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  1. Well Hello there, Havent done much caching in awhile now, as my photography has taken over for a while, so if anybody ever wants to come visit, just drop us a email
  2. Ay, this brings back fond memories, as i batteled for a long time to solve this case, but having then solved it, when we did try it the key was not avaliable for us to gain entry and have since then never been in the area again, so its still on my to do list but when im not sure, GB are the co-ords still the same or has there been new information introduced into eividence. Someday.
  3. Just seen this. I'll be the 2nd YAY It's the adventure, to do something like that with a few orhr people will hold great memories and photos. In the pipe line for the future is a great adventure, to do the ET highway and route 66 series. Numbers smumbers I don't care. It's the trip, the photos the adventure for me. And last but not least the people I might meet along the way. If you don't like a PT THEN, like said before you don't do it. That's the beauty of this lovely game everybody plays it as they see fit. Don't close this trail because you getting flak, just ignor them and bask in the glory that you have created something that some people will enjoy
  4. The Head Nutter of Groundspeak has posted on the geocaching blog so head there for a read
  5. Agh so it appears it will part of yourfoud count but kept seperat. Also for more info see the Groundspeak blog
  6. I think these cases are isolated and wouldn't become common place as the fun is actually in been there. Would I do it on the odd occasion yes I probably would, would I do itfor a mega event no. As believe me it way to much fun to miss them. My penny's worth
  7. Hi all for those who are interested the new geocaching challenges are been releasedtomorrow in place of the old virtuals from what i gather it is separate from your caching account, but for the full storey go to www.podcacher.com and listen to the midweek micro. Brought to you all first in an exclusive interview with Jeremy and Brian from Groundspeak.
  8. Hey all Im in the country for another 3 weeks and would love to go up Sani Pass again as i have not done it in a long time. Myself and Wayne want to go but unfortunately Waynes 4x4 would not be allowed up the pass, so here i am asking if there is anybody that would like to go and make a day of it possibly stay a night but really a day would be great. We wanting to do the few new caches up there. So if there is anybody that is wanting to go and could take us up i would be most greatfull. Obviously it would have to be a Sat or Sunday.
  9. Did somebody take pictures cause Wayne said he was toooo busy
  10. Hey my two coins arrived today also, great looking, if you have not ordered, you are missing out on a great coin, the finish is top notch, detail exceptional
  11. NAme for the event South Africa's first MOERSE event Sorry couldnt help myself
  12. Damit Paul i Hate you :anibad: i was only planning one big caching trip this year from N/Ireland to the mega, now i might have to go the the other end of the UK also. Damit double Damit
  13. i found this but have no idea what the results might be http://www.fluesystems.com/sundries/info/hotspot_slate_oil.htm
  14. Hmm was wondering about that myself, the slate looks really raw in its natural form, would be nice if one was able to possibly polish it up without damaging the engraving. Perhaps the folk who cut the slate might know
  15. With regards to trees and the likes of attaching things to it via nails,glue etc. Lets have this senario im driving btw towns, or for that mater in town itself. I come across this expanse of open veld, and for what ever reason i want to place a cache there, and decide to attache it to a tree by means of nails or some other method. 1) Now lets say its btw towns on the side of a road. 2) Or its in the surban area of a town, and there is this veld, that you would maybe not know who it belongs to - this one is maybe more clear, ie: rather dont do it then. I think there are alot of caches placed in this mannor so insite would be nice.
  16. Damit, im back in Northern Algeria,, at least im not treading water anymore. http://maps.google.com/maps?q=Centroid@35.2925379877995,5.08318703989147&z=8
  17. And from the frezzer that is the North, we will be truley having a white Christmas, may you all have a blessed Christmas and hope to see many of you folks out and about in either KZN or Cape Town. And as ive said before you guys are all welcome to come for a visit, this side of the Equator. Se you all real soon, if the frezzer permits
  18. Yep will place mine when i return from SA, the big freeze should be over by then
  19. So have the cache s you find you need to go back to i think they should be deleted
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