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  1. We have not been successful in arranging for the local cachers along our spots to host events for the rally and we are very busy now with COG Spring Fling 8 planning. We have picked restaurants along the route where we plan to dine. For an updated list of our stops and dining choices see https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ap-PqMkbHIpudFdyTVc3c2JHMFdCQ0xvdmd1SkJWa1E#gid=0
  2. Try this link http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=9c796959-7f55-4fa2-9935-17f635d4e586 I may have not clicked every box that needed ceccking. You should be able to find it on both Mega GCs.
  3. We just found out that the friend we were planning to stay with in Saskatoon is not available but our friend in Swift Current wants to see us. We will be bypassing Saskatoon. A noon or afternoon event in Regina on June 30th would be wonderful. Any in Regina willing to host an event?
  4. We just created a public bookmark called Cdn M2M 2012 that contains both Canadian Megas. You will see a link that shows our planned routes. If you are joining us for the Great Canadian Mega to Mega 2012 Geo-Rally you can create pocket queries along these routes so that you can plan your stops between rally points.
  5. Our mission is to travel from COG Spring Fling 8 (GC1MGEQ) to Island Spirit 2012 (WestCan2) (GC349MK) and rally at check points along the way. Rally participants can join in at any point for several stops or just one. Rally time will be 6:30pm Schedule: Thu Jun 21 - North Bay, ON Fri Jun 22 - Timmins, ON Sat Jun 23 - Sudbury, ON Sun Jun 24 - Sault Ste Marie, ON Tue Jun 26 - Thunder Bay, ON Thu Jun 28 - Winnipeg Sat Jun 30 - Saskatoon Sun Jul 01 - Calgary Tue Jul 03 - Kelowna Wed Jul 04 – Vancouver The exact rally points are to be determined. Ideally, local geocachers will arrange Meet & Greet type of events for the rally stops and perhaps offer challenges for the participants and present prizes. Who wants to join in on the fun? Anyone interested in hosting an event as the geo-rally moves through your locale? We have identified all the public routes to do pocket queries for caches along the route. Contact us through our geocaching profile ( IsqubaAndNawty ) if you want the links.
  6. We are updating caches that we placed some time ago to add waypoints and remembered this topic. It would be useful to have sticky topic where the Canadian cache approvers state their waypoint preference so that those of us who wish to comply can find the topic easily.
  7. Most of Wasaga Beach that is not residential or private property is designated as provincial parkland. Ontario Parks does not allow cache placement. If Ontario Parks ever allows caches you see many caches placed in Wasaga as there are many beautiful spots along trails where caches can be hidden.
  8. Another rail trail that has several caches along it, north of Barrie, is the North Simcoe Rail Trail. Start at NSR1 – Chip Wagon and finish with NSR Final – Crossings. Check out our bookmark NSR Series. And then there is the Thornton-Cookstown Trans Canada Trail. Start at CT1 - Pining for Cookstown and finish off at CT8 – Downs End which is located right beside Georgian Downs. There are 2 Tim Hortons along this trail and a couple of pubs as well as The Downs. See our bookmark CT Series. Going from Orillia to Coldwater is the Uhthoff Trail. There are several caches along that trail. And yet another rail trail goes from Collingwood to Meaford. There are several caches along this one as well. So if you want to get out of the city and cycle some trails and find some caches along the way you have choices.
  9. Mini Me's Mindless Multi is on that trail and is designed to start in Orillia and takes you to the Barrie border. You can pick up several caches along the trail as fillers. I would suggest you do stage 1 and then drive to the stage 2 parking and start riding from there. That will get you out of Orillia proper and into a large parking area to start the ride.
  10. For those who want to spend the night nearby and are not interested in camping, check out this site for alternative accommodation: http://www.tourismbarrie.com/where-to-stay/hotels/ The best value is Georgian Summer Suites where you can book a one bedroom suite for $65/night (sleeps 2) or a 2 bedroom suite (sleeps 4) for $75/night. Check out their website: http://www.summersuites.ca/ We can negotiate group rates to make it an even better deal. Send us an email if you are interested in staying at the suites to isqubaandnawty@gmail.com See you at COG Spring Fling III
  11. We would like to suggest that you do NOT go the route of Ontario GPS Treasure Hunting. Not sure why they are allowed to place caches that provide prizes but require you to input a lot of personal information to qualify.
  12. Congrats Juicepig. Quite the adventure for your 1000th.
  13. I was having a sleepless night and read about the tragedy at 2 a.m. I did not have the heart to awaken Chris. When I told him what I had learned we held each other and shed a few tears. I am not certain anyone can fathom how many geocachers 1701eh has touched in the few years since we all got involved in this activity. His wit, helpfulness and positive attitude will be missed by many. For the past few months we have enjoyed an unofficial numbers competition. After a weekend we would check to see who was ahead. When we checked this week we were surprised Tony had not posted any finds. We now know why. Tony, we trust you are in a good place. To your family, please accept our deepest condolences . Nawty and Isquba
  14. OK, let me see if I can help. I am not a camper but I have been to Killbear, one of Parks Ontario near Parry Sound to find the caches in that area. The caches near Parry Sound take you to some really special places. Our favourite place to stay when we go scuba diving near Parry Sound is Resort Tapatoo (www.tapatoo.com). They have cabins as well as hotel rooms, a small private beach on a beautiful lake, canoes for guest use and a spa. It is situated very well to explore the Muskoka area. I have never stayed at Delawana Inn (www.delawana.com) but it claims to be a family friendly resort and it is situated very well. Another location you may wish to consider is Barrie as it is located centrally. Georgian College makes its residences available to tourists during the summer months (www.summersuites.ca). The Barrie KOA (www.barriekoa.com) has a nice location and the owners are very keen to make sure you have a great camping experience while you are staying with them. The Muskokas are an easy daytrip from Barrie. The white sand beach of Wasaga Beach (www.wasagabeach.com/tourism) is less than a 30 minute drive from Barrie. This 14 kilometer stretch of beach is said to be the longest freshwater beach in the world. The sand is the envy of many and some of it was shipped to Bondi Beach in Australia for the Olympic beach volley courts. The amusement park, Canada’s Wonderland (http://www1.paramountparks.com/canadaswonderland/#actions) in an easy drive from Barrie. I could go on. The local geocachers make every attempt to place their caches in special places that you may not discover as a tourist. We used geocaching to Discover Our Ontario. When is the best time to visit. July and August can be hot and humid. If you can wait until the end of August chances are really good that the mosquitoes will be less of an issue. As we do not have children, we love to travel between Labour Day (the first Monday in September) until the Canadian Thanksgiving in October. The weather can be spectacular, no mosquitoes and no crowds. Need more info, just ask.
  15. There are several caches in the same park as Hoppity. It is a large park and worth the visit. Or, there are several near the CN Tower - Great Balls of Fir! (well, sorta) (GCR7AX) If you want to avoid parking issues in Toronto consider taking public transit. On Saturday and Sunday a Family Day Pass costs $8.00 and you can ride all day. See //www.toronto.ca/ttc/ for more information. Have fun!
  16. It might be as simple as going into the navigation selection and selecting "on road" nav. if it shows a straight line from point a to point b you might be in the wrong mode.
  17. Heh Kathleene Coming to the picnic this year - GHAGAFAP IV - May The Fours Be With You ? Check out Scuba Cache:Innerkip Quarry (GCPRAC). We are the only ones to find it so far.
  18. Alright CA, we have to confess - this summer we have become beach bums. And this weekend is Ribfest & Craft Beer Show in Barrie. Geocache or beach, ribs and beer? Hmmmm - Afraid geocaching loses. Cycling in T.O. sounds like fun and we hope others join in. Maybe next time there is a group hunt, we will join in.
  19. Lucky you to start geocaching with a Garmin GPSmaps 60CS GPS. We recently upgraded to one and love it. When we decided to become fulltime geocachers we became premium members which gives you access to pocket queries. At first we used the free EasyGPS to easily load waypoints into our unit and it worked very well. Then we tried GSAK. This tool is excellent for serious geocachers and worth the small fee to purchase a license. Happy Geocaching.
  20. Sounds like fun. We prefer to avoid Toronto on hot, hazy, humid, smog alert days. And be prepared to get involved in some Caribana crowds as it starts on July 15th. We plan to do the islands once the temperatures cool off a bit and Caribana clears out.
  21. Congratulations to both. Lots of hiking, driving and in the winter - digging around in the snow. Keep on geocaching. Chris & Renate
  22. Congratulations to Ridgerunners for finding their 600th. Thanks for letting us get to 600 before you. And good planning to hit 600 at the same cache - MULTI-AGREEMENT COX TRACT - a delightful tract even though there is still snow up there. Carry on geocaching. Chris & Renate
  23. Our experience has been with gpscity. We decided we NEEDED a new gps the week before xmas and we had it in time to put under the tree. Truly amazing and hassle free.
  24. How do you join the chat when the webpage in this link is down?
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