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Inventory Time> What GPS Units Do You Own ?


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First one I bought is a Magellan GPS315. Still have it and it works great.


My wife bought me a Garmin Rino 530. It has about everything you can imagine. Had to return the first one after a couple months for problems with the radio not transmitting. They replaced it with a brand new unit. Turn around time was about 10 days, no hassle. I like those kinds of companies.

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Etrex yellow - my wife likes it 'cuz it's simple.

Legend - kind of beat up now but still works. Good bang for the buck.

Garmin GPSMAP 60C - Got it for a steal on eBay. It's one generation off so you can get a good bargain on this great gps. Tough as nails too. I've dropped badly and expected to pay with a broken screen or somesuch but so far so good.

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Magellan GPS Companion - plug-in module for Handspring Visor, a Palm compatible PDA


Got it cheap off of EBay. Not real rugged, but having cachemate and the GPS receiver in one physical unit is kinda nice.


Lowrance iFinder H2O. I just got this yesterday, and found my very first cache at 11PM last night with it. So far, I'm really lovin' it!

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When I first replied at the beginning of this thread I listed the following:


Explorist 500

Magellan 315

Pharos GPS CF

Delorme LT-20

Magellan XL (Original or early productions)


Now have replaced the Explorist 500 with Delorme PN-20 and continue with the others. They all continue to function.


Edit: Also have Garmin 60Cx (How could I forget?)

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Etrex Legend (the original one) and a 60Cx.


If Garmin does not increase the 2025 segment count limit to something much larger by about June, I will sell my 60Cx. I use only Topo USA. The 2025 count limit limits my microSD use to something like 375mb. So, for Topo, the 1gb and 1gb cards are waste.

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Owed: Garmin eTrex Legend - 136 Caches - thought it was very functional loaded with Metroguide maps. Only complaint was loss of signal in light cover.


Own: Garmin GPSMAP 60CSX - 16 Caches - Love it! No loss of signal here. Maps, routing, compass, waypoint management = Awesome!


Ras G

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Allot of different units out their and seems like allot of people own more than one. Well here are mine.


Stolen from me :blink:

Garmin GPS III


Have right now.


Garmin GPS III+ :ph34r:

Garmin GPS V :ph34r:


I loved all these units. I mostly use the GPS V and the III+ is a backup. I do pull it out every now and again just to use it so it will not forget how to work. I was thinking of going out and find some caches and benchmarks but with the temp like 7 degrees F I DON'T think so. It is just W A Y too cold. Maybe next week.



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