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  1. I tried your tips and opening two instances of Mapsource seems to be the only way to go. Thanks heavens for cut and paste. Thanks Lin
  2. Hi; I was outdoors last night with a group of friends and offered to download their tracklogs to Mapsource and then display them on Google Earth so that we could see where we'd been. I had no problem transferring data from the the Garmin 76Cx's we had but ran into problems trying to download tracklogs from the Garmnin 450 member. Mapsource can find the Garmin 450 and the transfer shows that the tracklog has been transferred - only it hasn't. So the question is: how do I import a GPX file into an open GDB project? A related question: how do I merge a GDB file into an open GDB project? Thanks Lin
  3. Moved to the correct forum - sorry
  4. On Google Earth go to Tools --> Options and in the 3D View tab set Show Lat/Long to Degrees, Decimal Minutes Then in the main tab click on the little yellow stick pin an set Latitude 54° 58.605'N Longitude 1° 36.779'W The new location should be about 120 meters on a bearing of about 150 degrees from GC23GMT Hope this helps you. Sorry I don't have an iPhone so I cannot help you with that. Regards Lin
  5. Hi andytheanimal I'm not from England and looking at map of Newcastle my first thoughts would be that the cache is somewhere in Newcastle. So a north reference of 12 degrees should be your first clue that something might be wrong. The second clue is that the cache owner has already set the west reference at 001 degrees and you've come up with a west reference of 123 degrees. If you're really stuck on the puzzle perhaps you could sent some photos of the inscription on the Boer War Monument and someone may be willing to post the solution for you. Regards Lin
  6. Ditto to what Indotguy said. The iFinder series was great and the Endura series is a lot less than I hoped it would be. I still use my iFinder a lot but have purchased a Delorme PN-60 because it's easier to use with a computer.
  7. Hi Konnarock Kid & Marge Paperless - no problem Reception - no problem Configuration - I don't know - Check the Garmin website and download a user manual. Study before buying - Check YouTube for user videos - As I mentioned already, try before you buy if at all possible There have have been some minor complaints on this forum about squeaky buttons on the 62's but otherwise users seem to be quite happy with this model. I have Garmin 76, 76Cx, 276C and Oregon 450T and in general been very happy with Garmin. I don't think you'll be unhappy with the Garmin 62s.
  8. In response to your question: What would you do (buy) If you like the 60Csx as much as you claim then buy a new one. The prices right now are close to 50% off the original pricing. The 62's offer some new features but are quite a bit more expensive. Again, it depends on what you want. The Delorme PN-60 is nice, I bought one as a replacement for a Lowrance iFinder Expedition, and the user experience somewhat similar to Garmin but the screen size is quite small. I would not recommend any of the new Lowrance units at all, they just aren't as good as the old iFinder series. I can't comment on Magellan as I have no experience with them. So maybe try a 62 series or perhaps the Oregon 450 if you think you would like a touch screen. I would suggest that you try before you buy if at all possible.
  9. Hi Jerry; Take the 16GB SD card out and see what the battery life is. This will very quickly confirm or eliminate this as the problem. Lin
  10. Well I finally got the track log into Google Earth, but not without a lot of work. Normally track logs from my Garmin GPS can be imported without difficulty. It's generally very easy and painless. The problem appears to be related to how Garmin, at least in this case, creates the gpx file. After failing to import the track into Google Earth, I opened it with Mapsource - no problem there. However I could not import the saved gpx file to Google Earth. Next I connected the GPS to Fugawi and imported the file, no problems here either and again saved it as a gpx file. Still no luck importing into Google Earth. Next I uploaded my gpx file to my PN-60 and sync'd it with the Delorme Topo software. The track log pops up just fine. I then export the track as a gpx file and finally I could import it into Google Earth. I compared the gpx files created by Mapsource, Fugawi and Top North America and while the location coordinates are the same, the files don't look the same. Happy ending, thanks guys
  11. Hope someone can help. Google Earth seems to have stopped allowing me to display track logs. I've tried the same file on a couple of computers but nothing displays. It's a gpx file which I can open and view the contents of. I can load the file in Mapsource but not in Google Earth. On the Google Earth sidebar the Temporary Places --> GPS Device --> Tracks are all checked. The tracklog name should appear but does not. The only other thing that seems odd is the Date slider won't go past Dec 4, 2010 and today is Dec 9,2010. I cannot set the date past Dec 4, 2010 in the tools menu. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas as to what is happening would be greatly appreciated.
  12. If you're looking for something serious that a snowmobiler can use safely while riding then you're going to have to consider something with a decent screen size - probably 5" or bigger. Something like a Garmin GPSMAP 3205 or Lowrance HDS-5 Baja come to mind. I see lots of guys with one hand on the handle bars, the other hand on a small GPS and the rider totally focused on looking at the GPS. An accident waiting to happen in my opinion. On the other hand if you're looking for a GPS for emergencies then the Garmin 60's or 76's would be a good choice. They will operate down to -30C without any problems. Just make sure you have a good solid lanyard so it doesn't get lost. Hope these tips are helpful to you.
  13. If you need a big screen buy a netbook and ram mount. Plug your PN-60 into the usb port and use delorme's Topo North America. It will give you spoken turn by turn directions.
  14. Hi roybassist and xyzee I will certainly try your suggestions however as I understand the manual you set the proximity tone for a specific waypoint. I'm looking for a global setting that applies to all waypoints so when I am, for example, 10 meters from a point I will hear the arrival tone. Thanks for the suggestions. Lin
  15. Hmm... checked the manual and it looks like proximity is used to identify places you want to avoid.
  16. Hi; Could someone tell me how to set the arrival alarm for a waypoint. Is it possible to set the distance at which it sounds? Thanks Lin
  17. I recently purchased a PN-60 and use it for some geocaching but mostly for wilderness hiking here in Canada. It is .... - Quite easy to use - Probably the best price point in the recent gps crop - Excellent Delorme customer service - Very accurate and locks onto satellites quickly - Appears as a disk drive when connected to computer, this makes gpx file handling ultra easy - Canadian vector and raster maps not as good as they could be. - Battery life is very good - Nice bright red so it's easy to find if dropped - Included topo software is easy to use, sync feature is very nice Prior to purchase I was a bit concerned about all the comments on screen size. Having had the unit in daily use for about a month now I can safely say it's not an issue for me. I haven't used any pocket queries but for single cache downloads just use the Delorme plugin and it's as easy as pie. As far as I can tell it downloads everything, cache name, coordinates, difficulty, description, hints and log entries that cachers have left. I'm quite happy with my purchase so far. Hope these comments are helpful to you.
  18. Mec sells a kevlar bag called Ursack and also bag liners for it. Check http://www.mec.ca
  19. Hi Wrong Way... My cell phone agreement is set to end in the next few months and I'm quite interested in cell phones with GPS. Can you post some screen shots of your EVO with the GPS app running. I'd like to see how what you have compares to regular handhelds. Screen size is not really a big issue for me. Smaller sometimes is better than bigger. When I want big I just plug a USB unit into my netbook with some geo-referenced imagery and I'm good to go. It's hard to get any bigger and still be reasonably portable. Again, please post some screen shots. Thanks Lin
  20. I'm here, got lost in the hallway between corridors on the 8th floor. I have a PN-60 but don't use it for street navigation. Would be happy to comment on anything else related to user experience if asked. Lin
  21. Waiting delivery: Delorme PN-60 Currently Own: Lowrance iFinder Expedition C Lowrance iFinder PHD Lowrance 5200C Garmin 76 Garmin 450T Globalsat BU-353 Previously owned: Trimble Ensign Lowrance GlobalNav 200 Lowrance GlobalNav 212 So far I like the Lowrance iFinder Expedition C best. We'll see what happens with the Delorme when it arrives.
  22. Hi Aerogirl; www.gpscentral.ca lists the Garmin 60cx for $249.95 (not sure if it does paperless caching) and the Lowrance Out and Back for $245.95 (it does paperless caching). Both will require the purchase of mapping software if you want more detail than a base map. But then again for the amount of geocaching you're doing you might be better to stick with what you have until it wears out or breaks. Lin
  23. Hi Team Waxman; The NMEA standard is .... Baud Rate: 4800 Data bits: 8 Parity: None Stop bits: 1 The software you are using in conjunction with your GPS may allow you to vary these parameters but this is the standard. As long as both your GPS and whatever you are communicating with use matching parameters you should be OK. Hope this helps. Lin
  24. I've been seriously comparing the new Garmin 62's with the PN series, obviously with a view to purchase. The Delorme website says... For the amazing price of ONLY $29.95, you can download all the USGS Quads, NOAA Nautical charts, and high-resolution aerial imagery you need – right from the NetLink tab of your DeLorme software. One would think that high-resolution aerial imagery would be taken by satellite and cover the whole planet not just some parts of the USA. Sounds like a sleazy little ad to me. The aerial imagery I need isn't in the USA! Your news really sucks
  25. Hi TeamGallagher; You didn't say much about what type of boat you use. For a small boat with an outboard on back then just about any of the GPS's that are talked about here, with a suitable mount, will work fine. If you have a bigger boat where a fair amount of attention has to be paid to operating and navigating it then you should seriously consider a marine unit with a screen size in the 7 - 10 inch range or larger. Check out the Garmin and Lowrance sites for details. In my experience any GPS can be used for geocaching with nearly all of the newer hand helds targeting the geocaching market. Lin
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