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  1. Hi Mineral2, gmapbmap.img IS GONE gmapprom.img or gmapprom1.img - GONE and maybe gmapsupp.img - THERE BUT DOESN'T OPEN gpmaptz - CORRUPT My Topo 1:100K is GONE. What may have happened is that I was going on a trip and purchased 2020.2 City Navigator North America NT as I was tired of my old map. I knew about gpsfile and downloaded some top maps as well The topo maps were terrible and I wonder if that's because Basemap was no longer there. .. It seems that one or both of those downloads somehow deleted Basemap and possibly the above files gmap files. Garmin said they don't have Basemap anymore which I find hard to believe but I should buy a new unit since this 650t is no longer being serviced. Hah! I'm not spending $500 for a new unit. They said if I could find it anywhere I could go ahead and download it but it "might not work". First of all, Do I need Basemap? Garmin is telling me I do in order to get other maps to work. If so, I'd be very appreciative if anyone out there can help me load Basemap. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the great response Mineral2. I'm going to start the process and will get back here with the status.
  3. My basemap file is corrupt and the 1:100K terrain map is either missing or also corrupt. Can I download basemap from somewhere? Garmin is no help as the unit is no longer covered. Thanks in advance.
  4. I'll be traveling to Shanghai and Seoul in November with some non geocaching friends. I would really enjoy meeting some local geocachers and hope to find a few caches (if my friends will humor me). It would be great to jointly host an event with some local cachers. I would bring some geo gifts if you help with the planning?
  5. Nerves

    Thailand Event

    I'm looking for any local cachers in Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket) who could help me put together an event in January 2013. I need info on possible places to hold the event.
  6. Has anyone eaten at: Mckenna's Blues, Booze & BBQ 7425 Pacific St Omaha, NE 68114 Baby Huey's BBQ 1440 W. Military Ave. Fremont, NE 68025 River Barbecue 6511 East Front Street Kansas City, MO 64120 Dickey's Barbecue Pit 7284 W. 121st Street Overland Park, KS 66213 Any good? Thanks~
  7. Thanks! I'm familiar with the Tip Top Cafe which I found on Roadfood.com.
  8. How do I *ignore* all hides by a certain cache owner without having to go through all the pages of hides?
  9. It looks like you have to sign up with Yahoo and join the group in order to view the forum but I appreciate the suggestion. Thank you.
  10. Those are all great areas.
  11. I'm heading back to the great state of Texas and will be mainly in the San Antonio - Hill Country and possibly, Austin area. It's because of all of you that I visited the wonderful Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Museum and some of the other great/quirky ones in the area on my last trip there. Please tell me which caches you think are a *must do*. Thanks much! (P.S. any good places to eat are much appreciated too! We'll try Luling BBQ this time around.)
  12. Nocturnal Immersion looks great!
  13. A small group of New Englanders will be driving to Syracuse for BBQ at Dinosaur's and we plan to do a few caches in the area. Any suggestions for must do caches? Thanks in advance!
  14. I just want to thank all of you for your wonderful suggestions. I did many of the caches you recommended including Full of Hot Air (wow!), Dr. Who's Sibling (so clever!), Trollville (quirky as can be), Kubota Gardens, and many others that were memorable. Hope to be there next year!
  15. Wow! Thorougly enjoyed Trollville...what a quirky place. LOL. Even my non-caching friend liked it. Also stopped at Point Wilson Lighthouse and dropped a cool horseshoe geocoin there for anyone in the area. Won't make it to Groundspeak HQ as they only allow visits at 2 pm on Fridays. Hope to get to Dr. Who's Sibling and Full of Hot Air and maybe Kubota Gardens. I have to pick and choose so my friends don't get bored...
  16. My hiking friend is the one who is sick. The other friends are unfortunately, not hikers. If I can get them to go with me I have to limit myself to caches with easy strolls.
  17. I'm heading back to SMF in December so I'll be bookmarking the caches you recommend that I *must do*. Earlier this year I did Rubber Paws Tree and loved that. Also took the back roads down to Locke and over to Placerville and Amador which was great. I really don't want to do the shopping plaza caches in Sacramento but I'm not keen on hiking alone in snake country either. Soooooooo...I'll be interested in what you suggest. Thanks~~
  18. Unfortunately, plans have changed. My friend came down with the flu so the trip to ONP was scratched until next year. I'll be mainly in the Bremerton area so any caches you can recommend around there or Port Townsend will be greatly appreciated. Thanks~
  19. I'll be visiting family in Port Townsend so I bookmarked this one. Thanks!
  20. Thanks - bookmarked on my "To Do" list.
  21. If you can tolerate a bit of shameless self-promotion, my Twilight cache in Forks has grown to be quite popular (27 watchers) since it was placed back in May. This cache is based on the Twilight Book Series (and now movie series) that is set in Forks. In case you have not been to Forks lately, the whole town has gone Twilight crazy. If you or any of your companions are at all a fan or these books or movies, this would be a must-do cache in the Forks/La Push area. I looked this one up before and was intrigued. If we have time we'll go for it! Thanks
  22. Thanks, Dick, W7WT I've bookmarked the first two. Do you have a GC # for "The Troll"?
  23. Alrighty folks...I'm heading back to the great PNW for another visit. I'm starting out from the Bremerton area and since I used to work at Kalaloch I'll be heading that way to stay for for a couple days to do some hiking. I'll be with non-cachers so my caching time will be limited - unfortunately! I know that there are no caches in the park but I would appreciate your input on which caches are your favorites or that you think are "must do this ones" along my route to these areas: Bremerton (already have Dr. Who's Sibling bookmarked) Port Townsend Sol Duc Forks Kalaloch I did see the Sequim topic and am watching that. Thanks in advance!
  24. Verizon *saved* me too when I broke my leg while way out in the woods alone. In New England, I wouldn't go with any other carrier. I'm thinking I'll wait till they come out with a better Blackberry as the Storm hasn't gotten good reviews. I want to be able to use Trimble gc navigator.
  25. Trimble Navigator works with VERIZON BLACKBERRY STORM. Have you used it? Has anyone out there used it in New England?
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