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Sad News to Pass On

Amazon Annie

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Tony was one of the very first geocachers I met, at Cupids Valentines Event in Feb 2005. I was only caching for a month at the time. Even though I only met him 3 times at events he seemed so familiar as if I knew him longer. I guess he had that affect on people. Hearing of his passing really bothered me. He had such a personality which made you enjoy his company. I still remember him calling me "Captain Fishsticks" with great fondness. I will miss him.

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What sad news to learn about the loss of a geocaching friend. I can clearly remember the first time I had the pleasure of meeting Tony. It was at GHAGAFAP & when names were exchanged between us, he said, shaking my hand. "So you are the one I have been chasing all over Bruce County for FTF's". We both laughed & have met up on the trail from time to time since, along with meeting him & his family at many events. He was the first one to greet Southern Accent & myself at the COG Spring fling 2006.


Our prayers go out to Sue on a speedy recovery & our condolences to Tony's family. We will miss you our friend.


Micd & Southern Accent

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What can I say? Flora and I are totally stunned having just got the news from Tequila. We only met Tony a couple of times in person at our April Fool Events but we always had a lot of fun getting to know him through the internet - I think one of our most lasting memories will be when he got FTF on our Markville Mall Micro - showing up while Tequila was still hunting and going "have you looked at XXXXXXX" and grabbing FTF honours with Tequila running along behind.


We had lots of fun trying to figure out some of Tony's puzzles - some are still defeating us - and he was always thinking up new challenges.


He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts go out to his family.


Farewell Tony.

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I have just received this from Steve Dawe (Tony's brother).


Dear Friends.



As you all know by now, Anthony Dawe (1701eh) passed away last Saturday night around 9pm.


First, let me thank you all for your concerns and support.


We are really seeing the support and just how big Tony & Sue's extended family really is.


We understand that in some circles, e-mail may seem like a very impersonal way of communicating at a time like this, but in my case and Tony's for sure, it is (was) our way of life.


So please, feel free to continue chatting with us as you like and pass along the message to those we may have missed.


I have done a simple search on the internet and I very quickly have seen that Tony has touched a lot of lives and I'm only really starting to understand how big his web of friends is.



We appreciate you all and thank-you for you support.



As an update,


from the beginning.



Tony and Sue were involved in a traffic accident on the night of Saturday, August 26th.2006.


I really can't go into the details. It's still too fresh...Even to type .Sorry.


But, Tony died instantly and Sue sustained fairly severe, but non life threatening injuries, broken ribs mostly. She is in a lot of pain but has started to recover nicely and will come though eventually.


She is currently in the Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario.



As for her current status,


a "few" broken ribs. Although she is in a lot of pain and heavily medicated as of Tuesday, they have gotten her out of bed and sitting in a chair for a short period of time. This was a huge shock to us. Only happened once (and she was not very happy about it) and she is still in bad condition, but it does appear that recovery may be faster than we thought. As of late last night (Tuesday) we heard that she may be coming home in a few days. Wow!!!


So our thoughts are certainly with Sue at the present time and you can be assured that her kids are being well taken care of.


Rebecca and Allan are handling this all very well.


After the initial shock and horror they very quickly realized that their mom needed their immediate attention and we've encouraged and they have used that need to keep themselves focused.


And they are doing remarkably well.


Again, in large part, due to the support of friends and family. Thank you.



Tony has now been moved from Woodstock, Ontario to Mississauga, Ontario.


We have started the process of making Funeral arrangements, but have held off on setting dates until we get some word on when Susan(Sue) will be released or able to leave hospital for the service..


We are planning on the Funeral to take place late next week.


As it stands now, it will probably be an open casket ceremony with a viewing the night before and a reception to follow the service.


We had planned for the reception to be at Tony and Sue's house, but it sounds like Sue might be home by then and she has requested a bed be set-up in the living room...


That creates a bit of a problem if she wants to go get some peace at some point during the day, so we are rethinking that whole situation.


Although she may also be a little more mobile than she thinks by that time..



Anyhow...More details.


Tony is currently resting at Glen Oaks Memorial Gardens




in Mississauga/Oakville. It is on Ninth Line at Dundas.


For those of you who don't realize, this is located right next door to White Oaks Golf Course, which is the location of our annual Father's Day Family Golf Day.



I think that's about it for now...Thanks to you all for your continued support. I will do what I can to show our appreciation, by keeping you as informed as possible.


On a personal note, I have been browsing a few forums and have seen the notes of condolences, submitted by you all. It is a hard read for me, but as with Tony, Forums are part of my life and I know what it's like to be part of a Forum/Web family..


So keep it up.


You people were his life.


And now you are mine.


I can't thank you enough.


Steve Dawe


"the little brother"...



P.S. Something that I'd like to share with you and will hold onto the rest of my life. Tony's on-line identity was 1701eh and I think you all know the meaning of that. It was the number of the Starship Enterprise and the "eh?" part was his little Canadian twist.


My wife pointed out the other day that 17-01 is also my birth date and although he probably never realized that, I'm going to assume that it crossed his mind at some point and he might have felt the same smile I did. At the very least, it is a nice coincidence.

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I was doing a cache today and ran into Jake's Goldilocks and he told me the sad news about Tony (1701eh). I'm still shocked and find it hard to believe.

We have exchanged e-mails many times and I have only run into him a couple of times on the trails. He always managed to zing me with his sense of humour. The last time I saw him was in Centennial Park in Etobicoke and I was intensely searching a bushy tree for a cache. He sidled up to me and said in a stern voice, "Can I help you, sir?"

He was wearing dark glasses and an official looking shirt, and I assumed he was a Parks employee checking out people up to no good in the park. I babbled on for a minute or two about GPS units and geocaching .... and finally realized who it was and that he was pulling my leg, and fully enjoying my embarassment! We both then had a good laugh. We talked a bit about "first to finds" and I asked him why people make such a big deal about them. He kindly and patiently explained that it was just a friendly competition among cachers. Ironically, I was trying for a first-to-find today -- in fact the first time since I ran into Tony. And I got it! I wonder if he was "helping me out". I'd like to think so.

My heart goes out to his wife, Sue, and kids (I met his son once -- an affable rascal like his Dad) who must now cope with their loss. I hope Sue makes a full and speedy recovery.

Tony was one of those people that was always willing to offer a helpful hand and a warm smile to anyone that needed it. He will be greatly missed.

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1701eh (Tony) was the second geocacher (Olar being the first) that we had the good fortune of communicating with when we started this game more than 4 years ago. Right from the beginning it was clear Tony could be considered a friend. Later on we met Tony in person and received his humour first hand. A little later "the band" became the target of this wonderful humour with the release of "Bishops Belt of Green". It felt good to be a part of the extended family!


Geocaching has always been more about the adventures and friends that you meet along the way. Certainly Tony was a very big part of this. He will be sadly missed. Our deepest condolences to all the Dawe family and prayers for Sue's speedy recovery.


Barnie's Band of Gold (John, Liz, Barnie & Fraser)


P.S. Thanks to another good friend (Chuck) for bringing the sad news to our attention.

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While we didn't know Tony well, we have exchanged a few emails and (as has been mentioned numerous times here) he has been the first to welcome us at a couple of events. His sense of humour was always evident, and his friendliness will definitely be missed by all who met him, even if it was just briefly.


Our prayers will be with Sue and those close to her as she recovers physically, and our condolences go out to those who knew and loved Tony.


Marie & Steve

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I've just returned from a cache where Jake's Goldilocks passed along the tragic news about Tony. While only having been part of the local caching community for some 15 months, Tony and I had corresponded on each other's hides a few times, and I had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions at caching events. Friendly and passionate about this hobby, with a dry wit and a terrific sense of humour, he was, of course, a geocacher par excellence. I consider it the highest compliment when he called my hide "devious and clever", as he had a sharp mind that excelled at creating and solving puzzles.

My condolences to the Dawe family and I wish Tony's wife a speedy recovery.



(Dreidel Boy)

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We want to pass on our deepest sympathies to the Dawe family. I stopped by a cache of mine on my way home from work for a couple of reasons, the most important one for me was to remember Tony. He was FTF on the cache and I found some solace in being able to read his log book entry, imagining him sitting there, pocketing the Tim Hortons coupon and writing down "wooo hooo FTF".


Neil and Kelly (Yongecachers)

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We were deeply saddened when we heard of this tragic news earlier today.


We have met Tony on several occasions - at caching events, or racing for FTFs. One could not help but smile when arriving at a newly placed cache to see the log book signed ‘1701eh’, or even better, Tony standing at the cache site. We have exchanged many e-mails discussing caches, and swapping stories…we cherish them all.


Tony, we consider you a friend, you will be missed.


Our sincere condolences to Tony’s family.


Anna and Rich

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This day is a day thats affected the hole geocaching community among my family. MY father 1701eh passed away comming home from the 2006 harvestfest after being hit by a car. It's really got me dedicated to carry on his caches and to make sure his adventure lives on. All of his friends on here you guys really ment alot to him and hopefully in the near future we can do some caching together. It's really made my want to continue in his steps stronger and for me its comforting to know its something he loved, my sister made a little joke to try and cheer her self up"he's in heaven with his gps probably already at 300 up there" I think it was really inspiring as it was the one thing he lvoed the most to do with his time, it was my time with him, all the good memories and things i have to remember him by. I look to buttons&beau, dr.clean, trimblestrek, amazon annie, res2100, cheerios, reto rangers and everyone else who knew him as a friend of mine. You guys made his time caching something he looked forward to no matter the situation. He was always the one to do the craziest caches and solve the hardest puzzles ( i wonder how imma get most of my caches now he was the brains:P)but yes so many good memories and i really believe he died happy. His account im hopefully going to take over and carry on with but for most of the caches im wanting to pass them onto the people I listed as a thanxs and a way to remember him. His travel bugs will be distributed to caches around my area hopefully soon and a memorial cache im going to hopefully have out after we settle down and get things as close to normal as we can(i would liek some help for the cache if possible) but yea this was 1701eh's final mission and I really believe he did "boldly go where no man has gone before". Rest in peace dad and godspeed.


Love ya, Allan(cruise448788)


thank you everyone else for all you're support its a real rough time for the near future but with all the care and thoughts everyone has shared i think it will really help us to go on.

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I heard about Tony the morning after our evening at Harvestfest. I have been in shock most of the week. I have never lost a friend before.


The first time I met Tony, my son Agent 13 and I were doing some caching before the Cave Springs event. We were walking down the trail when we spied Tony and CheeryO's. Tony threw his gps over his shoulder trying to look like anything but a cacher. I said something sarcastic, and he came back at me with something else. We both laughed and then he tagged me with one of those geotags KW started. Tony was the first cacher we ever met on the trails. Little did I know then that he would become a caching buddy.


Over the years I've cached with Tony and had fun trying to keep up with him. He was always busting away so that he could grab the cache before anyone else. Buttons never lets me forget the time a group of us let Tony pick up a cache and bring it down the trail to sign, leaving Buttons still searching for it in the pines. He blames me but it really was Tony...and you know he had that kind of sense of humour.


The most fun was during the A'quasying race. Tony was so competetive that he wouldn't help out with the puzzles. But Allan kept sneaking them to us, and then we'd give him what we had. It was pretty funny because I don't think Tony knew where Allan was coming up with the stuff.


New Year's was pretty funny too. Tony in his snowshoes, sinking in the swamp as Nozzletime led us the "dry way" to a bouncy bunny cache. Lots of fond memories of Tony...way too many to mention.


I'd like to think Tony is on an Away Mission seeking lots and lots of tupperware. Warp speed Mr. Sulu, and away.


My prayers go out to the rest of the family. I hope you can take solace in the thought of how many people Tony's life has touched.

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My heart just dropped as I read the wrap up of Harvestfest. Tony you were the ultimate cache magnet. I had the great fun to cache with Tony and 3 others last winter in Toronto for a day. If there was a cache within 20M he had it in hand before the rest of us zeroed in. Once he walked right up to the cache and it was just he and I near it and then he walked away abit so as to allow me and relative newbie to find it.

I have never had the opportunity to meet Sue or there kids but you will be in my prayers. I'm sure Tony is now on the ultimate caching hike and chuckling as usual.

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Since I got the shocking call from Logger last weekend, and after the shock wore down a bit, I have been thinking about the times that I ran into Tony at various geo-events. One thing that was always part of the memories was that his son Allan was usually with him. It was inspirational to see a father and son sharing a hobby. Not many teenagers want to spend time with their Dad. The fact that Allan did so, reinforces the fact that Tony was a special person.


The most memorable for me was during BQ's "A'Quasy'ng Race" geo-rally. As part of the pit crew, I saw Tony and Allan several times during the 2 day event. They were both working hard to be competitive, but,`the thing that struck me the most was at one stage, where the duo were running behind the main pack, and we offered to "help them out" and give them the answer to catch up a bit and go ahead to the next stage. Tony wanted no piece of that. He wanted to fully complete the stage as BQ intended it, and took the time to find all of the info to earn the answer. No shortcuts for him. Experience everything to the fullest degree. Inspirational. Memorable.


My thoughts and prayers are with Sue for a speedy recovery and to their family for strength during this time.



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Odd how this community builds up so quickly. I was shocked when Jayloki informed me of this tradgedy yesterday. When I got home from the cache I looked at my todo list and saw I was to "email 1701eh re: GPS".


Tony was instrumental when I set up the cache activities for the international camp. We bounced activities and times back and forth and shared the joys and frustrations of Guiding/Scouting. I enjoyed bantering with and learning from Tony. Like so many others, I am shocked and saddened that it has come to an end.

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Allan, I had THOUGHT that I was done crying over the logs, and then you posted. While we will all miss your father dearly, we are so glad that the rest of your family is still with us. Tears snuck down my cheeks as I read, tears of happiness, for you truly are your father's son. He must be so proud of you. Your sister is correct; I can almost see him writing down his list of found caches, an FTF Tim Horton's coupon in his pocket. When we finally make our way to the next world, we better be ready, as he's sure to have placed a bunch of caches for us to find, most of them PUZZLE caches!

Even though I live in the states, I would love to help out with a cache in his memory. Tony was one of the first people to make me feel at home at Ontario geocaching events; since then, I feel like I have yet another family. I have a nice big ol' 50 cal ammo can that is just waiting for something important to happen to it. What could be more inspiring in the existance of this container than to go on an important mission such as this? I will paint it up for you and bring it to GHAGAFAP. If you aren't able to make it there, I will leave it in the tender care of Amazon Annie.


Bless you and the rest of your family. Give your mom all the love you can...you and Rebecca will make all the difference in her recovery.


Deb aka Hiking Cockroachess

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In front of me is a 17 page printout of STARDATE -318232.3 I've been working on this one for a couple of days now .


I am fairly new to Geocaching so I have never met Tony yet he made me drive all over Richmond hill one evening with my wife in the car for about 3 hrs looking for a way into this cache . This is one Dude I REALLY wanted to meet . Wierd EH?...A stranger who misses him already !!


What a terrible, tragedy.


My deepest sympathy and condolences to his family and friends.



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I had the priveledge of meeting Tony on a few occassions, he seemed like a great guy to me, very friendly and approachable. He also had a sense of humor about things, like dedicating a cache to how bouncy bunny got captured by a klingon raiding party. He lived on the opposite side of the city from where I work, and I must say, he was a fast guy! He pulled pretty much every FTF in the Toronto area, its like he had some sort of bat-tube system in place for making his way across the city in gridlock traffic.


I regret not getting to know him better. I will never have the chance. :huh:

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My thoughts and wishes go out to the family. I had meet Tony at Harvestfest and he made a point of seeing everyone there, even Kirk and my self who were on the outside deck. I was impressed by him and could tell that he loved people and getting out in nature. His passing will be missed by many people.

My prayers are also for Sue that she makes a complete recovery and knowns that she has a large collection of friends supporting her.

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Allan's posting brought me to tears once again this week but I am glad to hear he plans to continue in his father's footsteps. Being a friend of Sue's through Guiding I had occasion to meet Tony several times and not surprisingly it was Tony who introduced me to geo-caching. Although I have only located 3 caches so far (despite a number of attempts to locate other as yet elusive caches) I believe geo-caching is a great sport/hobby and I am grateful to him for getting me hooked. Reading all of your posts with your treasured memories of 1701eh and his family reminds me that we live on in the memory of those we leave behind and based on what I have read here, Tony's spirit is a strong presence among us.

Thank you all for sharing your memories of Tony so those of us who did not have the pleasure of knowing him as you did, can join in celebrating his life.

Sue, Allan and Becky - please remember I am here for you anytime you need me.


Guidinggal (Leanne)

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I heard the news through Outdoors nut... it was a shock wow. I only met Tony once at the Quarks event in mississauga, but because i was one of the first to get a complete robot in that event "species" i felt like i was that much closer.... we had the oportunity to chat for a bit. he was a really nice person.


I have done several of his caches since quarks and I truly enjoyed them...


my depest condolences to his wife Sue and his kids... omg its soo sad... he will be missed by many...


Rob "crazyglue"

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I met Tony at the event where he made his 100th find, Ferretgirl and I had the chance to talk with him for a little while, great guy , with a great sense of humor. He also helped talk Amy into becoming an "active geocacher" instead of just a muggle who hung around from time to time.

Our condolences go out to his family as well as wishes for a full and fast recovery for Sue.


If the true measure of a man can be found in his friends, then Tony was pure Gold.

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Allan, I had THOUGHT that I was done crying over the logs, and then you posted. While we will all miss your father dearly, we are so glad that the rest of your family is still with us. Tears snuck down my cheeks as I read, tears of happiness, for you truly are your father's son. He must be so proud of you. Your sister is correct; I can almost see him writing down his list of found caches, an FTF Tim Horton's coupon in his pocket. When we finally make our way to the next world, we better be ready, as he's sure to have placed a bunch of caches for us to find, most of them PUZZLE caches!

Even though I live in the states, I would love to help out with a cache in his memory. Tony was one of the first people to make me feel at home at Ontario geocaching events; since then, I feel like I have yet another family. I have a nice big ol' 50 cal ammo can that is just waiting for something important to happen to it. What could be more inspiring in the existance of this container than to go on an important mission such as this? I will paint it up for you and bring it to GHAGAFAP. If you aren't able to make it there, I will leave it in the tender care of Amazon Annie.


Bless you and the rest of your family. Give your mom all the love you can...you and Rebecca will make all the difference in her recovery.


Deb aka Hiking Cockroachess



I'll add a logbook and an appropriate FTF prize to the cache


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I found out this very sad news from GordEtob yesterday. Tony was the first geocacher that I met (sneaked up on me while I was trying to find my third cache). Our paths have crossed a couple of times since and I always enjoyed the conversations we had.


My thoughts and condolences are with the Dawe family.

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For those interested, here are the arrangements for the Visitation and Funeral.


Glen Oaks Memorial Gardens

3164 9th Line (at Dundas)

Oakville, Ontario L6H 7A8


Public Visitation/Viewing: Tuesday, September 5, 2006 between 6-8PM.


Funeral Service: Wednesday, September 6, 2006 1PM


Reverend Darcy Lezerte


Reception to follow Funeral Service at:

Sue's House

(*Note: please email me for the address - I don't want to post it on the 'net.)


Announcement will be in The Saturday Star.


And a side note from Sandy and Neal (Cheerio's):


Sue is now at home with her parents, Allan and Rebecca. We are personally asking that people limit the amount of calling or dropping by as Sue is still in a lot of pain, requires rest and some time to heal and adjust.

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Very sad news indeed.


I just arrived home from a 17 day road trip to the Maritime Provinces.

As a walked in the door at home, my wife told me the sad news.

I was shocked!


My very first cache was 1701eh's cache (Sept 13 2003 GHMCMC 8 Loose on the Bruce).

I was so excited about finding the cache that I came back home and took my wife back to find my first cache twice the same day.

I always enjoyed Tony's caches and series and met him on the trails and chatted with him at almost every Geocache Event that I attended.


I remember at one event he had a Star Trek item (travel Bug?) with him. Someone had taken it to William Shattler and William had posed with the item.

The photo was to be for Tony (not to posted on the internet).

I was privleged to be showned the photo. This photo was something special to Tony.


He will be missed.


Our sincere condolences go to his family and we wish his wife a full and quick recovery.

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For those attending the reception after the service, here is a note from the family and friends:


Steve Dawe is asking for gifts of ‘finger food’ for the reception after Tony’s service reception (Wednesday) at the Dawe’s house. The following are plates that suggested.














Kid munchies


The food should be places on paper plates so that they can be left behind and for about 8 people. Any food that requires refrigeration should be transported in a cooler to Sue’s house. It is requested that;


1) don’t take food to Sue’s house before the reception


2) bring over food to Sue’s house after the service


3) place in coolers while in your car at the service


To help with the distribution of choices, please pick one and e-mail me back. I will keep a tally and forward as necessary.




Neal (CheeriO's)


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For me, geocaching has provided an entertaining opportunity for exercise (both for the mind and the body), a reason to go places I wouldn't normally have gone, and a sport that I could enjoy with my whole family. The surprise benefit was being exposed to a great community of people with some similar interests. Tony is one of those people.


I had the pleasure of caching twice with Tony, the first time at TOMTEC's Excellent Midnight Adventure! back in January when Tequila conscripted him for the IT Guys, and again when we tackled The Big Pipe series as part of Geofellas' April Fool festivities. His type of wit fit in well with my own, and his easy going and friendly nature made it seem like I'd known him for years. I just wish that I had known him for years.


He also garnered a respect like no one else. I have heard many people speak of seeking out Tony for advice on different things. I have also noticed that many geocachers (myself included) reason that if Tony had a difficult time finding a cache or solving a puzzle, then it was okay to have a difficult time or fail ourselves. Being viewed as the measuring stick for success is one of the ultimate signs of respect.


I wish Sue a speedy recovery, and the whole Dawe family the best in the future. Tony, we'll all miss you.


Larry "AdventureRat"

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I was very sad to read this news.


I first met Tony (1701eh) on 26 April 2003 - very early on in my geacaching at Twisted Road (GCF9D6) We passed each other and looked back a few time as only people hunting tupperware do, wondering if the funny electronic gadget we both were hiding was for the same thing. Finally I spoke up and asked if he was looking for Twisted Road and the jig was up. We recounted to him how we had taken the wrong trail and had to wade through a river to find the cache and assured him he was on the right path :laughing: Laughed and parted company in search of the elusive plastic...


This is how I will remember him; a smile on his face, a kind word for others and a GPS in hand...


I have seen Tony a number of times since then at events and on the trail, even missing him by minutes at some caches'. He will be missed.


Best regards fom then Team Happy Face, now Team Fantastic 5 for a speedy recovery and another thank you for allowing us to share a small piece of Tony's life with you.


Dyver Down

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After attending a succesful cache event, where we also talked to Tony briefly. We left to do some night caching.

On our way to a cache we drove by a car accident, which had already many EMS vehicles on the scene.

We desparately hoped it wouldn't be someone from our geocaching community.


Our stomaches turned the next morning when we heard the sad news that Tony had died in the accident and that Sue was seriously injured.


We met Tony and Sue a few times on the cache trails in Burlington and Niagara and also met them at a few geocaching events. Tony liked to share any caching stories with alot of humor. He was a determined cacher and liked the challenges.

He will be missed!


It was good to hear that Sue is recovering, although slowly. We wish her all the best in this process.

We also wish her and the children as well as the extended family lots of strength with the loss of Tony.


Tony, may your life be remembered in the minds of the many people you "touched".


Ad & Violet

Team AdVill

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Hello, wow I didn't realise how many people my dad knew, and how he touched each and everyone of you.

It's nice to know he has such great friends, to him you were like his second family. I want to thank everyone for all there kind words and thoughts. My mom is getting better which is the only thing im worrying about. Allan that was really nice post about daddy.

I just made an account so I could see this, because I heard from my uncle steve and the rideau rangers that people have been posting nice things on here. I guess I might see some of you people on tuesday or wednesday at the funeral. Amizon annie thanks for the nice post about my dad. and same with everyone else, its nice to know that my dad will be missed. Its kinda weird how fast the word travelled. My mom is making a speedy recovery, and i'm back at home with her now with my brother(allan).

Reading some of these posts made me cry, and I told my mom about some of them. It's hard knowing that I can never see my dad again, I'm going to miss him so much but I know he is happy with his gps, He wont get lost up there.

I really don't know what else to say but thank you.


From Rebecca dawe. 1701eh's daughter.

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Tony called me one morning, February 2, 2002, a very cold and windy morning, and said he was going hiking and asked if Richard, Peter and I would like to come along. As good Scouts, we never turned down a winter ‘challenge’ hike. To my surprise, Tony had a borrow GPS unit and had coordinates for something called the Nemo Loop Virtual. It was our first geocache find, for both of us. He was hooked and by July, so was I.


Tony’s family and ours go back 13 years. We had a lot in common and the same interest: Scouting, hiking, camping, electronic gadgets, collecting, Sci-fi, and then the ultimate application that pulled everything together – geocaching.


Tony took me to my first Geocaching event, GAGAFAP II, and my first geocaching Pub night, GNASHERS 01. He always introduced me to the best ways of geocaching which included paperless with the Palm. What better way for geocaching at any moment!


Tony has a very good sense of humour (as written in the above posts) and he always recounted them to me during the many days of caching with him. But Tony was also supremely competitive, wanting for the challenge, always fair and continuously looking out for the safety of his geocaching partners on the trail. Tony was always prepared for the hunt.


There were times that I was not completely prepared when caching with Tony. One time (and never after that), Tony, Mike Quigg and went to a Scouting camp event (near our Mudduck Hill cache). Tony and I signed out to do a few caches. He had started a multi and wanted to due a few more stages and some others caches nearby. “Only about 3km round trip” he said. When he calculated the 3rd touch point of the multi he said, “Are you up to the challenge?” (there’s that challenge word and I should have known). Not wanting to say no, and he would have accepted that, off we went. Well the 3km turned into 13km. We got back to the camp to cold hamburgers after the Scouts had finished cleaning up. I never told Tony that I had major broken blisters on both of my feet as I had failed to don thicker socks for hiking, a caching memory never to be forgotten.


Tony loved the puzzles and the challenge to find caches that had recently been logged as ‘dnf’, the multies with a twist and the unique. Tony had a knack at finding the caches. On the days of our power caching I was never over 5% at being the one to find it first. He never gave up until he was absolutely convinced that the cache was gone. During this spring and summer, I told him and Sue that Tony was the best GPS receiver that I ever had. He got us to the cache area (even ones that I didn’t have the coordinates) with minimum of hiking and our ‘dnf’ were almost zero.


On Sandy’s and my 500th cache find, he stood by patiently with Sue while we searched for about what seemed about 5 mins to me. His words were “Congratulations on your 500th” and I’m sure he said “It’s about time”. I don’t know if he was referring to our 500th or the time to find the cache. That same cache had a CJ’01 crest in it. Usually the person to find the cache between us gets first choice at the contents. Since Sandy found this one, she flipped a coin and I won. Tony accepted the result and didn’t even offer to trade. I’m sure he wanted it more than I needed it.


Sandy and I had been looking forward to regular picnic caching outings with Tony and Sue. We enjoyed this slower venue and Sandy still would have let me power cache with Tony.


We’ll miss you greatly Tony, as a person with a supreme personality, as a best friend for 13 years, but mostly as our geocaching mentor and partner.



Neal, Sandy, Richard and Peter – the CheeryO’s

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:) Still trying to grasp what I have just now heard. Jim has filled me in on basic facts and directed me here. The heartwrenching part is to know what his survivours must go through. I have little doubt of how greatful Tony is to see the circle of support around his family. The emptiness can not be avoided, but the edges can be smoothed.


Tony - Rest easy knowing your family is being cared for and your scence of humour will no doubt be honoured.


Sue, Allen & Rebecca - Sally and I will be holding you all in our thoughts and hope that your greif may be eased where ever possible.


Northern Eagle

Ian (and Sally)

Oakville, Ontario.

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Tony's enthusiasm for geocaching was legendary and his generous spirit was well known across the country. This is tragic for the Canadian geocaching community and I can speak for many people in British Columbia when I say we share in your greif. Our condolences to Tony's family and hopes for Sue's complete recovery. Our hearts are with you.


Stu (Scruffster).

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Hey Guys..


Its Tuesday morning and a very sad day for us all..(visitation today and funeral tomorrow)


Good morning Al & Becky..Its so nice to see you guys here and starting off my day being able to hear from you is very comforting..


I had "unbookmarked" this forum, 'cause the posts were getting harder & harder to read..

But I'm glad Becky mentioned her post to me and I came back..

As a quick update..Sue is one strong lady..We have seen that more in the last week than in the 30 years I've known her..She is still in a lot of pain but she is kicking that pain right in the butt..Walking around..Trying to be as independent as possible..Grimacing and gritting her teeth as she goes..

We too are feeding off her strength..

She is truly an awesome woman..Bless her


All the posts here are very nice and I'd like to thank you all again for the memories...

We went on a Geocache with Tony once..

He dragged us through the bushes and swamps, over broken trees, around areas that were infested with god knows what...Constantly circling an area and zooming in as we went..

Don't get me wrong..We are avid campers and a few little bugs never bothered us..This was a little more extreme than that though..


And it was a ton of fun..

We found our little plastic container and Tony did "all the little things he does" and we were off through the jungle again..

I'll never forget it..


But that was his thing and once was enough for us..


Please continue to celebrate Tony's life by enjoying what you do..

I wish you all the happiest of times on the trails and trials..


But please, please, please.....Play safe.. :angry:


Bless you all and may Tony be watching over you as you search for that elusive find..

He has a much better view now :ph34r:



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From Neal (CheeriO's)


Sue has been at home since Friday afternoon recovering fast.


She has had some good nights. On Sunday, Sandy, Rebbeca and her mom took her to Credit Valley Hospital for X-rays, blood work and a check-up. She was put on medication to prevent possible blood clotting in one of her legs. Sue has been walking on her own with the assistance of anyone’s strong arm and choosing to leave the walker behind. On Tuesday and Wednesday Sue will most likely be using a wheelchair only to help getting to and froe.


All of Sue’s family has been with her over the last few days. Steve Dawe is still requesting food plates for the reception as per previous e-mail. Leeane Hart (guidinggal@yahoo.ca) is coordinating the collection and she can be contacted with any offering.


Note for the reception after:

Parking is non-existent in the complex and there’s a school and church across the street. It will be school time and parents make use of both to pick up their children, so be careful.

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We just received news that Sue will be kept in hospital overnight because of some tests they were having trouble giving her..

Too much pain for a cat scan so they had to knock her out....Therefore she has to stay in Credit Valley overnight..

She won't be at the visitation this evening but she will be out for the funeral tomorrow..


Keep up the good work AA

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My condolences to Tony's family and friends. When I was living in Rochester, NY, there was a group of us there a few years ago that decided to drive up to Canada to attend a geocaching event in Southern Ontario. 1701eh and CheeryO's were the first two cachers we met at that event and I remember them giving us a warm welcome. I was fortunate enough to meet Tony again at a few other events in NY and ON. In fact, I made the certificate that NYGO presented to Tony at the pub night in NY where he celebrated his 1000th find.


I have since moved back home to Winnipeg, MB and was out caching during the long weekend when I opened a log book and found 1701eh's name in there. Apparently he was visiting Winnipeg in July where he logged his 2000th cache find.


He will definitely be missed by the geocaching community and everyone who knew him. My thoughts are with his family during this difficult time.

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12 of my first 14 caches were Tony's Parking on the Credit series which I completed over 2 weeks in January 2003 using my old Micrologic GPS. Cached with Tony many times and enjoyed each others caches.


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words... We'll miss you Tony.










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