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  1. Hi NiraD, Thanks, Your post led to a solution, although not the way you intended. I had seen that "Use hardware acceleration when available" setting advice days ago, and it was always in the ON position. So, I left it alone. But today, I decided to try cycling through the setting. I intended to turn it off, relaunch CHROME, then turn it on again, and relaunch again. When I turned the setting off, and relaunched, I went into Geocaching and tried the new (Non-browse) map. It worked!!! I then signed off Geocaching, went into the CHROME settings and turned the "acceleration" setting back on, and relaunched. The map didn't work. I got the "WebGL not supported" error message. Back to CHROME settings and turned the "acceleration" setting OFF, and relaunched. The map works. So, either CHROME is screwed up, or the advice to turn hardware acceleration on is wrong -- the "WebGL" map only works for me when "Use hardware acceleration when available" is set to "OFF".
  2. I'm experiencing the same problem with WebGL not being supported. It started happening about a week ago. I updated Chrome as suggested. Still doesn't work. I'm still on Windows 7.
  3. I'm having the same problem. 12:35 EDT.
  4. I haven't clicked on that "view all blocked content"! I figured it was just asking for trouble if I did. (I'm not very computer savvy!)
  5. Is anyone getting a warning from McAfee about Geocaching, or data on it, not being safe? I just got this message when I logged on. I sent a copy of it to Geocaching to look at.
  6. I just tried your NEW MAP. I selected an area, and then applied the given filters. I added the 32 caches to a list. (It would also be nice to apply a smaller limit to the search, by overriding the "500" -- I have never asked for more than 60 caches in a day). One major problem for me: I usually build pocket queries, excluding certain attributes (e.g. "Tree climbing", "ticks", "boat required", etc. in summer and "NOT winter friendly" in winter). I can't see any way to do this on the new map filters. The list I produced would have to be edited one at a time to drop caches I don't want to visit. If you could include attribute selection in the filters, I would be glad to use it. Otherwise, I will most likely avoid it. If someone has mentioned this already, please forgive me -- I didn't want to read through dozens or hundreds of posts!
  7. I tried a brief search to see if this problem has an existing thread, but didn't find anything. SO: Two or three times, I've tried your new version of "My Lists", but all I get is a spinning green circle! The page never shows my lists. I have to go back to the old dashboard format. I have a PC with Windows 7, IE 11.0.9600.18762
  8. I'm trying to print my pocket query map and this new release has a GIANT Geocaching banner that takes up most of the map! Is there some way to get rid of this? See below:
  9. I phoned a friend and asked if he was having any trouble looking at geocaches. He said he was having the same problem! We both live in Canada. Could it be a local issue?
  10. Starting on Friday (July 8), I have not been able to view individual cache pages on geocaching.com. I can look at the home page, my profile, forums, etc. but when I try to look at an individual cache, I only get part of the page, or else I get "Geocaching.com is not responding due to a long-running script". The page just hangs then. This occurs when I use I.E. (I'm using I.E. 11). I tried using CHROME to access geocaching, and everything works fine from there. Is there a problem with geocaching that needs fixing when I.E. is used?
  11. I've already encountered ticks this year while caching (in mid-April in the St. Catharines area), but fortunately haven't been bitten. I still worry about Lyme disease though! I just saw this article on the Weather Network about Over-the-counter Lyme Disease testing kits now available in Canada, and thought I'd pass it along. http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/over-the-counter-lyme-disease-test-now-available-in-canada/67869/ You need to capture the tick and put it in a solution for the test. No details about prices, and they're not regulated yet by the government. But they might help worriers like me!
  12. MartyBartfast - you might be right. I checked the area more closely and there are only a few multis anyway. Some were definitely excluded because of selection criteria. The remainders were on the edge. I may have jumped the gun. I'll do some more experimenting later to find out... Thanks for the fresh viewpoint!
  13. I did a fast check of exisiting topics and didn't see any that addressed this issue. I just ran a pocket query requesting traditional caches and multis for Keswick, Ontario. Only regular caches were selected. Not a single multi! Anyone else having this problem?
  14. I tried switching on the "compatibility mode" and it's working fine now. Many thanks, Gitchee-Gummee!
  15. As of today, when viewing "geocaching.com" maps, the scroll wheel on the mouse no longer zooms the map in/out when I move the wheel. The sliding bar for zooming works. All other mouse functions work. The scroll wheel still works on other websites and applications, so it's not the mouse. My PC just updated itself from IE 10 to IE 11 this morning. I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I'm on WINDOWS 7, by the way. The "hand" is constantly displayed on the map so that I can grab the map and shift it. I don't recall if the "hand" was always displayed previously. Regular GOOGLE maps still zoom using the scroll wheel - I just checked to make sure. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there some setting that has to be altered? Is there a bug on Geocaching that needs investigation? It's a nuisance, but I'd like to have the function back!
  16. I don't know if this has been discussed on any forum before, so forgive me if it's old news. This problem has been plaguing me since Groundspeak introduced the "language" button (I.E. "ENGLISH) at the top of most screens. When I print a page of cache listings or individual cache descriptions, I got the list of languages printed out which took up a good chunk of a page, and forced printing onto another page. I would either have to do a print preview and shrink the page down to a miniscule size or SELECT just the core of the screen and print "as selected on screen" - a process that usually took several tries. By a happy accident, I discovered that the language list does NOT appear on a printout if you click on the language button first, then click in the light green area beside the button to remove the list, and then print the screen. (If you click on the button and then select ENGLISH specifically, the list is still printed, by the way). I just thought I'd share this discovery for other "print" cachers struggling with this problem.
  17. The Feb. 14, 2012 release had the following enhancement listed: • Added ability to dismiss the downtime notification banner that appears at the top of the website ahead of scheduled maintenance This new feature has never worked for me. Today, the message banner says "Geocaching.com will be going offline temporarily for a site update on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012..." and there is an "X" box in the upper right hand corner. But when I click on it, nothing happens. I still get the Downtime Notification Banner on my printouts. My system is Windows XP and I use Internet Explorer 8.
  18. Yes, my geocaching.com-Google-Map is also not showing my found caches (just past noon EDT today - Sat. Apr. 23, and also around 9:00 a.m. earlier today). I first noticed this problem a few weeks ago on Saturday and Sunday, during peak times. Later in the day, things return to normal. I wondered if Groundspeak is "throttling" the results during busy times to provide the basic Google maps with caches without identifying FOUND caches.
  19. Bad news: The excursion to "Get To the Point" on Sat. August 7th has been cancelled! I just sent an e-mail to all participants with the following message: *************************************************************************************** Hi all, I just spoke to the owner/operator of Crockett Fishing Charters about our excursion on Sat. Aug. 7th to get final information about the trip. He informed me that he has to reluctantly cancel the trip due to new Department of Transport rules. Something about extra safety equipment that is required -- I don't know the details. He said he is no longer able to do any charters and may have to go out of business. I will get the $100.00 deposit back. Sorry for the disappointment. Maybe we can find someone with a private boat. But most won't likely be able to hold 12 people. *************************************************************************************** Thanks to all for your interest. I'll try to do a bit more digging around to see if there are any other boats available, but it looks like this summer is a bust! Happy caching, Gord
  20. We have 12 people! If anyone else would like to be put on the "standby" list in case someone can't make it, let me know.
  21. Good news all: I just contacted the Crockett Fishing Charters (I'll just say "Crockett" in future), to tell them I'm sending the deposit and to hold the boat. And I also found out that the $500.00 charter fee already includes HST!! So, split 12 ways, that's $41.67 each. I'll make it $42.00 if that's OK with everyone to cover miscellaneous expenses. Any surplus, I'll just deposit in a charity box, like Tim Horton's camp fund. So, we have 10 people that are signed up, and four possibles. It looks like we're going to have a full complement! Here's the list so far: 1) GordEtob (that's me!) 2) DFX 3) t43 4) geocite 5) geocite #2 6) ElectroQTed 7) ElectroQTed #2 8) HomerJFong 9) Hamgram 10) PumpkinOneA I'm making up an email group to keep you all informed directly. I'll keep a standby list in case anyone has to drop out at the last moment due to unforseen circumstances. Happy caching, Gord
  22. Well, it looks like we might get our quota of 12, so I'll contact the good Captain and keep everyone informed.
  23. yeah that's what i figured. well, i made an announcement about this plan at the local event today, telling people to come here if they're interested. let's see how many will do... maybe it would help to create an event cache for this trip, so people can get two smilies instead of just one I thought about setting up an event for that, but would a limit of 12 people qualify for an event? I suppose it could be open to anyone, if they come down to the dock to see us off, and then go off caching in the area...
  24. Here's their answer on that question: "In the event of bad weather an alternate date can be set. If you need to cancel for any other reason we would appreciate 24 hours notice otherwise deposit would be forfeited."
  25. OK, DFX, two it is. I also checked with another boat rental place last summer and they quoted me close to the same price. But when I told them I wanted to go to the Long Point lighthouse, they said "No way" and that the open boat wouldn't be safe in rough water. Maybe they were just trying to get rid of me... About 10 years ago, I rented a 60-hp boat from a marina up at the narrows of Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching. For just a few hours of exploring we went to the first lock north of Lake Couchiching and back, and went through nearly two tanks of gas! (Five gallon tanks). I guess that was about 40 or 50 kilometres in total. The one-way distance from Port Rowan to the tip of Long Point is 35 kilometres, so if you do rent a small boat, make sure you have enough fuel to get back!
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