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  1. When I load a PQ onto my Nuvi 40 it only shows the code name. Is there any other Nuvis out there that would put the cache name or is there a way to set it up to put the name? Thanks
  2. Everything I try and download I get a message it has a virus. I need to fix my computer. Thanks
  3. Here is what happened. I run a pq, then I get the email. I click on the attachment and save it to a folder. Then I go into the folder and double click on it. It comes to another page and on top it asks to extract files and I click yes and then extract. It goes to another folder. And that file states it is empty. I have done it this way for years, now it will not work. Is there something different with the pq or something I need to fix on my computer? I am running windows 7. Thanks
  4. I ran a PQ today but it would not let me extract it. The file it went to said there is nothing there. Any help,please.
  5. I do have one and it does work, but the roller on top touches the screen.
  6. Have you tried the one for the 400 500 series? I have them on both my road and mtn bikes I hope they will work with the new 600 as well. Time will tell.
  7. Anyone know when Ram will have a cradle ready? Thanks
  8. I contacted Garmin and they said While we do not have a firm release date, our tentative release date is by the middle of April.
  9. Great shape, not used much. Box, cord, Ram cradle and screen protector include. $225 OBO
  10. I was a big fan of them. Why have they not released a new GPS? Is the Inreach that great? Thanks
  11. I am looking for a good bike mount for my and my Wife"s mountain bikes. I have a Etrex 30 and she has a Oregon 450. Thanks
  12. I am thinking about getting a Iphone 4s and was wondering which is better. Do I need to buy a new caching app? Thanks
  13. I am thinking about getting a Iphone 4s. Right now I have a Droid X2 and love the battery life and reception. I would like to know what the battery life and the reception is on the Iphone. Thanks
  14. I am sorry, it comes with the box, all the discs, manual and USB cord. Thanks
  15. It is like new and comes with. I also have the Delorme case, zagg screen protector, 16 gb sd card and the rechargeable battery, car cord and plug in charging cord for it? Make me an offer. Thanks
  16. I found my wife trying to use her Delorme PN-60 like a touch screen so I think the PN-60 will be sold and I need to ghet a 450. Thanks
  17. Mine did break and they sent me a new one. Mine broke while taking the cover off.
  18. Email Garmin and they will send you a new one. Thanks
  19. I agree with Rich. If you are like me I do not travel that much and if I do I have a Nuvi 500 and a Nuvi 40LM. The Topo you can use on more than one GPS and I have found it for about $90. Thanks
  20. The Topo 24K are routable, but may nor have as many POI on it. Also you can use it on more than one GPS. City is locked to one GPS and has no Topo. I really like the Topo 24K. Thanks
  21. If you would like one that is a little more money, I have and love my Delorme PN-60 also the Garmin Etrex 30 is a very nice unit. I like the 3-axis compass and for me it is a must. Thanks
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