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  1. I think Tony was one of the first follow Scouters that I met on this site. Its seems so many years ago. Tony helped through email to come up with requirements to do the Troop bage when my son was a scout and did did geocaching. Alway helpful and a great community member here. I hope Sue recovers quickly and my thoughts are with the family. Brad Robb Commisioner Humber West Area GTC
  2. I remember when I posted a picture of the area of my second cache in 2001 and Groundspeak staff thought it was a great view from cache by looking at the picture. gm100guy
  3. What you say as a government employee is most likley true about all the check and balances in place. But as a taxpayer it seems evry day we read or hear on the news about another government problem related to money or something. Most that are on the workingoup are Geocachers who are just like us and concerned Canadians and want a policy to reflects what there views are for caches in our parks. But some of the others here who have stated there objects to who make up this group also have there reservations about having anyone who works for Groundspeak in the group and they need to heard and listen to also and have there views taken to Parks Canada also. And it seems to me that they maybe whining and going over the same arguments over and over again. But they do have some points with merit. I also reealize being on a management committe for a non profit group everthing discussed is not always for public information, But if a members does ask me I will get them an answer and I find that not happening here. And also it is not proper for those wo are working on this group to not say who there are if they say that they are going to represent all Gocachers in front of the government. I would put forward assumng that every province is reprented at the group level that the members of the group stand up hold meetings in each province and show the drafts they have and collect input frm those who are concerned that show up at the meeting. Then no one can say ther was an secrets. And if they do not go to the provincial meeting then we need not hear any more whinning from them again and the process will appear to be more open and all views inputed to the govrenment to set this policy. I think that this policy is an important policy and most provincial governments are waiting to see wha Parks Canada does to set there own Geocache policy. GM100guy
  4. Glad to see you come forward BQ. I have full confidence in you and the OGA to represent us in Ontario. gm100guy
  5. Explorer You can order any parts you need from here.
  6. New Ontario Parks Bill They have a new bill that has as first reading and the above is a link to the copy. I did a search and found no metion of geocaching in this bill. It has been a couple of years now and if they were going to ban it you would think it would have been included in a up to date bill becoming law soon?
  7. I am always confused with this when asked. I alway thingk when they say 152 degrees they mean a angle that the dish needs to point at in the air from a flat surface. As in 90 degrees would point straight up and 152 would be the spot of the satellite orbit. So I would get my 180 degree protractor out and then set the angle of 152 degress for the angle of the cone to sit. I know friends who can't use a dish because of tall buildings or tree that block the signal. So to set up a dish you really need to have e a compass degree to face and azimuth to aim at.
  8. Reminds of a time when I was in the bush with the army and a private hadn't shaved. I asked him why and he said I can't find a plug for my razors........ I told him to go find a current bush.
  9. CBC might be on strike by this time Monday. Maybe OGA should go to CTV with a pro Geocachaching story.
  10. I am glad we left this to the pro's. Parks Canada Ontario Parks Next?
  11. Sounds like a good election issue to me. We should be at every canidates meeting and bring it up in front of the media etc. Ask all the canidates what there postion is on cacheing in federal parks?
  12. Try this web site to show you where the highway is located in each province
  13. Try this test. Get the topo map for the area where you live. Set your gps to give you the cords in utm. Turn on your gps and get a good sat lock on the first screen Record a waypoint of a object that you can see on the map and when doing this let it average for about 2 minutes. Save that way point. Now get your topo map that has the utm grid printed on it. Now you will need a roamer and match the scale to your map. Plot the utm postion from the gps onto the map. You can then see what the gps postion is compared to what you should be able to read off the map. This gps is 12 channel and is similar to to 2 gps's that I own and I don't have that much problem with the cords being that far out.
  14. If you left the gps on then it knows where it is.
  15. Anyone watch the Specail Forces show tonight where the Air Controler is using a Etrex with the laser range finder to guide the aircraft in for the attack and says it works easier then the military issued gps beside him. He was using it from his postion and projecting a waypoint to give the pilot to destroy a gun placement.
  16. Whats with the login password crap to see any of the articles?
  17. I have a couple of crash site caches out. Search for black box and you will find them.
  18. I hope they are open on Monday. Most places around here are still closed until Tuesday for the holiday because Chrismas was on a weekend.
  19. If you read back in the history of this site they have always stated that it would be free for listing and finding caches. The above statement should be reversed and say that the paying members are getting a great deal for there money. Because of all the paying and non paying members hiding caches. If you look at the features you get as a paying member, they are great if you live in the States and get the better maps and stuff. But outside of the states I can't justifiy the expense in Americian dollars just to get PQ's for the few caches I hunt once and while. And I have more fun thinking and hiding a few good caches a year then finding them. This is still a good site and the staff do a good job of keeping it up nad running.
  20. Seven sets of batteries On the eighth day of caching my true love gave to me...
  21. gm100guy


    Hey if its that bright maybe you can plug it into your 12 volt plug in the car and light the cache 5 km away. Then you won't drain the batteries in the light.
  22. I find that it does not matter what I have running in the basement I can never get a sat showing on the gps anyway when I am in the basement. I do have a wireless router upstairs by the window though and I have never found it to have an effect on the gps when I am using it in the yard. When I have walked around where I live with my laptop and have found 5 or 6 open computers. My gps works fine near all these opn systems so I guess it has no effect.
  23. What palm do have and which key board?
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