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  1. Still having the problem.
  2. I agree with the OP that Virtuals should be brought back, or at least TPTB should put it to a "vote" of the users. I think that it may be a good idea for some of us who are "pro virtual" to create a working group online to try and come up with a set of guidelines for the type first. I would be willing to create a "yahoo group" for this, I'd do it right now, but I'm not sure if I would be allowed to give the link. If we are serious about our desire, we should take this step. Then we are showing that we are willing to take on some of the burden ourselves, instead of just, as some would put it, "whining". I would also be willing to help out with the added review burden that the return of the type would create. I do agree that some of the virtual caches that were out there were, at least in my opinion, not that great. Of course, the same could be said about any cache type. I think that we could use the Earthcache type guidelines as part of the new Virtual guidelines. A photo may not even be needed, but perhaps require the finder to do some more research ( in the case of a historical site ) or find more answers at or near the site ( i.e. email the CO the name from a grave stone in the cemetery that is from the 1800's ) Done properly, this could be an enhancement to our hobby.
  3. You're being too kind. It's worse than that. It does seem a bit "dumbed down". I know TPTB tried their best on this one, but well, not everything works the way we want it to. PLEASE go back to the old form permanently!
  4. Ha ha! Clearing cookies forces you to login again. It's one of the basic rules of the web. And worse, as someone pointed out elsewhere, simple advice to "clear your cookies" (without being specific about doing so just for a single website) forces you to re-login to ALL the sites you use. Doh! Funny, oddly enough, I do know that. It's a last ditch thing I try when have problems like this. Usually, if the problem is my computer, it solves the problem. Not this time. Next time pal, more support, less sarcasm, unless you like starting flame wars...........
  5. Since the update, I've noticed two issues and have one request. Issue 1. I (and apparently many others) cannot seem to stay logged in. I've cleared my cookies and browser history, no luck. This is a pain. Issue 2. It seems like the "My Profile" page takes MUCH longer to load, most pages seem to have a bit of lag while loading. I've noticed this on computers on different ISP's. Request. Can we have the option to permanently use the "old" version of the cache reporting form? I liked that one much better.
  6. MickEMT


    Same issue here, cleared out all cookies, cleared history, even ran a registry cleaner, still won't stay logged in between visits. This is affecting multiple usres in my area.
  7. And, with that, I snorted coffee over the laptop this morning. :laughing: :laughing: That was a great one!!! With that explanation, then surely we must get permission from the guys in the homeless camp before we place a cache there. You ask first. I'm actually really surprised. I expected to come back here and find I was jumped all over. I'm glad to see people understand the situation. I'm very compassionate about homelessness. It's a tough problem. We used to have institutions for mental patients to live. It was safe and gave them meals and a place to live. Since they closed all those down, they all moved into the streets. There isn't another option for them. What can they do? They can't work a job. It's a sad situation. I'm also compassionate about those who are homeless due to bad circumstances. I've met many of those. It's tough, but most get back on their feet and back into the workforce. I wish I were rich so I could help them out more. The US is very expensive to live in. You've got to be at the top of your game to get a good situation here. It's tough. I'm not "jumping all over" you, I'm pointing out that it's the responsibility of the cacher, NOT the reviewer to determine what is "reasonably safe" for them to seek. Out on the trail, it's our responsibility to take care of ourselves. I've walked away from a number of caches when I thought it was too unsafe for me to continue, be it a terrain concern, or yes, I just thought it was an area where I might encounter some "unsavory" characters. And Keystone, somehow, I suspect you would go and personally ask the snakes................ thanks for missing the point.
  8. My personal best is 428 caches in a 24 hour period. That was last year, on the Rt. 66 power trail, with GadgetCHC. Frankly, I was wiped out afterwards.
  9. I actually have spent a whole lot of time around homeless people so I have an idea of what is going on out there. Even if I hadn't, the fact is that the statistics put a whole lot of them, a great percentage, as having mental problems. Go out and volunteer with them for a while, and tell me if you see different. A great deal of them are homeless because of it. I'm speaking of the homeless who are living in the bushes. There are homeless people who run into bad circumstances that they can't overcome and become homeless. Those people do not put up a tent under an overpass and call it home. They don't. They deal with agencies and friends and live in their car, etc. The statistics on the permanently homeless show a great percentage with mental problems. In the time I've spent around them, I don't dispute this. So what does this have to do with caching? I agree, I think it was the goat, who said that he doesn't think homeless areas are good places for caches. I don't think so either. People who are mentally unstable and could be territorial about their space (many are) do not make great places for young women to be running across alone. Don't make the mistake of labeling these people who are living in a tent under an underpass as perfectly normal in place of compassion. You can still see reality and be compassionate. Some of them are normal. More are not. This is a great post, thank you. Trust me, tent or box underpass guy is most definitely not down on his luck, living in his car guy. Go ahead an be afraid 99% of the time. Not necessarily homeless camp caches, although I've seen many, but just in general, I've seen many examples of reviewers excusing themselves from being the arbiter of safety. Then again, I can't explain what happened to Packanack. As someone with extensive inner city EMS experience, yes, be VERY wary of the wandering homeless, Mr Underpass dweller usually has some form of mental instability. Also, if someone is high on certain drugs, they can become EXTREMELY violent with little or no warning. That said, the CACHER is responsible for his or her safety, NOT the reviewers. If you decide to climb a tree to get a cache, fall out and get injured, it's not the reviewers fault, it's yours. Don't exceed your physical limitations, keep your head out of your *** and be aware of your surroundings. It's called situational awareness, use it. I doubt there is any reviewer that would let a cache be published that was undeniably, not to mention stupidly dangerous be published, things like, "cache is hidden inside the high voltage box, behind several bare wires" "Cache is hidden in a rattlesnake den" "cache is hidden inside an old coal mine in Centralis PA, be sure to bring your marshmallows" Obviously all of those are unsafe, unless you have some serious protective gear and specialized training. What about the other caches? Up a tree? Hey, someone could fall out and get killed, can't have that. Gotta climb a steep hill, could slip and fall, maybe even over exert yourself and have a heart attack, nope, no go on that one. Ohh by a body of water, sorry, can't take the risk someone might fall in and drown. Parking lot skirtlifter, gee, what if someone is hit by a car? No, have to get rid of those.. Hmm, come to think of it, you could get hit by a drunk driver while driving to any cache, might get someone killed. Yeah, I know, a bit extreme, but where do we draw the line between the reviewers responsibility and the cachers, in my book, unless the cache is patently unsafe for the vast majority of the caching public, it's the cachers responsibility to make sure that THEY are not exceeding THEIR physical abilities, and any risk of injury or death is their own.
  10. No, that would also run afoul of the guidelines. What about seeing if a local cacher would assist with the maintenance of physical caches at those locations?
  11. $ out of 5 gone today when I trie dto download them. we need some feedback!
  12. Time to upgrade from hamsters to gerbils? Not to knock the frog, but a reply from a lackey to the topic would go a long way towards soothing the irked cachers.
  13. Same thing here, one disappeared yesterday only to show up today, and two disappeared today. Very annoying!
  14. MickEMT

    Is Wherigo dead?

    Tilhet, I'm also willing to help out with some of the cartridges.
  15. As the CO, I'd be a bit peeved if someone just posted the coords. I did finally have the chance to reply to surteb and 7rxc, and while I didn't give them any spoilers, I did point out to one that he was leaning in the right direction and the other has solved part of it. Baylorgrad, I loved the look at it upside down suggestion! You're right, look s mighty peculiar that way! Mr. Yuck, nope nowhere near a guardrail, sorry, I know how much you love those!
  16. So far, the WhereYouGo app for the android is the best one for smartphones. OpenWIg, which does run on the Blackberry, is a bit rough. It will run some catridges, but the distance reading to the next waypoint takes some time to refresh.
  17. MickEMT


    Nope, still has a pulse....................
  18. When I had a Dell Axim PPC (a discontinued product), I used Beeline GPS and, at times, GPX Viewer. The "Geocaching Topics", "GPS and Technology", and "Getting Started" forums would be a better place to search for and ask about paperless caching since this forum is supposed to stick to talking about Wherigo. Some links for you to look through: BeelineGPS GPX Viewer Pocket PC Geocaching Tools Welcome to the world of Wherigo and geocaching! Now, get out there and have some fun! You can't stop at just one! If you do, you'll make a Lackey cry! We wouldn't want that, now, would we? The Garmin Colorado and Oregon units are paperless caching ready.
  19. The "OpenWIG" player should work on your Blackberry Download here, but it has some limitations. Not all cartridges work on it, list of verified ones here but most of those show in Europe. I'll be testing mine out and adding them to that list, and noting that on the cache & cartridge pages. On m,y Blackberry, 8530 Curve, to get the distance to next zone to update, I had to move, then stop and wait for it to recalculate.
  20. I know from speaking to local law enforcement officers in my area that they would really prefer that we use clear plastic containers so they can see the contents.
  21. Elias replied to the thread I had started on the issue Link, see post 3 I'll quote it below. "The short answer: I made a mistake. signalsad.gif The long answer: We started getting reports from Road Runner servers that we were sending email to them too fast. As a result, they started heavily throttling us, and email to Road Runner customers was backing up in our mail queue faster than they'd let us send them. The workaround we were given was to reduce the number of simultaneous connections to their servers. To do this, I had to create a number of special exception rules on our mail server to reduce the connection count for just Road Runner domains. There are a number of domains I had to create rules for: rr.com, roadrunner.com, etc..., and during the copy and paste process, I made a type-o on the roadrunner.com rule which caused all email to the roadrunner.com domain (and only the roadrunner.com domain) to bounce. As I was watching the logs after I created the rules, I saw lots of email being delivered to Road Runner servers following the connection limits I had specified, and so I erroneously assumed that all the rules were working correctly. This has been corrected, and I do see email for the roadrunner.com domain being delivered successfully. I sincerely apologize for this mistake."
  22. No problem Elias. Mistakes happen. Heck, it finally got me to quit putting off swapping my instant notifications over to my blackberry email account where they should be.
  23. Well, I just got off the phone with Time Warner. geocaching.com and Groundspeak do NOT show up on the blacklists, and with the odd fact that the issue seems localized to the Buffalo NY area, they will "escalate" the issue and see if it's a hand off problem somewhere. Looks like a zebra hunt. If someone at HQ could runa trace, it might help things along. Mick
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