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  1. GC10P1W - two red eyes. We planned to get this one the last time we were in Porters Lake but time ran out on us.
  2. Sure, I'm interested. Add me to the pool.
  3. Our daughter was posted to Victoria in August so we'll be headed that way in 2011 - I'm keeping an eye on this thread as we'll be doing some caching there soon as well!
  4. As many of you know, Hamgran and I announced at this year's event that we've decided to end our Harvestfest event series. Between changes in our lives and having to work mandatory six-day-weeks at our jobs, we no longer have the time to handle the massive amount of organization we've put into making these events the successes that you've enjoyed. Each year, we order 250 minted, trackable coins to commemorate the year's event. We have less than half of them painted, which we give out to attendees at the events and we keep the remainder ourselves to donate to other events, silent auctions, etc. In the past, we've never sold any of the painted coins given out at these events, but Hamgran and I have decided to let 50 go from this one as we had the entire lot painted this year, since we weren't sure how many we would need for the attendees when we opened the event for the first time to unlimited attendance. $10 each - PM one of us if you're interested. Once these 50 are gone, there will be no more offered.
  5. I believe a geomoldus translates to muggle. (My French is rusty due to lack of use.)
  6. Extremely immature? I guess we'd better tell that to our local Seniors' Centre, as they take the 70 and 80 year olds out on the rail trails geocaching!!
  7. Hamgran and I are hosting an event in August - Harvestfest 2010 (GC29YN6) - where there will be around 130 or so avid cachers, all eager to help and answer questions. Come and join us!
  8. A flash event! Seems to suit the occasion!
  9. I just spent five days in NYC - I could have logged all kinds of smilies if I'd wanted to, but I prefer just wandering around, using a map, and catching the occasional cache as I went by (except for a couple of puzzle caches I'd solved and just couldn't stand not attempting! ) The numbers aren't important to me - I like seeing the historical or interesting things that local cachers take you to see.
  10. knitter

    caching in pei

    GC8A2C - I'm A Little Teapot - was my own favourite. Though I did like visiting the lighthouses and finding the caches there, too.
  11. knitter

    caching in pei

    Check the topic "Maritime Geocaches" (4th June 2008) and "PEI Geocachers" (31st May 2008) for a good cross section of great caches suggested. PEI is gorgeous!
  12. Harvestfest 2009 has been scheduled for the afternoon of August 22/09. Same place as the past. Bring yourselves and your appetites. Stay tuned for the listing to be published (probably May).
  13. I'd post a photo of Angus the Wonderpug, but I don't want to make you all jealous
  14. For those of you who know Hamgran and PumpkinOneA, you know that they had to put Blue down due to health issues last summer. It was a sad time for all of us who knew and loved Blue. However, it seems the house and caching trails have been far too quiet and empty for their liking ever since. Today they brought home Blue's heir, a golden retriever puppy they've named Jake. We're watching them, laughing, as they've never trained a puppy before so it will be a great source of entertainment for the rest of us to watch them navigate this new experience. With Blue as his predecessor, Jake will have big shoes to fill.
  15. GCKC9G "Ted the Boardwalk Beagle" was nice for taking you on a tour of the Halifax waterfront, an area we usually spend some time touring, along with the Pier 21 centre. There's a small pub right by the Cows ice cream booth that serves an awesome breakfast mess (Privateer's Breakfast, I think - a pile of breakfast stuff covered in Hollandaise sauce. All your daily calories and more in one sitting! )
  16. Hamgran and I enjoyed GC8A2C (I'm a Little Teapot) in PEI, and GCG5FJ (What Lies Beneath) and GC35B8 (Time and Tide) in NS. You need the tide tables for two of these caches. We're headed back to PEI in September with Banjosmom to spend the week caching, then close our week with the Shellfish Festival. Can't wait! I love PEI!
  17. When we started hiking the Bruce, we did 20 to 26 kms in a day easily, and always stopped for a leisurely lunch midway. The terrain in the Niagara/Iroquois area is far easier than the terrain further north. We've settled to doing 12 to 16 kms in a day now.
  18. Banjosmom and I would be interested in joining you for a few - we're slightly more than halfway through the trek at the moment. We tried the organized hikes through the BT, and they're far more intense than we are - we like to stop when we feel like it, take photos, see the wildlife, etc. Both of us have one problem knee (neither is a major deterrent), and wouldn't be interested in a marathon hike at anything more than a comfortable wander. Depending on the schedule, we'd love to do some hiking/caching.
  19. We've laid out a good quality t-shirt, left fabric markers for writing signatures, then at the end of the night either given the shirt to one of the volunteers in attendance or thrown all attendees' names in a hat and drew one for the new owner.
  20. That happens to us quite frequently - we drop a bug or geocoin when we're travelling from Point A to Point B, and before we get to Point B to log it someone has found it and grabbed it from us already. Seems some cachers have no patience. It's frustrating during long weekends, as sometimes we don't have a chance to log our finds and drops for a day or two due to travel and location, yet the finders won't wait until at least the Tuesday following a long weekend to give us the chance to log things. It used to be newbies who did this, but lately we've had this experience with long-term high-number cachers as well.
  21. I'm reading this and thinking, you must have a personal beef with someone at OGA. Why else would anyone want to monitor a chat list for a group they don't want to join ? Especially since the lifetime membership fee is low enough that I could probably find the full amount in the couch cushions after the teens wake up and get off them.
  22. Try GCZ4QV - that's close to where you'll be. If you have time, do GCKC9G - Ted the Boardwalk Beagle. That's within walking distance, and along the boardwalk, of where the cruise ships dock in Halifax (near Pier 21) and it will take you on a tour of the Halifax waterfront - Theodore Tugboat, the Historic Properties shopping area, the food court, etc. Look for caches near these two to start.
  23. Fathom it is. Take it away!
  24. If you hold your arms straight out to your sides, it is considered to be about six feet from fingertip to fingertip. What measurement term is traditionally measured this way?
  25. Long rope, knots tied approx every 47 feet, with a weight on the end. You throw the rope overboard, time the rope paying out for a set amount of time (I think half a minute), and count the number of knots that pay out in that time. Supposed to be roughly equivalent to your speed. Having 2 brothers, a sister, and a brother-in-law in the Navy (a daughter in the Army and a brother-in-law who oversees building big tugboats) you learn a few things by osmosis. Nothing that really matters, though
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