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Inventory Time> What GPS Units Do You Own ?


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Our Very First GPS is the the DeLorme Earthmate PN-40. :ph34r:


I love it, was swayed by a friend who uses it for search and rescues all the time, love the unit, my only Gripe is battery life, but hey i can live with it............... My kids love going out and so do I. :anicute:


I also own 3 Garmin StreePilot C330's and now upgrading them to Nuvi 500's for the wife and I.

I am A truck Driver and she drives a School Bus, and we swear by them ....................... :)

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Currently Own


Etrex Vista HCx

Etrex H

Foretrex 401

Foretrex 101

Nokia E72 with Garmin Mobile XT :blink:

Trimble Ensign

Nuvi 255W

Nuvi 205


Used To Own


Eagle Explorer


Etrex Camo





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What, no Rino owners?


Rino 110

(Just died yesterday after 5 years hard use (and putting in Lion batteries which I didn't know till yesterday would kill the unit. Doh! :()


Rino 530HCx:

I picked up for $280 and I haven't seen one unit I like better yet. It's the perfect Hunting/Camping/Hiking/Biking/Fishing/Geocaching/Weather/Communication/Driving GPS on the planet.


Yes they do have paperless geocaching contrary to popular misconceptions. I love the fact you can get 3D accuracy in buildings, caves, canyons and heavy tree canopies.


"You can't stop the signal Mal. The signal goes everywhere..." (movie quote from Serenity)


My only gripe is not being able to use map overlays (custom maps) on BaseCamp/MapSource to transfer to the device as it doesn't support that feature like the new Garmins. Would come in handy for the Mpls/St Paul skyway system overlays I have in MS/BC and various biking trails I haven't been to or logged yet.


Oh I could probably figure out how to hack it, but I just don't have the time as a single dad with two teenagers. :D

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Still own:


Garmin GPS 12 (first gps, don't know what it is good for, hardly used)


Just purchased:


Garmin Nuvi 1300 (for my wife's car)

Delorme Earthmate PN-60 (for hunting, geocaching, and my truck)


Don't know why I keep buying technology, the learning curve is driving me crazy. Guess I can't help myself.

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Still own:


Garmin GPS 12 (first gps, don't know what it is good for, hardly used)


Just purchased:


Garmin Nuvi 1300 (for my wife's car)

Delorme Earthmate PN-60 (for hunting, geocaching, and my truck)


Don't know why I keep buying technology, the learning curve is driving me crazy. Guess I can't help myself.

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Currently Own:


Garmin GPSMAP 76

Garmin iQue 3200

Garmin etrex

Garmin GPS 12 (2x)

Eagle Explore

Megallan Trailblazer XL

Magallan Meridian XL (old unit looks just like the Trailblazer XL)


Mobile phones with GPSr:


HTC EVO (current)

HTC Mogul (previous)


Previously Owned:


Garmin GPS II

Garmin GPS II+

Garmin GPS III+ (2x)

Garmin GPS 38

Garmin Rino 120


My GPSMAP 76 has been a real work horse for me but I probably miss my GPS III+ the most. The GPS II/III just fit in the hand so well and had great reception.




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Waiting delivery:

Delorme PN-60


Currently Own:

Lowrance iFinder Expedition C

Lowrance iFinder PHD

Lowrance 5200C

Garmin 76

Garmin 450T

Globalsat BU-353


Previously owned:

Trimble Ensign

Lowrance GlobalNav 200

Lowrance GlobalNav 212


So far I like the Lowrance iFinder Expedition C best. We'll see what happens with the Delorme when it arrives.

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Love to see i'm not the only one out there with a surplus of GPS's!


Moto Droid using C:Geo

Garmin Nuvi 765T

2- Garmin Rino 530 HCx

Garmin GPSMAP 76S


Primarily use my phone when out seeking caches due to convenience and the ability to log catches, bugs, and find the closes ones instantly anywhere.


Although the Rino 530 makes it fun with the kiddos.

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What GPS units do you have now, and what ones did you used to OWN ?


GPS units I have:

SporTrak Color





GPS units I previously OWNED:

Magellan 4000XL 12channel

Magellan Color Trak

Magellan GPS315

Magellan Meridian Platinum

Garmin GPS III

Garmin GPS IIIplus

Garmin Etrex Vista

Garmin GPS V

Garmin GPS V


My Best cache seeking device was the Meridian Platinum, now is the Map60Cx

Have and Use Often:

Oregon 300

AT&T Tilt 2

i-Blue 747A+ logger/Bluetooth/USB puck (MTK2 chipset)

Generic Chinese 5" Windows CE PNA device from DealExtreme


Still own but shelved:

AT&T Tilt

AMOD AGL3080 logger (no Bluetooth) (SiRF III)

Holux GPSlim236 Bluetooth puck (no logging) (SiRF III)


Used to own:

DeLorme PN-40 - returned when it died after 2 days

Garmin eMap - Parents have this now, my first geocaching GPS

Garmin GPS 45 - Technically I didn't own this, but parents did when I was in high school and I was the operator most of the time

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The two of us Currently own

Garmin 76 CSX

Garmin 76 CSX (yes 2)

Garmin 550T

Garmin 550

Garmin Nuvi 200 (US maps)

2 * Royaltech RBT-1100 Bluetooth units


Do the phones count ?

Blackberry Bold 9000

2 * HTC Hero's


Do the Cars Count ? LOL :laughing:


Historically Owned

Garmin V

Garmin V (yes 2 - one was Atlantic and one was US base)

Garmin StreetPilot III

Garmin Etrex


Seem to like Garmins .......

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Just Bought - Garmin Oregon 450T

Been loading this up with 1:24k topos, custom maps and pocket queries. Can't wait to break it in!


Backup - T-Mobile Vibrant running c:geo

Does okay around town when the GPS decides to lock. Out in the woods with no cell reception and flaky GPS reception makes for a crummy day of caching :unsure:


Retired - Garmin eTrex Legend

Never had any luck with this unit. Bought back in 2005 and always had a heck of a time getting it to lock on to satellites


Permanent Mount - Lawrence Baja 480c

In the Jeep Rubicon for offroad adventures


Permanent Mount - Garmin nuvi 750

In the Xterra Offroad for family adventures

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Garmin 12XL

Garmin 76 (non-mapping)

Garmin 76CSx

DeLorme PN20

DeLorme PN40SE

DeLorme PN60w

Lowrance iFinder (AKA Brunton MNS)



Garmin Colorado



PN60wSE with Spot communicator

Maybe a Garmin 62st

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Garmin gpsmap60cs


will probably spring for one of the x units aftre they have matured a bit and I get some more use out of my 60cs - I figure I'll keep it another year and then see what's out there.


Uh, dude... The 60CSx is as mature as any other legacy Garmin out there.


As for my inventory:


Lowrance Global Map 100

Magellan SporTrak Pro

Garmin 60CSx

Garmin Street Pilot 2720

Garmin Nuvi 660

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Garmin 12XL (gave away)

Yellow ETREX (sold)

Garmin III (sold)

Garmin III+ (gave away)

Garmin V (still use on motorcycle)

Garmin 2610 (for sale)

Garmin NUVI 255 (wife's)

Garmin NUVI 295 (mine)

Garmin 62S

Garmin 450T


for the last two, bought both at the same time with the intent of returning one..... can't make up my mind.....

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I started out Geocaching with a TOM TOM 130 car gps and eventually got a couple of etrex legends off from ebay. I still have them both, but I luckily won a Garmin Colorado 400t on an Overstock.com Auction for $120. Last Christmas my perfect wife got me a new Garmin 550. I still have all of those GPS an am now salivating over the new Garmin Montana, apparently I collect them now. :anitongue:

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I think mine counts more as a obsession, than an inventory... let's see.. Including working dead, or gone....


Garmin eTrex Classic (Yellow, Non-H)

Delorme Earthmate LT-20 (1st one. Came with Street Atlas 2006)

Garmin eTrex Legend (Clear blue)

Garmin eTrex Venture HC

Magellan Map 410

Garmin GPS-72

Garmin NuVi 205 (1st, RIP.. killed by a upgrade.)

Delorme Earthmate LT-20 (2nd one. Came with Street Atlas 2008 I found at a tag sale)

Magellan Explorist 500LE (R.I.P. Killed by wrong recharger)

Garmin NuVi 205 (2nd, replaced the 1st, but Was stolen from my car last year)

Garmin eTrex Legend HCx (YAY! A hand-held I can put BIG maps on!)

Magellan Explorist 400

Lowrance iFinder PhD

DeLorme BT-20 (came with Street Atlas 2009-Plus)

Garmin Quest (original version, not the 2)

Garmin eTrex Summit HC

Lowrance iFinder Hunt

Garmin Nuvi 1300/1300T

Magellan eXplorist GC


Most of my geocaching is via the Legend HCx, the Summit HC, and the Explorist GC now. By now, I think I should have controlling stock in both Energizer & Duracell on AA Batteries. (I think I finally cooked my last set of Eneloops in the charger last week.. they wouldn't charge anymore.)


Stephen (gelfling6)

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I still have my first GPSr, a Garmin GPS-III which we purchased in 1998. Next came the Garmin GPSMAP 60CS which has been a great workhorse for the last 6 years. Two days ago, we took advantage of the sale at REI and got the Garmin GPSMAP 62s. The big internal memory and micro SD card support are nice. I'm really going to like the "paperless" geocaching! I'm also using a Motorola Droid 2 with Groundspeak Android app on Verizon Wireless for those times when we are out and about without a GPSr.

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