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Inventory Time> What GPS Units Do You Own ?


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Garmin 60CSx

Garmin eMap - Hmm ok did the job.. just, but IPX2, and too fragile!




Garmin GPS75 <-- like carrying a PC around with you!, with the antenna up someone i met thought it was a sex toy! SOLD IT

Garmin GPS45 <-- Great little machine but gave it to a friend DOH!!!

Garmin GPS II <-- WOW Really fast lock but too Basic - SOLD IT

Garmin GPS II+ <-- Like GPS II but with more icons! SOLD IT

Garmin GPS III <-- Great form factor (as like II & III) used for driving around Europe, but still basic mapping SOLD IT

Garmin GPS III+ <-- OK, Looking good, but memory was limited, used extensively around Europe, SOLD IT

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Garmin 60CSx - Awsome GPSr. Just used it today for the first time

Garmin Vista - B&W have had power probs but see a fix

Plenio 7-inch Touchscreen - for the car


Previous Garmin Yellow. POS traded it for the Vista after a few days of caching.


I bought the 60 CSx by reading this thread so it isn't useless.

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First GPS receiver I got was an eTrex Legend, about thirteen months ago. Then I discovered I wanted a GPSr with the sensors (compass & altimeter), so I traded up to an eTrex Vista. Then I wanted the high-sensitivity receiver feature, so I traded up again last August, this time to a GPSMAP 76CSx.


GOT GPS, are you still counting?

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Hi all !


I had a Garmin 60CSx with Sirf III chip ( Sold to my Brother ) :)

Got a new Garmin 60CSx with Mediatek Chip ( Excellent reception , better than Sirf. ) :)

I also have a Garmin Bluetooth receiver for my Cellphone ( NT-10 )

In car i have a Garmin Nuvi 350 ( also works great, Not using that for GC )




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What is really helpful is if people put their opinions of their GPS's, not just what GPS they own.


Just what GPS you own really is no useful information to me.


I used to use an E Trex Summit.

It was an older model, about seven years old.


It was usually about 80 feet off (above and beyond the range stated on the GPS)

If the satelite configuration for the day put me within 20 feet, then my GPS was off 100 feet.

I do not recommend anyone buy a really old GPS


I currently use the Garmin H


It's the botttom of the line Garmin model.

No maps, not expandable memory, etc.

I am so happy with it because it has WAAS and is very accurate.

After using the old E Trex this is wonderful!!!


I have used the Garmin 400T

It is highly accurate even under tree cover


Has great maps, upgradable memory


and supports paperless caching.


Very nice, but very pricey.

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Garmin Rino 120 - decent basic receiver (like a Legend), radio SUCKS

Garmin GPSMAP 76CSx - I've loved this thing for years. It took a swim in ClassII whitewater for half an hour and still works perfectly.

Garmin Nuvi 205W - good basic car GPS. nothing special about it. here in TX with all the stupid frontage roads, it often can't tell the difference between the freeways and the frontage roads. got me lost in Austin once.

Garmin Edge 705 - just bought this. haven't used it much. I do like the HRM data that it records. I slept with the HRM on overnight once. 10hrs of HR data...lol.

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My primary caching unit: The Handheld Group Nautiz X7. It´s a Getac PS236, but finished in light grey and black. It´s an excellent performer, aimed at GIS enabled use in for example the logging industry. My main use for it is in my job, but it serves me absolutly excellent when caching. I´m very pleased with it. I use GCzII and Navicomputer software in it.


I also have a Nokia 5230 phone with GPS. It comes with Ovi Maps on it and together with a 500 Mb montly data package it makes navigation close to cache sites in unknown territory a treat. I have Google Maps installed on it, and especially the satellite view serves me well as a complement to the Ovi maps. The Google maps are not that good in Sweden.


Ihave not ovned or had access to any GPSr before.

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garmin etrex vista hcx

samsung moment (actually using this more than the garmin now, runs great with leaked 2.1 on it)


used to use my blackberry curve 8330


WHERE can I get this leaked 2.1!!? I am losing patience with the buggy stuff that came with the phone.

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Gave my Etrex Legend C to a friend, great unit but limited memory. I've only noodled around with geocaching so far, used it some for hiking, but mostly used it for car.

I almost got an Etrex Legend HCx untill I saw the Oregon series.

Originally purchased an Oregon 200 which I really liked, but it had a shut down problem (even with firmware upgrades), so I returned it. I now have an Oregon 450 on the way. I plan on getting more involved with geocaching and will become a premium member soon.

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