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  1. Sent my info to Laval K-9:. November 18 2022 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  2. Brand new, unactivated geocoins from three of knitter's and hamgran's Harvestfest events. Photo shown has tracking code blanked out. Comes with activation code, price is $10. in Canadian dollars and includes worldwide postage. Can be done by etransfer or also can be found on ebay.ca.
  3. I can't tell now... the unit won't stay on long enough for me to check, even when it's hooked up to the computer! aaah... just followed some instructions to hard reset the unit. Lost all data, but that's ok. The thing is working now. http://garminoregon.wikispaces.com/Miscellaneous
  4. I can't tell now... the unit won't stay on long enough for me to check, even when it's hooked up to the computer!
  5. Got prompted by Garmin WebUpdater to update my Oregon 550t last week, when I hooked it up to download a pocket query. Must be a new release because I hook up my Oregon regularly and haven't seen it before. So I updated. What a mistake - now my trusty unit doesn't work! I turn it on and it shuts off by itself about 10 seconds later. Must be a glitch in the update. So now what? Wait 'til Garmin fixes the glitch and then update again?
  6. hamgran

    Caching on PEI

    Wow, when I first went to PEI to cache, back in 2004, I think there were something like 30 caches on the whole Island! I cleaned the Island right out. I guess I'd better think about going back! - hamgran
  7. Thanks... much appreciated. Great idea about the event cache. I've done that before, in places I've visited, and it's worked great.
  8. We will be visiting Capetown for six days in early April, on a geocaching adventure... it's our first time here and we're really looking forward to it. Wondering if anyone could give us any advice on where to go, what to see, which geocaches to focus on, and a good place to stay... there are four of us: one couple, and two women travelling together. Thanks very much for the help! - hamgran (from Canada)
  9. Coincidentally I just bookmarked that Multi yesterday as a must do cache. Would you be willing to provide a bit of insight? How long did it take you? What were some of the challenges? Is it a cache only a triathlete can finish in one day? Anything special in your preparation that really paid off during your hike? Your response may also help others identify what type of caches you're looking for. Many thanks. I did it in one day; took me about ten hours, I think, but I do tend to walk at a fair clip. And I did it alone, so didn't have double the pitstops and other distractions. It was a memorable hike, one of my favourites for sure.
  10. Sometimes kids grow up and want their own geocaching identities, so they create a new account and backlog all the caches they've found with the family's account; sometimes couples split up and the spouse backlogs all the caches they did together, with his/her own new geocaching identity, which is all OK and understandable... and yes, sometimes people are just after the numbers, or the icon, or the date (to fill in a grid), so they fake the find. Sometimes owners even "find" their own caches to up their numbers, and sometimes they, too, will backlog those "finds" to a date they need on their grid. Unfortunate, but all you can do is just shake your head. These people aren't getting the enjoyment out of the game that I am - hikes, fresh air, treasure at the end... aaaah.
  11. Yes, here are some of my favourites from that neck of the woods: GC2B3KK in Labrador (called N53 W58). GC1FMKJ in Labrador (called Boney Shore). Also GC1YE75 if you're driving through northern Quebec to get to Labrador (called Uapishka - Mont Harfang). GCG5FJ in Nova Scotia (What Lies Beneath). GC8A2C in Prince Edward Island (I'm a Little Teapot). That one's a great virtual. I have some favourites on the island of Newfoundland as well, but it looks like you're not headed there? - hamgran
  12. Thanks everyone, and for the tip on the coat and extra coat, too. Looking so forward to this!
  13. Hello there! We are a middle-aged Canadian couple, looking forward to our first UK visit in May. We'll be in Scotland for a week of geocaching. We have Garmin units (Etrex HCX, 62S, and the Oregon 550). They take mapsource maps, and we normally use the Canadian mapsource (Garmin) topographical maps in them for geocaching at home. Since we'll only be there for a week, is there a map of Scotland available online somewhere that I can download into our GPSrs, for a minimal cost? Or a source of used, older downloadable maps or map CDs, suitable for installing into our GPSrs? I see the mini-SD card is available to purchase new, online, but the cost is more than I can justify for a week's use. Thanks very much for the help. - Cathy
  14. Just wondering... is anyone else waiting (and waiting!) to receive their London Loop geocoins?
  15. From the order page: Any idea how long the wait will be, for these? (It's what I'm waiting for, too.)
  16. Awesome! Way to go, Ted!
  17. I thought Ted was cacher of the month already, way back when? 2005 or 2006? But maybe that's a moot point - maybe you can be cacher of the month more than once.
  18. The Ontario souvenir is nice because it is unique (Since I haven't yet received any for other provinces I've done, I'm assuming the other provinces/territories will be different, because the loon was used on ours). I find the American souvenirs pretty boring - not really any artwork there, they're all basically the same. However, I've got some German souvenirs, and up until last week they were each a beautiful, unique artistry... but now I see they've been turned into cookie cutouts like the American ones. So I'm really hoping Canada's stays the way they are.
  19. I thought I read somewhere that the points can't be awarded to events?
  20. Whoa! First time I've been to the Forums since the format changed. Looks wonderful. Yes, I've used the points feature a couple of times. As I think of a great cache I've done, I'm going back into my old logs and "favouriting" it. A great cache because, for whatever reason, I can really remember it - the view, the adventure, whatever. But I really wish we got a point to award for every 50 caches, instead of 10. Getting a point would be that much more special... with the influx of LPCs, AMIATs and the like anymore, great caches aren't near as common as they used to be.
  21. OK, time for me to unsubscribe...
  22. Yeah, I thought the reason might be ecologically based, though I'd never heard of white nose syndrome. I do know that cave ecosystems are quite fragile, and I wouldn't doubt that with our large, noisy, flashlight-driven visits there we are disrupting things. It sure was fun, though. Glad I got to do it.
  23. Maybe RockHarder can tell us. Dave? You there?
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