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  1. And then you get this Waymark with just a phone number in Description Not a single question answered and all photos are from the Hostel.
  2. Only looking for the various type of structures/buildings and not "Unique birdhouses"
  3. The last few years I found more and more odd structures being erected close to the roads I have traveled. As it turns out these little buildings are being erected for the declining "Barn Swallow" populations. With the the removal of old barns and more road culverts being replaced many nesting places have to be relocated. The idea of this Category is to log and photograph these locations to help our barn swallows. Have you seen or wondered what these were for in your travels? Feedback appreciated.
  4. It's always "nice" to get feedback from owners of waymarks. ... after 'Reviewing' a previously erroneously approved Waymark ...this came in.. (not a 1st from this person) Quote: XXX
  5. Don't know how you do it. With a job and young family to boot ?
  6. Why even bother to set up cache pages! - Just add co-ordinates and nothing else. If they are too lazy to acknowledge their "Found" why am I spending hours setting up pages with information, photos and even hints? (Some can't even tell the difference between a 'Regular/Multi or Puzzle' cache as I was told a few times my co-ords were out by miles) [/size]
  7. OK ! I'll take a stab at it (a bite) Let the "Review Board" decide.
  8. Too many replies to got back to and read all :-( Question as per E.C. logging requirements: "1. People do not need to wait for permission to log your EarthCache. = (fine with me) Requiring someone to wait is not supported by the EarthCache guidelines. = OK People should send their logging task answers to you, then log your EarthCache. = Answers then log??? When you review their logging task answers, if there is a problem, you should contact them to resolve it. = OK with me too. If there is no problem, then their log simply stands./" ~ What am I missing here? 1. I keep getting "Found" but no answers. 2. I keep getting "Found" with "Will send later" (Never arrives) 3. - I write everyone asking for them to submit their answers (most don't some do) = I DELETE... 4. WHY shouldn't we be allowed to ask for everyone to submit their answers while or before logging? Even get some claiming their GPS doesn't show or have the questions. (I usually ask how they managed to solve their multis or mystery caches)
  9. My Garmin GPSmap 76CSx has only 'Basic' maps installed. Now why would they call it "map"? Bought a new Montana600 ($600) and the supplied map is just as bad. How can one justify spending that kind of money for not even a mediocre map/GPS? My summer home shows up in Lake Huron as well as other shoreline caches and nearest road is 12kms away. - On the other hand my Nuvi50LM (C$89). shows every road and has me as well as the previously shown wet caches on dry. :-) - and it has lifetime updates. How can any business be so ignorant and not at least give us one decent map to load unto our GPS. according to country/state/province you reside in? I guess it's still sucker beware. Needless to say I am more than disappointed with Garmin.
  10. I have to commiserate with 'Silverquill' as I was always against "Visiting" your own Waymarks (unless I was visiting again and adding some additional information or photo) - Back in 2005 there were many heated discussions and opinions stated. OH ... and many didn't like that I insisted on adding photos to Waymark pages []
  11. Definition of Dedicated: = donated (most "dedicated" trees or benches that I have come across have been donated)
  12. Closest Geocache -- same bridge,see photos http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GCWX2W_thames-path-the-bridge-at-sonning
  13. Apples to you Ambrosia...... Long time no hear (or see) Welcome back :-)
  14. Do you add additional "Visit" requirements to your Waymark up and above what is required by the Category creator? ~ had one Waymark submitted once with a 2 or 3 word long description with about 10 lines of "Visit" requirements added. They never supplied a single photo themselves but asked for a couple different views from the visitor.
  15. [quote name='BruceS' timestamp='1374103846' post='5 You soon get to know the quality of the waymarks by the person submitting them. There are a few you know you have to peruse more carefully while others can get speedy approvals I absolutely refuse to promote a couple members as Officers being, in the past, they approved every Waymark even tho they weren't even close to the requirements. TRIGGER FINGERS
  16. Last ? word on this. - If a Waymark is hung up you may want to write to an ACTIVE officer. We found if we looked at, or clicked on, the offending Category (or Waymark)the Waymark 'Vote' will be released and appear in your box.
  17. F.Y.I. - I should have said: thousands Below is my "In-box" with probably over 50% already deleted. No time for housekeeping
  18. The "Lock" option has been there as long as I can remember. ~ Locking is only an advantage when you suspect a Waymark wording was changed not to comply to the original or "Groundspeak" requirements.
  19. I guess I am guilty too. - When I get Waymarks that could be expanded, added to or even a photo added I add to it. Sometimes I'll e-mail additional links or information to the Waymarker to include. I have never (except once[recently] had any negative feed-backs) I don't bother with simple or brain dead Categories but if it comes to historic or informational Waymarks I'll check them more closely for details or accuracy. *Bad spelling, wrong dates, dead links or misinformation do not make for well researched Waymarks but sloppy work and ones I wouldn't sign my name to. (Incognito or not) Its NOT how many you can post but how accurate they are or how well they are received.
  20. Surprised to hear the remark below from 'T.B.Quasar' as I see all (or almost) all the "Canadian Historical Sites" require a: CNHS prefix... and almost all have city/province included. - doh - ""This sounds like micro management has a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist. Obviously you can't expect me to change any of my 50+ categories to such an enforced naming scheme. I'm not interested in finding ways to deny people ways to participate/"" Remember well B.Q., what's with the change of heart?
  21. Glad to see this idea was brought up in the Forum, again. - A couple of years ago I had proposed a similar idea for a Category named "Designer Memorials" or was it called "Unique Graveside Markers/Memorials" which didn't go anywhere. ~ To-day while searching through the Categories I came across the "Handmade Tombstones" ones where these wouldn't be accepted as some aren't even tombstones but just extra decorations. One question that was posed was: Do these have to be at a grave or can these markers be placed anywhere? (or just cemetery) will look to see if I can still find the old link with photos) (
  22. Whenever I find multiple caches I'll post a "Note" until after it/they are approved and then change my log to "Found" thereby keeping my actual routes in tact.
  23. Sometimes it's hard to remember if the answers have been received already or not. If they are forthcoming or e-mailed at time of logging I'll let them stand. -Most of my E.Cs require for them to send the answers 1st, and only if needed to post a "Note" until permission is granted. If an Earthcache is "Logged" and no mention is made of the answers being sent soon, or when getting home, I'll delete the post. If they see that you monitor your pages fraudulent logs will be very rare. BTW.Had one young kid ( Regular Member) log over 300 caches for Hawai`i in 1 day even tho some were Earthcaches, Regular & 'Premium' caches and all were signed with "Found it" only. After checking some Earthcaches months later I found the "Found it" still standing and some of the Cache Owners never bothered questioning the logs ... or don't care ----
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