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  1. While I would really love to join you on the 26th, I've already made commitments elsewhere. Know that my thoughts will be with you, your mom and your sister on that day. I'll be hoisting a Guinness in your dad's memory on Sunday.
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    Pocket Query

    Hmmm...... just downloaded the queries using Outlook Express, then scanned for viruses. No viruses found, looks like Messenger Live is creating the issue.
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    Pocket Query

    A complete set of 5 pocket queries I received today have all been blocked from downloading. These queries have been running successfully for almost 2 years without incident before this. They are zipped, sent to a hotmail account, and opened on Live Messenger. The error message below is from one of the files: "Name of File 226299.zip Virus Scan Result Unknown virus scanner failure Virus Found Note: There is no cure available for the virus on the file 226299.zip It is not possible to download files from Hotmail that contain incurable viruses. Contact the originator of the file, inform them that the file contains a virus, and ask them to send a virus-free version of the file. Name of File 226299.zip Virus Scan Result Unknown virus scanner failure Virus Found Note: There is no cure available for the virus on the file 226299.zip" It is not possible to download files from Hotmail that contain incurable viruses. Contact the originator of the file, inform them that the file contains a virus, and ask them to send a virus-free version of the file. Any suggestions?
  4. Sounds excellent! I'd love to hear about it when you place it! I can probably fit in a road trip next summer!
  5. Always interested in hearing about scuba caches. I'm going after 3 this weekend in the Lake Ontario/St. Lawrence river area. You may also want to check out: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scubacachers/ This is a chat group dedicated to scuba diving and caching, including lists of all the scuba caches we are aware of around the world.
  6. No kidding. If you don't SCUBA and you have to dive to get it, how are you going to maintain it? Having recently placed a cache in Lake Erie with MsKardiac, you really need to be able to maintain the cache. I took 3 separate trips to get this one right. It is a perforated 3" x 12"pvc tube with one end closed and a cleanout plug on the other end, 16'of aircraft cable looped through the cache container and the other end looped through an eye hook firmly screwed into a wreck. The wire allows cachers to move it off the bottom without disturbing the silt while they check the contents and sign the attached dive slate. For more info on scuba caches, styles and techniques, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scubacachers/ Happy caching!
  7. I had the pleasure of caching with Tony and Sue on a number of occasions. Tony's wry sense of humour was always entertaining and his persistence was extraordinary. I remember caching after a Cito event in Brampton a year ago when Tony took one path to a cache and everyone else took another. As Tony watched the cache being found while he was on the the wrong side of the river, you could see his frustration. Off came the shoes and pants as he proceeded to cross the river to avoid having to backtrack. He was a good man and a gifted cacher. He will be missed. My heart and thoughts go out to Sue and their children.
  8. I won an Explorist 500 last September and used it until March when I had the opportunity to use a 60CSx for a week. I have now owned a 60Cx since April and have sold the Explorist. I find the Garmin more accurate, easier to use and has a far superior signal acquisition and lock. I have a caching buddy who had a similar problem to yours. A software reboot and re-initialization solved his problems and he now is very happy with his 60CSx. I hope your problem can be solved as easily.
  9. Hi Jason, I've owned and used both models you are looking at. Either one will work well for caching or navigation, but the 60Cx has amazing signal acquisition and lock. I won an explorist 500 at an event last September and was very happy with it. It's software is somewhat different to use than the Garmins I was used to but it was definitely an improvement over my Etrex Vista. I recently upgraded to a 60Cx (in March) after borrowing a 60CSx for a week. I've since sold the Explorist and use the 60 Cx as my primary handheld GPSr. The differences between the 2 can be summarised as follows: Chipset: 60Cx uses Sirf, sensitive to -192 db; Explorist uses a Baldur chipset, sensitive to -132 db Correlators: 60 Cx uses 200,000 correlators; Explorist uses 1,500 Maps: 60Cx map size is limited by the size of the micro sd card used; Explorist is limited to a maximum of 64 MB per map, but multiple maps can be loaded up to the size of the sd ram card. Waypoints/POI's: 60 Cx is limited to 1,000 waypoints; Explorist is limited to 500 waypoints per data base, with the numbers of data bases limited only by the size of the sd memory card. Screen size: 60Cx screen is larger. Antenna: 60Cx uses a quadrifilar antenna; Explorist uses a patch antenna. Quadrifilar is omnidirectional, the patch is directional. Quadrifilar will pick up more signals in marginal conditions. patch will be more accurate in clear sky conditions. Autorouting: both work well with their respective proprietary maps. The Garmin maps are less expensive. My personal recommendation for ease of use and amazing signal lock is the 60Cx. I ran the Explorist and 60Cx side by wide for several weeks to compare the differences in downtown Toronto. The 60Cx maintained more accurate tracks and did not lose signal. The Explorist occasionally lost signal and tended to wander in the downtown core area. I opted to buy the 60Cx rather than the 60 CSx since the Garmin electronic compass is not very good. I also did not feel the need for the barometer. I added a 512 Mb micro SD ram card that provides more than enough room for maps. While I usually use a laptop with oem sensor for vehicle navigation (and to find cache parking), I've used the 60 Cx on occasion and was quite happy with the result. Happy caching and good luck with your impending purchase!
  10. While disappointed not to have won the bid, I would like to congratulate the North Carolina group for their success. I know how strong the NWPA bid was - theirs must have been awesome! I'll see you all in Raleigh next Memorial Day weekend!
  11. The Short bus is down to 5. There are 3 spots open at this time. Any takers? Let me know asap via email. Thanks.
  12. Someone let the cat out of the bag early or just trying to rally support? Found this on a log today On behalf of the NWPA GeoWoodstock 5 Bid Committee, let me make it perfectly clear. We have no inside knowledge on the decision to be made by Joe and the other voters on the location of the next GeoWoodstock. Our bid will be submitted today and we will anxiously await the outcome with our fingers crossed, just like everyone else. Many people in Pennsylvania and nearby states (and in Canada) are getting very excited at the possibility of hosting GW5. We have invited our Canadian neighbors in the OGA (Ontario Geocaching Association) to participate in the planning and organization of the event as well as providing off-site activities in the Niagara Falls area if our bid is selected. That is the international element to our bid. We apologize if the exuberance of our members has created any misconceptions. And yes, we would LOVE to see everyone in Erie on Memorial Day weekend IF we win the bid!
  13. I have now officially booked the short bus. We have a total of 12 seats, but I'd like to fill only 8 to provide a little more elbow room. If you're not on my list - but would like to be, please email me directly. There may be another vacancy at this point - trying to confirm Mocadeki. Everyone else is still confirmed. It's gonna be a blast!
  14. Any idea? I would like to get it on the calendar for next year. We will have our MOGA (Midwest Open Geocaching Adventure) in late March. BB I can't speak for any of the other groups bidding, but the NWPA Geocachers bid would be exclusively for the Memorial Day weekend to avoid interfering with the Midwest Geobash that commences around July 4th. Those are the only 2 dates available according to the bid specifications.
  15. As previously mentioned, there are a number of scuba caches out there. In fact, my dive buddy and I just placed one on the weekend. We used a 4" diameter pvc pipe with 1/4" holes in it, cemented and end cap on one end, a cleanout drain plug on the other and secured it to a wreck in Lake Erie on the weekend. Approval is pending. Also, on yahoo groups, check out ScubaCachers - a discussion group devoted to searching for underwater caches. There is a list with links to a number of underwater caches. It's a members only discussion group to keep out the flooders, but permission to join is pretty much automatic for bona fide cachers. Go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scubacachers/ Happy caching and diving!
  16. To recap, you need a premium membership to allow pocket queries (up to 500 caches each), GSAK to manage multiple pocket queries in a single data base & allow custom generation of pda data files & download directly to your GPSr, and cachemate to view the information on your M500. I've got an M515 with a 128 mb SD card that allows me to carry a variety of different data bases depending on the area I'm caching. I like to keep each pda data base file under 1,000 caches to keep the program from slowing down - and to match the capacity of my GPSr. I download directly from a GSAK filter into my GPSr and create a file to download to my pda at the same time. I'l typically receive about 20 pocket queries per week of discrete cache information, more if I'm off to an event out of my usual range. Of course, the next step is a laptop for onboard navigation and reloading the gpsr on the fly during road trips! But thats a whole other discussion!
  17. A coalition of experienced cachers (CCCooperAgency, GoldsnoopPA, dr.clean, MsKardiac) are currently working on a proposal to bring GW5 to the Northwest Pennsylvannia area (Erie and/or nearby counties) that would encompass geocaching groups from NWPA Geocachers, NEOGEO (NE Ohio), TRIGO (Pittsburgh), PAGA (Pittsburgh), Kinzua Cachers, NYGO (NW New York section) and OGA (Ontario Geocaching Association). We are currently sifting through possible venues and soliciting offers of support from the various groups in anticipation of putting together a proper proposal. It's nice to see all the interest from the west coast, however I think the travel distance presents a barrier for many of those who helped make this event what it is. We're not far from where it all began, have great cache density, terrain diversity, committed cachers and the experience/skill sets to meet and and hopefully exceed the standards set by previous GeoWoodstocks. Do we have a firm cutoff date for accepting applications at this point?
  18. Count me in for August 12th or 26th. Anytime before July is up in the air at this time for me. I have no problem arranging for another "short" bus this year, but will be looking for financial participation. I no longer have a personal vehicle insurance policy (my commercial policies won't cover it) so with optional insurance, the costs will go up. Last year we had 6 people in a 12 seater with 4 rows of seats and lots of room for gear. Eight would be a good number.
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    Add me to the list of those who thoroughly enjoyed last years event but would also be just as happy to attend a traditional pub night where I could spend more time socializing than last years event offered.
  20. Looks like I will miss this one. I will be flying out of the country on April 8th for a week. Good luck to all those brave souls who participate.
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