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    Winter Photos

    Hey Dudes! Haven't been caching too much this Winter but did take in a few photo shoots. Love all the ones you have all posted here. Here are a few from the past couple of weeks. Where is that darned cache! Tiffany Falls - Hamilton Slave flash unit inside small ice-cave at Sherman Falls - Hamilton area Hilton Falls Run-off from Hilton Falls Feeding Birds at Hilton Falls
  2. Hey Killer. If you plan to attend the pubnite then I hope you don't have to work the next day. You are liable to hook-up with some cachers that just live for night caching after all the socializing and comraderie is finished. Sundown is just a minor inconvenience around here. Be sure and bring a flashlite, and I don't mean just any ordinary flashlite. I mean a B-F-L that in a pinch could create enough heat to boil a pot of water for coffee. Cheers, Olar
  3. And Sympatico just keeeeps on a tickin'. Roger's system was probably overloaded trying to get all the Spam mail out to their customers in a timely manner. Cheers, Olar
  4. In Windows XP each Map-Set that you have loaded is listed seperately in "Add or Remove Programs" via the control panel. Be careful you don't choose the main Mapsource line. Cheers, Olar
  5. I would go ahead and let the unit recalculate the route and see what happens. Your existing start and end waypoints or any via-points you created originally will not change and should display where they did previously. It's warning you that it may choose different roads between points. If it does and you would prefer the old route then you could go back to Mapsource on your PC and create additional via-points to force it back to the old. Cheers, Olar
  6. If the Garmin quest has been your only unit and City Select came with it then you still have the opportunity of unlocking CS on a second unit for free. Version 6 isn't that much out-of-date so it would serve you well. With the money saved you could purchase one of the Topo map packages. Cheers, Olar
  7. Geocaching has lost a fine friend. Tony was a gentleman of the highest degree who became an instant buddy to all who had the pleasure of meeting him and shared his passions. I had the honour of meeting 1701eh more than 4 years ago through geocaching and enjoyed his company on numerous occasions since then. Some of my most vivid geocaching memories involved Tony in some way or other whether it was out on the trails together, attending the same GC events, or simply trying to find and complete one of his excellent multi's. I will miss him. My prayers go out to his wife Sue and their children. They were Tony's first and foremost passion. Olar
  8. C-A is right. Down here instead of "scrambling over rocks and logs" we would be scrambling over each other. I have recently upgraded my digital camera so I'm looking to do scenic, photo-op type caches more than others and judging by your two photos I would be there in a heartbeat. Hang in there guyanonymous. They will come. Cheers, Olar
  9. Sounds like it's more a case of Sony jumping on the band-wagon rather than taking it a bit further. I've seen Topofusion around for some time but have never used it. I didn't realize it would write the latitude/longitude values to the jpeg image's EXIF data and it sounds like GPS2PHOTO may do that as well. Thanks for pointing that out Tymbee and Joel. I have countless photos taken while geocaching but there are very few that I can identify date, time, or location let alone cache name or cache event. Being able to access a photo's EXIF data and see the coords makes it easier to identify them. My memory isn't as good as it used to be and I can't remember when that was. Olar
  10. I don't think linking photos to the coords where taken is new but this takes it a bit further. I wonder if the software would accept a downloaded track from any GPSr? It would be interesting to find out. You can read about it here. Cheers, Olar
  11. We've all been on numerous cache hunts/hikes where Kodak moments have presented themselves but for whatever reason we didn't get the pic and have been kicking ourselves ever since for missing it and not going back with a camera. How about listing in this thread the names of those caches that you would really like to return to armed with gobs of photography gear and what the subject/scene is that you long for. I'll start it off by choosing "Talon Chutes" (GC17EF). I would have loved to get a photo of approaching the falls via the river below in a canoe. What say you all? Cheers, Olar
  12. BTDTBTTS Along the same lines, and it's something I manage to do frequently, is leave the trail and bushwack 30, 50 metres through thick woods to the cache area, go in circles trying to find it and after signing the log realize I have no idea which way to head back to find the trail. Not a serious problem most times but it makes you stop and think what would happen if the GPSr suddenly quit and no track display to follow. The simple answer is to make note of the compass heading leaving the trail and then just do a 180 to get back. Cheers, Olar
  13. That's exactly what I do (did) with my 76C when I go caching/hiking with my backpack. It certainly made enough of a difference that I rarely lost complete sat. lock and don't have to carry the unit out in front of me looking like the statute of liberty. I say "did" because that need has gone out the window since upgrading to a 60 CX. That baby can maintain a strong lock just about anywhere within reason. Cheers, Olar
  14. Test for new photo hosting site. See image here.
  15. What maps do you have? Metroguide, City Select, City Navigator, etc. Each one has different size map chunks with CN having the largest. My US geography needs some work however using City Select ver6 as an example and getting all of Kansas covered (I think), it looks like around 11 maps with 18 meg to include route calculation data and 11 megs without. You might be better off with one of the Topo maps from Garmin. They have no routing data or much in the way of POI's so you could probably squeeze in more area into your 8 meg. Good luck, Olar
  16. I'll add a couple of points. The map file created by Mapsource is filed on the microSD card in a folder named "Garmin". Presumably that is what your GPSr will be looking for. The latest beta firmware version allows you to access the card to read & write to it while still in the unit. No need to take the card out any longer which will greatly reduce the chance of accidental damage during handling. Cheers, Olar
  17. I wonder if the legend CX will eventually get the new feature, "USB mass storage mode", that is currently in a beta firmware release for the 60CX(CSX) units. It essentially turns your unit into a card reader/writer and you can do anything that you would normally need a USB card reader to do. It is handy for swapping already created mapset files (and POI files) in and out of your unit in a matter of seconds if your card is too small to accomodate all the areas that you travel in. It also eliminates the wear and tear of moving that teeny, fragile card in and out so often. Cheers, Olar
  18. Your 60CS just became a very expensive card reader. I'm glad to see this feature as it will reduce the chance of damage while taking the micro sd card out and putting it back in. Olar
  19. Olar

    The Da Vinci Code

    I'll second that! Olar
  20. Olar

    The Da Vinci Code

    Saw it this afternoon Murf. I know, I know, what am I doing going to the show when I could be out caching? Let's not go there. Anyway the wife and I both agree that it would be wise to read the book first. The movie may be hard to follow otherwise. We'll go along with your rating. Cheers, Olar
  21. Is this happening while driving in your vehicle or walking/hiking? Is the compass on when it happens? I'm asking only to help narrow the conditions down that may be contributing. Olar
  22. I agree, the autorouting system in general needs some fine tuning. The upcoming turn pop-ups is one of them for sure. Garmin has reacted quite quickly in the past when other autorouting units were first released and had routing quirks so I'm confident they will have a bunch of fixes in no time for the new 60's. Olar
  23. If you plan on doing any road trips of any distance then you will want to get an external power cord that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket to save on batteries. Also a mounting device of some sort so that you can have it on the dashboard or somewhere else close so you can see it easily while driving. This is very important because without a mount then your wife will get to hold it and do all the fun stuff while you are driving and you'll never get to use it. You will also read in the forums here about using an external antenna in your vehicle. I always used one until I got a 60cx and discovered that it is not necessary any longer. In fact the 60cx gets a better satellite lock while lying on the front seat then my 76C does with the external antenna up on the dash under the front window. Have fun with your new hobby of geocaching. Cheers, Olar
  24. I haven't noticed any slowdown myself but my maps are using only 50% of a 256 meg card at the moment. I can imagine though that the speed would drop-off slightly depending on card size and amount of space used for the mapping. Olar
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