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  1. It's a very old unit. It's time to update and get something much newer.
  2. What exactly broke? Seems like a fall from a few feet even on to a hard floor shouldn't take out a 60CSx. Those things are solid and built like a brick you-know-what.
  3. If you couldn't "deal with the touchscreen and accidental reconfigurations" (your words) then, no...you didn't... A great many people, myself included, have no problems with the touchscreen or it accidentally changing settings because we didn't know how to stop it from doing that in a pocket or something.
  4. Had you actually spent the time to learn how to use it, that wouldn't have been an issue.
  5. I'm using one, too. I've also tested their replacement policy and had no problems. Great screen protector.
  6. It really is nice. I ditched a Montana for my Oregon 600. It doesn't have the dull matte screen covering that the Montana does and the size difference goes without saying.
  7. +1 Zero problems here using my Oregon 600 one handed.
  8. So that gives them a free pass or something to put out crap firmware on initial releases? Think not...
  9. And, it's ridiculous to even make the comparison. Garmin has plenty of resources to test their crap and get it right.
  10. What? Garmin is a huge company, especially if you take into account their world-wide status in aviation units. In fact, they're #1 in aviation.
  11. I just play around with it a bunch and seem to figure out everything on my own just fine. Get familiar with all the "buttonology" at home. No manual is going to do that for you and then get out on the trail and USE it. That's what it's for. Check the results afterwards.
  12. And, that's the key thing. Garmin actually DOES fix most of the stuff. Yeah, it sucks that they use consumers as beta testers, but at least that feedback gets acted upon. Other companies? You may as well be on your own and that goes far beyond GPS units.
  13. Dang, that sucks. They seem to be awesome batteries. I only have a few charge cycles on them, but they last and last. Just hope they last over the long haul. My older white 2000mAh Sanyo Eneloops are getting pretty tired and they have NOWHERE near the claimed 1500 cycles on them and, yes, I use a decent charger and not the dumb wall wart type charger.
  14. You want the low self discharge NiMH type batteries. The black Sanyos I mentioned above are exactly those type and they are fantastic batteries.
  15. I'm getting 16+ hours on the new black Sanyo Eneloop XX 2500mAh batteries, which is fantastic run time for an Oregon 600.
  16. Exactly. Plus, use your wrist strap and be careful instead of treating your expensive gear like crap. indeed...
  17. Does anyone really care? Down to perfect cosmetics, refurb is as good as new, or even better. For anyone upset that they might not get their own unit back repaired. Who cares? They fix your unit, check it out and send it back... Guess what? It's still a used/refurbished unit. But, instead of shipping you one that was already ready to go and getting it in a few days, you got to wait weeks or months on end until they got to your exact unit.
  18. If anything, it will be "better than new". It will have been extensively bench tested, which is something a brand new unit will not have undergone unless you just happened to be lucky enough to get the one out of hundreds or thousands that they pulled for a spot QA check.
  19. And, why exactly do all that crap? USB mode, "Send to GPS" and boom... That's it. They are there. Maybe YOU should review your procedures instead of unnecessarily obfuscating them, eh?
  20. Oh, that's absolute trash and you know it. You can send waypoints, install maps, etc. With much OLDER units via Mapsource. There's no reason the much newer 600 shouldn't be able to do the same thing and NO reason this forum shouldn't be supporting the newer units unless they're already planning their obsolescence.
  21. Yup, that's the first responder in this thread 'tard right there. Great Sheldon Cooper reference!
  22. Ohhh...somebody made a BBT/Sheldon Cooper funny...
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