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  1. I have gone through all these settings everything looks good. The only thing I can think of is my phone has updated to Android 13 since the last time I remembered it working correctly. Hopefully an update may be on the way if this is the case.
  2. I noticed over the past few time out searching AL's my phone doesn't give me any physical or sound notification when I enter the geo-fencing are. My partners always say I got the "buzz". Mine is still and silent. When using the compass feature when I get close to gz I switch back to the description page and the answer key is highlighted. I have been all over the app and can't find a notification on/off button. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I think I found the problem Event caches were not listed in my notifications.
  4. I haven't been getting E-mail notifications for new Event caches in my area. I get all the other types. The only way I know of an Event is by opening up a new cache with a bunch of found logs then finding it was a cache placed in conjunction with an event. Am I missing a setting on Geocache.com?
  5. I have the same on the Oregon 750. I just add a 0 for the last digit
  6. Once again Number of souvenirs are meaningless just like the number of finds. Nobody is getting cheated out of anything. Just have fun. Maybe if everybody that caches pays their dues and becomes a premium member maybe Groundspeak can hire more employees to fulfill your wishes.
  7. Numbers, Numbers, Numbers. Why is everyone obsessed with Numbers. Its a game gets you out of the house fresh air and excersize. Enjoy yourself. Say you and your buddy have 1000 finds and $20 in your wallets. You go out and find a bison tube in a tree you wind up with 1001 finds. Your buddy goes and does a five part AL he has 1005 finds. You both still have $20 in your wallet at the end of the day. Enjoy whatever. Just Do It. The only important number you have to worry about is the $29.99 to keep your premium membership valid.
  8. This is getting even crazier. Yesterday we were out on a cache run. Judy did a virtual cache that I had done years ago. She used her android phone app. She answered required question Via the app. When I logged into my account, What did I see the message she sent to the Virtual cache owner. Almost acting like a joint account but its not. I went and read the message again and it said I sent the answer to the virtual.
  9. I'm mty55 I have been sending the message. JHRN is my caching partner we both receive the replies to the messages.
  10. Its getting crazier by the minute. She received and email and I didn't. I received your message on the forum but no email.
  11. We each have our own accounts and separate e-mails. Max do me a favor and send me a message. Then we will know because other than what we discussing here have no connections with her account.
  12. Very possible but I had three different cachers respond and we both received the message but a big coincidence if all three used this method.
  13. Over the past couple weeks I have sent messages to cache owners with questions about their hide. That part works well, have gotten a rely on everyone of them. Now the Issue is when I get the reply it shows up in my email and my fiancee / caching partners email too. There is know way that I know of that our cache pages are related. We don't share a cache name or emails. I received a reply from a cacher this morning. I read it about an hour before I came home this morning. She also received it and asked if I got it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. I went with the 750t No regrets I'm used to the touchscreens as I came up from an Oregon 300 to a 650 now the 750. The only nuisance is having to lock the screen or pull it out of your pocket to who knows what the surprise is going to be. Enjoy whatever you decide.
  15. All worked out well Auto Logged the cache I found tonight, worked as it should . The went to the recent finds on the 750 and that cache was the only cache on the list.
  16. I managed to clear the recent list. I went to: Setup > Geocaching > Geocaching Live > Remove Live Data. and the recent list was gone. Now time will tell the next time I find a cache will the recent finds list repopulate again with just the most recent finds.
  17. That was the first route I took trying to clear the list . I just did it again cleared the list of cache visits. The dozen or so I found within the last week were still on the 750 plus all the old ones. They must be imbedded in the file system somewhere I just haven't found it yet. The baffling thing about it. This is a new unit and all the old finds on the recent list were on the 750 before I even took it out for the first cache, and before the geocache_visits.txt was even created. Has to be here someplace. Thanx
  18. When I go to the recent find list I see geocaches that I found years ago. I have to scroll to the bottom of the long list to find the "recent caches". I don't see any option to clear the list on the unit. Is there a way to periodically refresh this list and eliminate the oldies. Thanks
  19. I'm assuming your 66st uses the same interface as my 750t My settings are ACTIVITY: direct routing. ROUTE TRANSITION : Auto. LOCK ON ROAD: No. Just a thought, if your going to a geocache you might be confusing the Topo maps for road routing. Hit go to the cache, then bring up the compass and that should give you your direct routing to the cache.
  20. Why play games for 299.95 you can get yourself an Oregon 750t Actually your choice 700, 750 or 750t from The GPS Store.
  21. If your Montana is set up like the Oregons . Go to setup >system > interface> switch to garmin spanner. When you plug into a USB port it should give you a a screen USB Cable Detected Would you like to go to Mass Storage? "Choose No" Placing the Device into Garmin Spanner Mode. Select Setup from the Main Menu. Select System. Select Interface. If Interface is not listed as an option, skip to step 4. Montana 700 users: Select Advanced Setup to find the Interface option. Select Garmin Spanner²
  22. Same here on an Oregon 300 and an Oregon 650. Pencil eraser and duct tape. Works but still bought a new 750 as my go to other two will be for backup or other activities other than geocaching.
  23. How do you like the 66s. I had and Oregon 300 and 650 both power buttons wore out. I repaired them and they work but I found a great price on the 750t.To be honest I'm less than thrilled with the interface. The last couple caching outings it was cold . Wish I would have went for the 66s. a glove friendly gps
  24. Thanks I guess its part of the learning curve going from a 650 to a 750
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