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  1. I did a cache in toronto where someone stuffed a dead squirrel into the cache container. Needless to say the cache was archived after that. And I found a dead cat by a cache once in on a caching trip to Pennsylvania
  2. I have been maintaining two book mark lists that show caches either still in an Ontario Park or close enough that if you were camping there you can do them. Bookmark List Southern Parks Bookmark List Northern Parks The ones in or near Killarney would be in the northern one. I love visiting Ontario Parks and get the pass usually every year (except this one too busy). There actually are a lot of caches to do when visiting the parks just they are placed outside of them.
  3. Mine was 240km not as impressive as some of the 10k+ FTF but it was cool. ironically i live in an area where getting a FTF is very difficult and I have two that are reasonably far from home (out of 7)
  4. I have a travel bug that has been in this cache, Newfoundland Travel Bug Inn. It has been there since December 17, 2006 and that cache has not been visited once since then. I was wondering if there are any St. Johns NF area cachers that could pop by and retreive it for me. It appears to be close to the airport in St Johns. This Travel Bug already went missing for 1 year and surfaced again and I would love to get him moving again.
  5. I was leaning toward M-28 as it seems more remote and I have already done US-2 from the bridge to Escanaba already
  6. I will be driving across the UP of michigan on my way to Thunder Bay ON in Early Aug. i was wondering which is more scenic way, M-28 across or US2 also which are good and quick caches to do along that way. I have done a few caches in the UP before Thank you Lord Fishman
  7. I personally like earth caches (i have only found 6) the only one I found a bit lame (well not that bad) was in Lewiston, NY Before the owner changed the requirements you just have to photograph it somewhere in lewiston, I did it while getting gas after crossing over just took a picture of it in the distance. There was one in PA i tried to do on the way home from GW5 (The most Radio active town in America) that one seemed cool but did not have time. Hey according to the main site for earth caches I qualify for the Bronze pin!
  8. Tell me more about the Crazy canucks and the shirts
  9. Thats nothing! When I went on a business trip to Bathurst NB earlier this year the hotel according to the GPS was about 6 km away than it really was. I find for highways it is not all that bad except for the 407 between Burlington and trafalgar road (if you have ver 4 try driving along that part of the 407 following a route and watch the fun ensue!) Here is a picture of mapsource of the area of the hotel I stayed at, note the distance marker Needless to say it was quite confusing when the GPS told me I have arrived at the hotel only to find a tim hortons
  10. Adam and I are going to the upcoming Geowoodstock event and am just curious who else from Canada will be going.
  11. I was wondering if it would be possible to allow one PQ to send an email to two addresses or multiple (either separate with a ; in the list or another field) I cache as a team sometimes and i am starting to setup PQs for my cache partner as well, just wondering if that is something that could be useful
  12. I'll be driving from Canada for this one! It is about 14hour drive (I live about 1 hour from Buffalo, NY) Apparently there will be a bunch of us from Ontario going so it should be interesting
  13. I recently was out in New Brunswick and found a few infuriating quirks with the Mapsource (garmin) Hwy 11 is a limited access highway with proper exits however the software had no idea so it kept telling me I can get off right at a road that was really an overpass Even better was many "roads" were not roads at all but either foot paths, snowmobile trails, or were roads in 1935! Even around hamilton there are a few cases of these long gone roads. (I know becuase there is a cache on one) That all may be due to the fact the maps are provided by the government but yes why would one company have different detail when they all get the maps from teh same place. I bet they both got the maps from the same place but did it at different times. My mapsource map does seem out of date as I noticed in NB HWY #2 was showing the old part of the road when they redid a section a few years ago.
  14. Check out the Golden Horseshoe Geocaching site at http://ghcaching.servehttp.com/home.php I realize you are slightly outside of what is considered the golden horseshoe but it is a good site, check it out!
  15. Here is something interesting, I think in regards to cache Hides in most provinces and territories, Dex4 may be the winner of that He has hides in Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland Plus New York state AND Thailand, Vietnam, Laos!! Interesting looking at the hide aspect as most of us dont have the unique position of being able to maintain caches this far away. I was considering trying for one of his NB caches while I am out here but I may not have time. Howver CasheKickers acheivment of almost every province and territory is commendable.
  16. I think all the snow showed up in Northern New Brunswick There is over 20cm of snow on the ground right now it all came today.
  17. I am on a business trip to northern NB and it rained all day today. They do have snow here on the ground but i am told by locals it is vastly less than it should be. I think there is no snow because I bought a snowblower last year becaue EVERY year before that my drive way at my rental property is always buried until the day I get the snowblower, oh and I too got snowshoes for christmas so of course there is no snow.
  18. For the most part the amount of work that goes into the maps we have to buy is considerable. However i do agree that they should at least get the main roads right. The truth is they are a US company and proably wont give better detail away for free any time soon. I went overseas earlier this year and there all you get is a dot telling you that a town is somewhere here but not a single road and a rough outline of the coastline and international borders is all I had. It is possible to create your own maps, here is how you do it for a garmin http://www.keenpeople.com/index.php?option...=4&Itemid=3 Here is a link for magellan users http://www.msh-tools.com/exploristmain.html Now I have never tried this as I have Mapsource already for the garmin (even that can be off). For instance the 407 between burlington and mississauga in Ontario has a section where the highway is a few KM away from were it really is. Regardless I have read how to make your own maps before and I think the more difficult part it to get hold of a digital map that is accurate in scale. However it is unfortunate that after spending the money on the GPS you end up spending more to make it useful.
  19. Yes that was the comic strip! And blondie was one of the characters the "splitting the atom" comic Check it out... http://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/atomictoys/dagwood.htm Now can anyone get the bonus of what toy bundled that comic with it?
  20. The comic strip recently celebrated a milestone for a large number of years in publication.
  21. The character is actually a comic strip character and not a comic book character as far as I know.
  22. Here is something I came across last week when I was reading about strange christmas gifts of the past. I could not beleive they made this particular toy. Which current comic strip character (still going strong today) starred in a childrens comic book explaining splitting the atom. This comic had a forward written by a member of the manhattan project. and came out a few years after WWII. It came free with the childrens toy I read about (it would definately not pass safety standards today), for a bonus what was the name of that toy.
  23. I did some research and found this The original wind chill formula was derived from experiments conducted in 1939 by Antarctic explorers, Paul Siple and Charles Passel. They appartenly figured out how long it took for water to freeze in a small plastic cylinder when it was placed outside in the wind. However there are differences between a human body and a plastic jug filled with water, most notably the fact that people produce body heat. As well, the wind speed used in the formula is measured ten metres above the ground, usually at airport weather stations. At this height, the winds are faster than those at 1.5 metres, the height of an average person. As a result, the method produced a colder wind chill than people actually experienced. http://www.restena.lu/meteo_lcd/papers/win...wwindchill.html
  24. Really cool Idea, I am from Canada but an on vacation in India right now. There are not very many caches in India and very few seem to be still there. I did the one in Agra and is memorable because of the fact you can combine this with a visit to the Taj and other sights like Akbers fort. And I think there are some still there up by Sikkim area but I was nowhere near there so I cant vouch for them. If you want to get a lively debate on the best cache in Canada or ideas for your geocoin please post a request in the canada forum.
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