to get through this thread a few times and just couldn't do it.


I've known Tony for over three years, but it seems like so much longer due to all of the stories I have about Tony. I couldn't possibly just post one here since another and another would follow, and this post would be huge.


But what I will say are a few of the things I am happy about. Earlier in 2006 I began to notice that, while Tony had been very active in my caches, I had not been as active in finding his. So I made a committment to find more of his. On my way to the Parks Canada conferrence in Ottawa/Gattineau I made sure I found STARDATE -318232.3. I also decided to make my 600th find one of Tony's as part of his Quark's Event. Determined to complete the AWAY MISSION series in the pouring rain, little did I know that had I decided to quit and return another day that it would have meant so much less.


So, I am happy that I was able to give some of my time to supporting Tony's efforts at placing great caches. I hate to think how I would feel if I didn't make that committment earlier this year. As I sit here crying again, I try to think how lucky I am that I got to know Tony, share so many good times with him and be a part of his life.


Sue, and Allan, are both great people. I'm sorry to say that I have not met their daughter enough, but if the rest of the family is any indication, she is great too. I hope that they can continue to be a part of our community. I would miss them too if they were not around. Sue has brought my wife and I great joy, and seeing Allan and Tony together at Events and caching makes me hope that other Fathers and Sons can have the same great friendship they shared.


Get well and try to be strong, and as soon as you are able, we would love to see you and talk of the great times.


Colin - The Blue Quasar

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I think the most enjoyable day spent caching with the wife and kids, was spent doing the Parking On The Credit Mini Series in an after noon. Not only did we get to do some caching, but the kids got to play at all parks near the caches. He sure knew how to take you to some enjoyable locations. Like others, I still can’t believe he is gone. He will defiantly be missed by one and all.

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It's just shocking to hear about anyone dying in a car accident but it's even more shocking when it's someone known and respected as a friend. I haven't seen him since his event, Quark's, but I sure have fond memories of chatting with him at that event and a few prior to that. I will always remember him as a very cheerfull and friendly person, one who enjoyed life, family and friends.


My deepest condolences to his wife, children and the whole family as well as a speedy recovery for his wife.


May you rest in Peace Tony.



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Very sad news indeed.


We always enjoyed Tony's caches and remember one of his very early ones (maybe his first) just off Twiss Road near the scout camp, we exchanged emails on this one as well as some of his Credit ones. We only met face to face a few times but feel we knew him well.


He will be missed.


Our sincere condolences go to his family and we wish his wife a full and quick recovery.


Pete, Jack and Lou - The Ridgerunners

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I had the pleasure of meeting Tony out on the trails a few times and the last time I ran into him was as we were both racing to get the coveted FTF at acache close to each of our work areas. We'd beaten Tony a few times before but this time he beat us and was hiding in the bushes watching us at work. I discovered him and ran up to him to call him out. We had a good laugh and we told him that the competition was now on! I can't believe that I won't be running into him out on the trails.


My sincere condolences to his family and all of his friends. Hopefully his wife will recover quickly.

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I met up with Tony and Sue at the Woodstock Inky Dinky Grab and Go Final. When I arrived there, he and Sue were already looking for the cache and when they saw me approaching, Tony said that the cops were looking for me. I was baffled!

He explained to me that at one of the previous caches they did earlier, that some muggles saw a strange guy with a ripped shirt who looked similar to me searching through a shrub.

And the cops were called. I thought he was serious, with his straight face and no hint of sarcasm. Then he finally cracked and laughed.

What a relief! I had to explain to him why my shirt was ripped...which he may or may not have believed to be true.

He ended up leaving a TB in the cache which I quickly scooped up. He told me not to log it until he had a chance to log it getting dropped in the cache. The next day, when i noticed it wasn't logged in the cache yet....I had a bad feeling.


I wish I could've cached with them more, or even spent more time with them at Harvestfest.


He had a way of bringing a smile out of you without saying a word.


My heart goes out to Sue and her family.

And I wish the best for a speed recovery.


I will be attending GHAGAFAP, as Tony told me I would have a great time.

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When my husband Ralph (res2100) told me the news, we cried and held each other. It was such a tragic loss. We had just seen Tony and Sue (Sue acknowledged me with her usual smile as they were leaving Harvestfest). Tony had spoken to us briefly as he did at all events.


We had the good fortune to geocache with him (and his son) both planned and by chance and he was always so kind, funny and patient with us slowpokes! There are so many memories that stand out but one in particular always brings a smile to Ralph and I:


We were at the Canadian Ecology Centre for Cacheback last fall. Ralph asked Tony if he was really the Klingon Raiding Party that had hidden the Bouncy Bunny has been Kidnapped cache (GCQFYT). Tony said, "why does everyone ask me that?" but didn't deny it. Later at the campfire he confessed that he hadn't been able to solve the West coordinate. His son Allan overhead this and asked, "oh Dad, you mean someone else hid a Klingon cache just like yours?" Tony glared at him while Ralph laughed hysterically. "Oops" was Allan's reply. Tony's daughter rolled her eyes and said, "you did a Klingon cache....gawd."


I will always remember Tony's humour, intelligence and kindness.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the family.


Lisa "Ellesche"

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I think Tony was one of the first follow Scouters that I met on this site. Its seems so many years ago. Tony helped through email to come up with requirements to do the Troop bage when my son was a scout and did did geocaching. Alway helpful and a great community member here.


I hope Sue recovers quickly and my thoughts are with the family.


Brad Robb

Commisioner Humber West Area




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Greetings all


I visited Sue Dawe (Mrs 1701eh) at the hospital in London today. She is in ICU-Observation. I could get in with my clergy credentials but I cannot abuse these privileges so they will be infrequent visits but Sue has said I can come back and visit her again. She also said that I could share this info with the GeoCaching community.


She was very beat up and sore, generally achy all over. She has broken ribs and lots of bruises. She is still taking various medications but is trying to wean herself off some of them and as a result had a hard night last night.


She seemed in reasonably good spirits, knew who I was and was encouraged when I told her that the entire GeoCaching community was worried about her, concerned for her and I hope, praying for her.


Sue said she couldn't remember very much, about the accident and has most of her injuries and damage on the left side of her body, the inside part of the car where the left side of the car was most damaged.


Sue said that she'd been talking to the kids a couple of times, the hospital social worker has helped there.


Please continue to pray for Sue, and for the family. I will send more news as I get it.




aka Dave

52 Elmwood Cr

Woodstock, ON N4S 2K3

home (519) 421-2236

Dave's eMail: elmwood@rogers.com

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I was having a sleepless night and read about the tragedy at 2 a.m. I did not have the heart to awaken Chris. When I told him what I had learned we held each other and shed a few tears.


I am not certain anyone can fathom how many geocachers 1701eh has touched in the few years since we all got involved in this activity. His wit, helpfulness and positive attitude will be missed by many.


For the past few months we have enjoyed an unofficial numbers competition. After a weekend we would check to see who was ahead. When we checked this week we were surprised Tony had not posted any finds. We now know why.


Tony, we trust you are in a good place. To your family, please accept our deepest condolences .


Nawty and Isquba

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What a sad day for sure.

Our sincere condolences to family and wishing a speedy recovery for Sue.


1701eh seemed to always influence my outdoor living. Tony placed my first cache find. 1701eh is responsible for the cache listed in my mailbox. My first organized day out with a fellow geocacher was with Tony.


I have truly lost a great friend. Rest In Peace Tony.


David and Jeanette

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I don't even know where to begin to speak about Tony. Larry (Adventure Rat) just phoned with the sad news and I am in complete shock. I swapped emails with Tony a few days ago about a cache at The Guild that was giving everyone so much grief.


I have to thank Geofellas for bringing Tony and I together. The April Fool Let's Make A Deal cache. Tony contacted me about getting the keys I had. We had lunch, swapped war stories and became friends instantly. Over the next few months we traded FTF's in the 404/407 areas at lunch. I learned to look for Tony's car when I pulled into the area. And his sense of humour (Bishops's Belt of Green was just a small sample) was ever present.


Tony joined my team (owlnebula, Adventure Rat, 1701eh and Tequila) to successfully have a joint FTF on TOMTEC's adventure and an FTF on Geofellas' The Big Pipe. We planned that adventure for weeks before April 1 and that night we all met at my place and mapped out our strategy. Tony was one of the best puzzle solvers I ever had the pleasure to meet. And he would stick with finding a cache (The Big Pipe Drip Drip Drip) until he found it. Giving up was not in Tony's vocabulary.


Tony often emailed me to talk to me about his 2000 finds coin and what he was having engraved on it and what the font would look like. I hope he got it engraved and I hope he takes it with him. He certainly earned it.


In the dog world, there is the concept of a Rainbow Bridge, where all dogs go to wait for their masters to join them one day. I hope geocaching has a Puzzle Bridge. I am sure who the first person we will see there, signing an FTF in the log.


Rest in Peace Tony and God Bless.


Chuck "Tequila"

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