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  1. What I am guessing happened is we recently had some snow here and the last person that found it left a nice geotrail in the snow and someone walked right up and took it. I plan on securing the next one a little better.
  2. On Jan. 8th my new travel bug hotel geocache was published and sometime between Feb. 6th and Feb. 12th the geocache has been stolen. The sad part is it had two travel bugs and one geocoin still in it. I have alerted the owners that they may want to mark them as being missing. I have now archived that geocache as I look at as if it was stolen once it will more than likely be stolen again. I am in the process of getting another travel bug hotel approved a few miles away from the one that was stolen.
  3. Here are the macro's that I use for grabbing coordinates from the cache descriptions as well as loading them on my Oregon 450. When you use these two together it takes the extra coordinates and puts them as POI's with the actual names of the caches and not just the GC number. The last macro is really useful for creating filters on the Garmin Oregon. GrabLogCoordinates.gsk GarminExportBeta.gsk FilterCreatorGarminOregon.gsk
  4. I was having the problem and it ended up being Gmails spam grabber. I added a filter for the email account that Groundspeak uses to send the notifications, and that fixed it. So check your spam folder and add the email address to a whitelist:)
  5. I started one because my mom like to hear a little about my geocaching experiences. I have been geocaching in a while so I haven't put any new post up recently. My Geoblog
  6. The web interface is very bad. It's just not working for me.
  7. Looks like Garmin's OpenCaching has gone live. Garmin Opencaching
  8. The problem I am seeing is all the maps that I have downloaded from GPSFileDepot all have white backgrounds instead of colored. If I open them up in Mapsource I see all the elevation shading and stuff like that but when I put them on my GPS all I have is white background with elevation rings. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?
  9. I went with the Oregon 450 when I upgraded from my Vista HCx. You won't regret it.
  10. So does Garmin plan on fixing the map shading issue? I currently have the NE and SE Topo's from GPSFileDepot loaded on my 450 and I used to have the brown map background up until a couple of updates ago. Now all my maps just have the white background. I know its not that big of a deal I was just trying to figure out why the did away with it.
  11. Your friend is correct. The only difference is the preloaded maps. I bought the 450 got a 4gig micro SD card and loaded all the maps I wanted. Just go to http://www.gpsfiledepot.com to get the free maps.
  12. I usually leave waterfowl bands that I have collected from the Ducks Unlimited banquets that I have attended. If I don't leave a waterfowl band I have been leaving $2.00 off Value Market wooden nickels.
  13. Doesn't the Oregon 450t come with 24k Topo's already on it? Actually here is the link that says it should have came with topo maps. Garmin Oregon 450t
  14. So Sorry you dont believe me and that I seem to be getting so much negative response out here. Just lets me know what kind of people I am dealing with.....you small minded ones. I am not lying. I can show the sales slips but did not get the name of the man I spoke to at Magellan who told me that once a unit was set for a language it cant be changed and to learn how to read it in german. The Sports Authority box came out of the locked cabinet with the "spider web" anti theft device still on it. That is why I, and Hank (the salesman) could not believe it was used, but it was, even had the old duracell batteries in it. He said he was sorry but could only help so much. I guess we will try some other form of entertainment, something that has nice and helpful people who take part. I would not want to run into you in the woods, you are too mean and to schizophrenic. Just reinforces my feelings of what this is all about. Where did you ever ask for help in your original post? I as well as others would have helped if you would have asked.
  15. What does everyone put them on to keep them from getting torn up and destroyed in the geocaches?
  16. Same here I have red and black.
  17. Tell me about it. I was trying to download a PQ and it took forever.
  18. I was wondering if anyone uses lanyards on their GPSr. I am thinking about either making one or buying one and I was wanting to know what peoples thoughts are on them.
  19. Mine is fairly simple. I live in Kentucky and I love to hunt waterfowl.
  20. Is there a way to find geocaches in a particular area that are TB Hotels via running a pocket query?
  21. Recently I fired my Magellan GPS2000 up and it would never lock onto the sat's. It was pretty cool back then. I used it for making hunting locations.
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