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  1. I am having the same issue. I am a basic member that previously had no issue hiding and unhiding my statistics. Now when I turn on show statistics every option downstream gets greyed out. The top of the page then displays This user is in read only mode. I thought this was a basic member only bug but see that it was also reported by a premium member.
  2. I'm liking the look of this. Not sure if it is a compliment or a replacement for GC Tour. Will have to test drive it on our next trip planning.
  3. Not familiar with this particular Android device but there are many geocaching apps available in the Play Store. c:geo, NeonGeo, Locus, GeoBeagle and Groundspeak's own application. Go to the Play Store and search on "geocaching" or any of the listed names.
  4. The WebOS developer community had a non-sanctioned geocaching application that was very slick. Sadly the application was rarely updated and WebOS products will be soon found in the Atari/TI99 section of the dump. The tablet is a really nice device if you are happy with the installed applications and want to use it as a web browser. Expecting anything else would be making a huge mistake. It will not run GSAK and basically has no future. Don't be lulled into the clearout price - it will not meet your needs.
  5. I'm running WP7.5 (Mango) on Nokia Lumia - received Marketplace error code: c101b001 on download attempt. It would have been nice to try something on the WP side but will stick with c:geo on Android for now.
  6. I have tablets from different manufacturers, running various versions of Android OS and they ALL fail to render caches on the map. Same is true with iPad. I have a diverse enough collection of devices to say this is not isolated and GS need to get with it and make the necessary correction. It has been broken LONG ENOUGH!
  7. Averaging around 100 visits per year makes this a good choice (along with the proximity to the airport).
  8. A story about Lingham Lake and the various approaches geocachers have used would be a cool story (or a validation of our illness)!
  9. I'm not sure you'll be able to send waypoints to the device straight from Google Earth. It has been a while since I used mine but remember being restricted to data transfers through Mapsource. "Garmin" is the correct protocol to use for Mapsource. "NMEA" would be the correct protocol if you wish to stream NMEA sentences to an application that supports it. Have fun - I found a ton of caches with the "blue" legend before making the huge upgrade to the "gray" legend (colour).
  10. I wouldn't give up so quickly. The Nokia 6700 is a Symbian S60 version 3 OS and should be able to run SmartGPX geocaching application. For GPS, use a GPS module (often referred to as a "puck") connected via bluetooth. Should be able to find one of those pretty check in e-bay land.
  11. Go to "settings", "location & security" and ensure that "Use GPS satellites" is turned on. You may also turn on "use wireless networks" for less accurate location information. As mentioned, GPS status is a good app so see what is going on.
  12. Little Rouge Creek is filled with many large rocks that could easily facilitate a crossing unless the water was exceptionally high. When I visited Sixth Sanctum: Marsh of Grand Dreams I approached from the gate located around N43 50.140 W79 10.976. I don't see why you couldn't find a crossing in a near direct approach to Oh Deer, Oh Deer. The official approach from the South would be to pick up the Hillside Nature Trail at N43 49.769 W79 10.814. Keep in mind that my visit of these two caches were in 08 and 09 although I doubt anything has changed since then.
  13. Certainly many are reluctant to post SBA for whatever reason. Personally I want to know right away that a fellow cacher considers a cache SBA and not wait for the reviewers to ponder an anonymous tip. With the former I can make an informed decision, with the latter I am walking into.....?
  14. Risk to person is not a violation of the guidelines. Risk to the environment is altogether another matter. Yes, but this request comes from the discussion of a 21yo cacher, in Germany, that died. The perception is that a warning system could save future accidents/fatalities. I am aware of the tragedy and am saddened but don't share your view that a warning would have made a difference. Most people don't pay attention to page listings AND "some" (myself included) will take an unnecessary risk to obtain a smilie while geocaching. It defies logic but it is reality. Other posters have suggested that the cache in question was located in an "off limits" area. If that was the case then it should have been marked as "needs archive" by those that have noticed same.
  15. Risk to person is not a violation of the guidelines. Risk to the environment is altogether another matter.
  16. Well done Groundspeak! Partnering to provide service to an obsolete OS. Windows Mobile is SO out of date they changed the name Windows Phone 7 and 7.5 is current should you be interested in breaking "the one step forward, two steps backwards" cycle!
  17. I have a number of the various Sony Ericsson devices that have ANT+ hardware. If anyone is feeling ambitious and want to write an app - I would be happy to test.
  18. Are you sure the app is the issue and not the GPS in your Android device? They are not all created equal. I have devices that rival my Garmin in a "fair to good" environment (I use c:geo and Locus with the geocaching add-on). Try benchmarking your device with a known reference point since the application will only use the information passed to it.
  19. The level of organization made it easy to be a participant in this challenge. Having a goal that required a find every 9 minutes or so meant that quick decisions were needed when a DNF was apparent. Realistically having 16 searchers meant a number of people could be looking in more low percentage spots without too much impact on a quick find. Being spread out like this we could "call it" within as little as 5 minutes - equivalent to more than a hour of one person searching. I'm hoping that follow-up to this occurs next year and I get the invite to participate again.
  20. "Best" map is really a question only you can answer. It applies to your intended use. If you want the map for assisting in the field then the additional details of topo is "best". If you want to use it for routing from cache to cache then City Navigator is "best". Of course you could install both.
  21. .... not any more! I posted 0.77 to the site about an hour ago. So there's a fresh trail project map ready for you when you unwrap that GPS next weekend New changes: Updated - TJ Dolan Natural Area - Stratford - dfx, Avernar Updated - Grand Valley Trail - Kitchener - dfx Updated - Huron Natural Area - Cambridge - dfx Updated - York Regional Forest Trails - York Region - KDotBlueDot Updated - Guelph Radial Line Trail (Completed!) - Guelph - Guelphhiker Updated - Speed River Trail, John Woods Side Trails - Guelph - Guelphhiker Added - Glen Major Forest Trail - Barnie's Band of Gold Added - Unnamed trail - Brantford - dfx Added - Unnamed trail - London - dfx Added - Wilson Flats - Fergus - Fizbot Added - Sherwood Park - Toronto - GPS Derek Added - rare Charitable Research Reserve - Cambridge - Teamvoyagr, Doug Mathieson Added - Ball Tract - Cambridge - Teamvoyagr Added - Hampton Conservation Area - Orono - KDotBlueDot Added - Northumberland Forest - Coburg - Skyecat Added - River and Ruin Side Trail, High Water Routing - Puslinch - Avernar Added - Sulphur Spring Trail - Saugeen Valley CA (Hanover) - dfx Added - Trans Canada Trail Portions - Tillsonburg - dfx Added - William T. Foster Woods - Kleinburg - Josee Leon (Spydercat) Added - Walter Bean Trail Portions - Kitchener - dfx Added - Marsh Boardwalk - Presqu'ille PP (Brighton) - Hapla Added - Jobes Woods - Presqu'ille PP (Brighton) - Hapla Added - Bluebird Trail (Long Sault CA) - Scugog - Hapla Added - Hemlock Trail - Algonquin PP - Hapla Added - Lackner Woods - Waterloo - dfx Added - Vascan Trail - Dickson - dfx Added - Apps Mill Trail - Brantford - swamper68 Added - Kache Lake Trail - Washago - swamper68 Added - Secord Forest - Stouffville - Barnie's Band of Gold, entogeek Added - West Duffins Creek Trail - Stouffville - entogeek Added - Hillside Nature Trail - Toronto - bakersdozen Added - Harold S. Bradshaw Park - dfx Added - Avon Trail - Perth - dfx Added - Hamilton Conservation Trail - Hamilton - Avernar *** Previously updated but missed in the changelog: Added - Baker's Bush - Cambridge - Rolf Kuetemann Updated - Grand Valley Trail Portions - Cambridge - Rolf Kuetemann Fantastic NP, not sure how I cached before without these great maps. Thanks
  22. But so much less devastating to take her picture and post it on the web - I guess you assume that she doesn't have a computer and would never see it. I'm not generally humour impaired but find your intentional or unintentional demoralization of another human being to be completely tasteless.
  23. I don't have the Droid X but do have many other Android devices using clients OTHER than the Geocaching app. Make sure you have GPS enabled and that your device is not solely relying on the GSM network for location information. Of the Android's I have the Acer Liquid is the best and matches my Garmin devices for location (even in challenging environments). The worst of the bunch struggles with less than 20m accuracy. That device will go nameless.
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